What to Do in Boracay: Best Tourist Spots and Activities

What to Do in Boracay: Best Tourist Spots and Activities

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What to Do in Boracay: Best Tourist Spots and Activities

Explore the vibrant and pristine island of Boracay Island in the Philippines. This guide on what to do at Boracay and tourist spots has everything you need for planning the perfect getaway. Choose from White Beach water activities, island hopping tours, and find out other recommended things to do in Boracay that you should add to your itinerary. 

Boracay boasts pristine white sand beaches and smaller islands, breathtaking sunsets, fun water activities, top-notch Boracay resorts, and a vibrant nightlife at Boracay clubs and bars, making it one of the best Visayas tourist spots and top tourist destinations in the Philippines

The island attracts thousands of vacationers and couples who want to spend their honeymoon in the Philippines every year. Everyone wants a taste of the coveted Boracay beach life. There's always a fun Boracay activity to do and somewhere to explore!

Boracay is also the ultimate water sports playground. From Boracay helmet diving, Boracay snorkeling, cliff diving, island-hopping, to parasailing, you're sure to get a good dose of adrenaline rush here. If you're traveling with a group, you can even book a private island-hopping tour in Boracay as part of a Boracay tour package.

As for tourist spots, you can choose from Puka Beach up north, White Beach in the center, or Cagban Beach down south. Whatever type of travel activity you prefer, Boracay has you covered.

Read on for the rundown of Boracay's must-do activities and must-visit spots.

Guide to the Philippines Boracay map for things to do and Boracay activities

1. Explore White Beach

White beach of Boracay

At the center of Boracay's worldwide fame is White Beach, a sprawling 4-kilometer beachfront lined with the best Boracay resorts and hotels and Boracay restaurants.

White Beach is Boracay's main tourist attraction and, understandably, the most crowded area in the island. Aside from the undeniable charm of the beautiful white sand and sparkling azure waters, everything you need is a stone's throw away from White Beach.

White Beach is divided into 3 areas: Boracay Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3. Boracay Station 1 is where you'll find Boracay luxury resorts that aren often included in Philippine luxury vacation packages, as well as the famous rock formation called Willy's Rock. But you can still find top-rayed luxury resorts in the Philippines outside of Boracay Station 1.

Boracay Station 2 is home to mid-range Boracay hotels and big establishments such as D'Mall and D'Talipapa. It is also the main jump-off point for Boracay beach water activities like Boracay island hopping tours. Boracay Station 3 hotels, on the other hand, is the hub for budget hotels in Boracay. It has a serene and quiet ambiance compared to other stations. 

While it may seem like White Beach is the one-stop-shop for a full Boracay island experience, it isn't. Beyond White Beach are several other beaches that are less crowded, just as pristine, and filled with even more exciting activities.  

Boracay Station 0, for example, is home to other resorts like Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay, which offers its guests a more private stay and experience.

2. See Flying Foxes at Puka Beach

Puka beach in BoracayNo list of things to do in Boracay is complete without Puka Beach. Named after the puka shells that lined its shores in the past, Puka Beach has slightly coarser sand compared to White Beach. Fortunately, Puka Beach makes up for it with its almost unspoiled beauty. Overlooking the beach is a verdant forest on a cliff; there are also considerably fewer establishments on the beachfront. 

Situated on the northernmost tip of Boracay Island, Puka Beach is a 20-minute tricycle ride away from White Beach. You can bring a mat if you plan to stay here for a couple of hours.

This popular travel destination is one of the beaches included in most island-hopping tours in Boracay. It's far from the three stations, which means there's a high chance you get to enjoy this unspoiled, idyllic beach with only a few people.

Puka Beach is also the place to be if you want to catch a glimpse of Boracay's flying foxes. The migration of these magnificent fruit bats is a sight to behold. Lend a hand in their preservation by joining the organization, Friends of the Flying Foxes, in their regular bat counts.

If you're eager to relax, you can buy a coconut drink and lounge while enjoying the scenic view of the island. Make sure to buy some colorful seashells as souvenirs to remind you of your experience in this part of Boracay.

3.  Go on a Boracay Island Hopping Tour

One of the best things to do on the island is to join Boracay island hopping tours. You'll be able to discover and swim in some of its pristine and beautiful beaches.

Cystal Cover beach in BoracayAside from lounging on Boracay's White Beach, a must-do on the island is to explore nearby islets and beaches. Three beaches that are on most Boracay island hopping tours are Magic Island, Crocodile Island, and Crystal Cove Beach.

Magic Island

This island is not only known for its turquoise waters, but it's also a famous cliff-diving site. Magic Island offers five diving platforms; 3 meters, 5 meters, 7 meters, 9 meters, and 10 meters. The different options allow you to summon the courage and work your way up the highest cliff. 

Crocodile Island

Don't panic! There are no actual crocodiles on Crocodile Island. This uninhabited island got its name from its shape, which resembles a crocodile's head.

Recognized as one of the top scuba diving and snorkeling sites in Boracay, this island is teeming with marine life. The thriving coral reefs are home to a wide variety of fish, including lionfish, scorpionfish, moray eels, cuttlefish, and groupers.

Crystal Cove Island

Originally known as Tiguatian Island by the locals, this island became popular due to its unique crystal protrusions. It has two limestone coves accessible through snorkeling. You can also feed pigeons here.

4. Try Fun Boracay Water Activities

You have to try some of these highly recommended water activities when you're in Boracay to get your adrenaline up and kicking! These are also an excellent way to bond with your friends and family. 

Boracay Paraw Sailing

Paraw sailing adventure in BoracayThe Boracay paraw sailing adventure is a quintessential Boracay activity. A paraw is a local outrigger boat with two sails; the traditional way of navigating Boracay and its neighboring islands. Paraw Sailing is also a great way to experience Boracay differently. It's highly recommended to set sail just before sunset!

Boracay Crystal Kayak

When it comes to travel photos of Boracay, there's nothing more Instagrammable than the trending crystal kayak ride. You will board a transparent kayak (commonly called a crystal kayak) where the turquoise-colored water of Boracay is seen in full glory. It's become popular among Boracay tourists for photos while wearing their best beach outfits. 

Boracay 30-minute Crystal Kayak Rental with Guide

Boracay Banana Boat Ride

People in Banana boat ride in BoracayJoining a banana boat ride Boracay activity is one of the most exciting experiences you can try on the island. Banana boats are giant yellow inflatable boats that can fit to 10 to 20 people, perfect for group of friends or family.

Once everybody is ready and has strapped on their life vest, the speedboat will get the banana boat out on the sea. Don't be afraid to fall! Trying to keep your balance while the speedboat does its twists and turns is the main highlight of this activity.

Fly Fish

Imagine the exhilaration of being towed by a boat running at high speed, all the while holding on to the inflatable for dear life. In other words, the banana boat on steroids. That's Flyfishing for you.

Water activity in BoracayTake your vacation up a notch and try this crazy fun ride with your pals. Grab that inflatable as tight as you can!

You can also let go of your reins and experience precious seconds of weightlessness as you get whisked into the air! Don't worry; you'll be wearing a life vest.

Jet Ski

The exhilarating jet ski ride Boracay activity is a must-try! It usually lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes. You'll be given the necessary instructions, such as the braking system, how to handle the throttle, and how to shut it off in case of an emergency. It's a great way to explore the island!


Girl paddleboarding in BoracayYou don't need to be an advanced surfer to try this exciting watersport! If you're interested in maneuvering a board while exploring Boracay's famous beaches, you can rent a Boracay paddleboat. It's also an excellent way to practice your balance.

5. Eat and Shop at D'Mall

If retail therapy is more to your speed after hours of frolicking around the island, then make a beeline for D' mall. D'Mall is Boracay's open-air mall located in Station 2 between White Beach and Boracay Main Road.

It has everything from food stalls to various souvenir shops and ATMs. It's an all-in-one place, making sure that whatever it is you're looking for, you'll find it here!

D'Mall is very laid-back compared to other significant establishments on the island. It's divided into three areas: Main Street, Local Market, and Beach Area. Main Street is where most ATMs and money changers are located.

Snack shops, pharmacies, and convenience stores are also within this area. Meanwhile, the Local Market area is where you can see small stalls selling fruits, vegetables, and other local delicacies. A local supermarket and some ATMs are also within this area.

Lastly, the Beach Area is where most diving and swimming shops are. You can also find money changers and restaurants within the city. It's also one of the main pick-up points for most trips and activities in Boracay.

Don't forget to drop by at D'Mall if you have free time! You'll enjoy the range of shops and restaurants in the area with your friends and family.

6. Try Fun High-Altitude Boracay Activities

High-altitude activities in Boracay

If you want to discover Boracay by getting a panoramic view of the island, you have to try some of these highly recommended high-altitude activities that are done at White Beach and Bulabog Beach!

These activities are safe but are weather-dependent. No need to worry as you'll be given the safety rules and regulations before partaking in these exciting activities:

Boracay Windsurfing

Boracay windsurfing is a high-altitude activity that combines sailing and surfing. It allows you to ride the waves on a surfboard with a sail attached. The wind becomes the instrument for the surfboard to propel forward.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced windsurfer, you'll enjoy this one-of-a-kind activity in Boracay. You may opt to take lessons from instructors if you want to treat windsurfing as a sport.

Boracay Kiteboarding

As the name implies, kiteboarding is done by riding a surfboard that is attached to a kite. It's the perfect activity for any adrenaline chaser! Be forewarned though, that this isn't for the faint of heart; it entails a certain level of skill (and courage!). But don't worry! You can book a Boracay kiteboarding lesson from several kiteboarding schools in Boracay.

They will not only provide you with guidance and instruction but also with the gear and equipment you'll need. Once you get the hang of it, you'll find yourself addicted to this exhilarating sport.


Boracay travelers seeing birds-eye view of BoracayIf neither windsurfing nor kiteboarding is your cup of tea, go parasailing in Boracay. Get whisked into the sky by a vibrantly colored parachute when you join a Boracay parasailing tour!

Not only is it a great way to enjoy the wind and sea, but it will also give you a spectacular birds-eye view of Boracay. You might even get dipped into the water while the speedboat pulls the parasail through the wind!

7. See Marine Life with Boracay Diving

One of the highly recommended activities in Boracay is to go underwater and see its colorful marine life.

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner wanting to experience diving into the waters, or an advanced diver wanting to get an in-depth look at the plentiful corals. You'll have a great experience with the multiple Boracay diving lessons and activities available regularly: Boracay Helmet Diving Aquanut Activity with Underwater Photos & Videos

Snorkeling in Boracay

Most island-hopping experiences in Boracay include snorkeling. This activity will get you to swim along the surface of the water to see colorful marine life. You'll be given snorkeling gear to use during the whole duration of the activity, but you can also bring or rent if you prefer. Rich marine life in Boracay

Freediving in Boracay

One of the great things about freediving is you don't need any breathing apparatus when diving underwater. You need to figure out your breathing pattern and pulse so you'd know how deep you can descend from the surface. You have to listen carefully to the instructions of the guide to ensure a safe and exciting freediving activity.

Boracay Scuba Diving

This activity requires training as you need to learn how to breathe correctly below the surface of the water. In Boracay, there are a lot of scuba diving lessons you can take, ranging from Discover Scuba Diving lesson to PADI Advanced Open Water Diver. You can bring your scuba diving gear or rent one near the diving site.

8. Join a Boracay Pub Crawl

You can't leave Boracay without participating in the famed Boracay Pub Crawl. The event promises the ultimate nightlife experience; bar-hopping, ice-breaker games, and welcome drinks. Live it up and party to your heart's content.

Boracay pub crawl experienceIt's a great venue to meet and mingle with like-minded travelers while enjoying the vibe the island offers to its travelers. It's also an excellent way to experience different types of music played in the various pubs and Boracay bars you'll be visiting.

You'll be able to meet a diverse group of people as the captains of each crawl group will make sure you'll have ample time to get to know everyone. There are ice-breaker games that will keep you awake and get you to socialize with others.

You'll be given a unique pub crawl shirt as well! You'll be able to taste a variety of flavored shots, and most of them are for free or sold at a low price. You'll also be given your shot glass to keep with you after the pub crawl!

The entrance to the bars included in the itinerary is also free of charge. It's a great way to experience the nightlife in Boracay and meet new friends in the process.

9. See the Sunset at Diniwid Beach

Sunset at Diniwid beachSunsets in Boracay are stunning. Boracay's Diniwid Beach is a serene and unassuming little stretch of sand north of the bustling White Beach. It has the same tropical charm as White Beach but without the beach party vibe.

Aside from its beautiful beachfront, the villas nestled atop the seaside cliffs add to the appeal of Diniwid Beach. They bring to mind a similar view of Portofino, Italy. It's also an excellent spot for picnics.

Located north of White Beach, you can get there from Station 1 by following a small concrete walkway below a cliff that divides the two beaches. If you're bringing luggage with you, you'll be better off getting on a tricycle. You may also walk to Diniwid Beach from D'Mall, but it will take you around 20 to 30 minutes.

It'll be worth it, though, once you arrive at the beach for its picturesque views. It's a great spot to watch the sunset as it's away from the crowds and the businesses of famous White Beach.

You can walk along the shoreline, swim in its clear waters, or take a photo with the sunset as your backdrop. Most people check in at the beach resorts located here to enjoy beachfront access to Diniwid Beach and get the privacy that comes with it.

10. Go Cliff-Diving at Ariel's Point

Man cliff-diving at Ariel's point

A trip to Boracay would not be complete without cliff jumping at Ariel's Point. It's 35 to 45 minutes away from the island and is reachable by an outrigger boat. Cliff diving is a popular water sport, and you can do it at Ariel's Point. This tourist destination boasts five different cliff diving jump-off platforms with varying heights.

The highest platform is 13 to 15 meters above the water, while the lower platforms are 7 meters, 6 meters, 5 meters, and 3 meters high. If you can't handle the higher platforms, you can pick the lower ones and still experience the thrill of cliff-diving. There's no excuse to let the opportunity pass by as there are lifeguards within the area ready to assist you.

You can also go swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling at Ariel's Point. You'll be able to see the teeming marine life underwater, such as porcupine clownfish, pufferfish, and beautiful corals. 

These day trip packages are available seven days a week, granted that the weather is favorable and can accommodate everyone interested in visiting.


11. Escape the Crowd at Ilig-Iligan Beach

As with many beaches in Boracay, Ilig-Iligan has beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. What sets Ilig-Iligan apart is the tranquil beachfront and the scenic limestone islets a few meters from the shore.

Ilig-iligan beach in BoracayIf you're a good swimmer, venture out to one of the islets and check out Ilig-Iligan's beautiful underwater scenery. It's free from any significant development as there is barely any tourist infrastructure on the island.

Before you go there, be sure to pack a bag of your essentials to make your visit more comfortable. If you get hungry, there are a few restaurants within the vicinity offering local foods. Of course, you can bring food with you as well! Have a quiet picnic while lounging around within the calm and serene area of Ilig-Iligan beach.

This beach is on the Northeast coast of Boracay. To reach this isolated patch of paradise, you can join an island-hopping tour, or hop on a tricycle from White Beach. Make sure to haggle, as tricycle or motorcycle drivers tend to overcharge.

You can also walk to Ilig-Iligan Beach if you're coming from Puka Beach. You can take a walk via Boracay Beach Road for 15 to 20 minutes. It'll be worth it, though, once you reach this idyllic destination.

12. Trek to Mount Luho

Mount Luho viewpointStanding at about 370 feet above sea level, Mount Luho is Boracay's highest peak. It's also the best vantage point to get a panoramic view of Boracay Island. Don't be intimidated by the height; it's a short climb to Mount Luho's viewing deck.

To go here, you can join a Boracay Island sightseeing trip or ride tricycles that you can charter to get you to the peak. The trail going upwards might be challenging for non-trekkers, but the stairs are made with concrete, making it a bit easier. 

There are three view decks in Mount Luho. The one with the bamboo and wooden bridge viewpoint is called Stoy Mount Luho Viewpoint. Another one is the most crowded of them all, Mount Luho View Deck.

The third one accommodates cable car and zipline rides for its visitors. It's called Happy Planet and is accessible from another mountain as well. 

If you plan to go to the crowded Mount Luho View Deck, it has three levels. The first level has a heart-shaped diorama facing Boracay Beach. The second level is a snack area and a minibar, where you can relax and unwind after your climb. The last one is the proper view deck, which gives you the chance to enjoy a 360-degree view of the island.

13. Snorkeling at Tambisaan Beach

Of all the beaches in Boracay, Tambisaan Beach has the most abundant marine life near the shore. You only have to walk one-third along the beach and swim about 25 meters into the bay to witness its magnificence. Make sure to pack your snorkeling gear, such as your fins and goggles.

You don't want to miss the underwater spectacle that awaits you at Tambisaan Beach. You'll be able to see different kinds of marine life, such as pelican eel, spotted handfish, and frogfish. You'll also be able to see different types of coral, such as black coral, staghorn coral, sea pen, and antipathies.

Tambisaan Beach is located west of Station 3. You can take a 10-minute tricycle ride to this snorkeling hotspot. Once you're there, take your sweet time marveling at the coral reefs and vibrant marine life. Take note that it might get busy, especially during peak hours, as it is an alternative port to Cagban Beach.

You may also opt to join a trip that includes Tambisaan Beach on its itinerary. Take photos, swim, lounge in the sand, and have fun by snorkeling! 

14. Have a Romantic Dinner at Balinghai Beach

Balinghai Beach is an elusive beauty; during high tide, it becomes entirely submerged. On low tide, this small private beach is the perfect romantic hideaway. This beach is secluded from the hustle and bustle of Boracay. You can tuck in a cove below limestone cliffs; the beach has cottages built into the surrounding rock formations and plants.

Owned by Balinghai Resort, you can access the beach by paying their entrance fee. The entrance fee is consumable at their restaurant. Take advantage of this by having an intimate dining experience by the beach!

Balinghai Beach is a 15- to 20-minute tricycle ride from White Beach. You can also rent a small outrigger boat there to take you to Balinghai. Once you arrive, pay the entrance fee to experience everything this beach resort offers.

Aside from the stunning, picturesque view of the island, you can enjoy other facilities they have, such as a coffee shop and restaurant. Their cottages are made with unique rock formations, and they offer spa treatments for a more relaxing time on the island.

Enjoy watching the sunset in this hidden gem. If you want, you can also opt to stay the night, but make sure you plan your trip here well and in proper weather conditions.

15. Explore Manoc-Manoc Beach and Cagban Beach

If you want a local's perspective of Boracay, check out these off-the-beaten-path beaches on the island. Dip your feet into its splendid white sands and swim in the blue-green waters of Manoc-Manoc Beach and Cagban Beach for a quiet and relaxing time.

These two public beaches are less crowded and offer breathtaking panoramic views of the sunset and nearby mountain ranges of Aklan. Make sure to visit them when you have time to spare!

Manoc-Manoc Beach

Manoc-Manoc Beach is the supply-boat station. While the area can be busy with workers bringing supplies to shore, Manoc-Manoc Beach has a quaint atmosphere.

Often overlooked by travelers, Manoc-Manoc is the locals' playground. Thus it's an ideal place to experience and immerse in the local island life. You can enjoy various high-altitude activities here, such as kiteboarding and windsurfing.

Cagban Beach

Cagban Beach is the main port of Boracay. It's the first beach you'll see when you arrive on the island. It's not a popular swimming destination due to the influx of docking boats.

However, if you take a moment to scour the area, you'll be surprised to find private spots perfect for beach bathing. It offers excellent views of the nearby Crystal Cove Island and Panay Island.

16. Experience the Exclusive Punta Bunga and Banyugan Beach

Punta Bunga Beach and Banyugan Beach top the lists of ultra-exclusive beaches in Boracay. As such, there are fewer travelers here, and the vibe is more upscale and tranquil.

The good thing about these two exclusive beaches is you can pay the entrance fee instead of checking in at the associated hotels within the area. There are also local snack shops and restaurants near the two beaches, providing comfort to big groups wanting to eat their lunch or dinner in the area.

Both beaches can be found right beside each other on the northeast side of Boracay. Banyugan Beach is beautifully situated between two large rock formations.  Both beaches share the signature fine Boracay sand and turquoise waters, but Punta Bunga Beach is considerably bigger than Banyugan.

The turquoise waters and sandy, white sands are perfect for a chill day at the beach. What’s more, it doesn’t get crowded compared to other mainstream beaches on the island.

Punta Bunga Beach is accessible via the Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa, Mövenpick Resort, and Ecovillage resorts. Banyugan Beach, on the other hand, is only available via Shangri-la. You can also reach both beaches via island hopping. Whether you walk in or join an island hopping tour, you'll have to shell out for the entrance fee.

17. Visit an Indoor Shooting Range

If shooting is up to your alley, then you should check out Boracay's indoor shooting ranges! If you've never held a gun in your life, fret not, as these shooting ranges have well-trained range officers that will walk you through the basics of shooting and demonstrate the proper ways to use a handgun. It's surprisingly enjoyable. 

The first option offers the usage of an M16 with ten bullets. The second option provides the use of a 9mm Sig Sauer or 9mm Beretta with ten bullets. The third option is to use Uzkon with five bullets or Uzi with 15 bullets.

The last option offers the choice to use a 22 Revolver with 16 bullets, Ak 22 with ten bullets, or a Rifle-Caliber 22 with ten bullets and Free 22 Walther with five bullets. All packages also include a target board and the range fee. 

Upon choosing a package that best fits you, you will be given a short introduction on how to hold and accurately aim a gun by one of the professional shooters.

Afterward, the safety gear will be distributed, as well as the gun that you will be using. You may aim and shoot the target boards, or you may ask for professional assistance should you feel uncomfortable aiming and pulling on your own.

18. Swim Like a Mermaid

You can also become like Princess Ariel in Boracay! There are certified mermaid instructors teaching under The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy. Their course for beginners will get you familiarized with a mermaid tail, breathing techniques, basic swim strokes, and more. You'll also be able to take photos with the use of your camera. 

Once you reach level 2, you may go for advanced mermaid swimming lessons, which will teach you technical skills in mermaiding. You'll be trained on the proper use of snorkeling gear, mermaid tricks to do underwater, proper handstands, the adequate way to equalize, breath-holding techniques, bubble-blowing, and self-rescue tips.

After reaching level 3, you may go ahead and take the mermaid performer course. You'll be able to learn more about freediving techniques, elegant mermaid stroke techniques, and using weight belts. You'll also be able to learn how to apply waterproof makeup for your mermaid performance. 

If you want to pursue mermaid swimming as a career, you can take a mermaid swimming instructor course and be part of the International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association.

You must have taken the required certifications before taking this class. You'll get a certificate of completion and a one-year membership to IMSIA.

You may also try the scuba mermaid specialty course, or get a mermaid photo op where you'll be taught different poses by the mermaid instructors. It's an excellent way to feel like a mermaid.

19. Ride a Boracay Helicopter 

Boracay helicopter ride experience  lets you see a different face of Boracay, one that can be viewed only from above.

Fly high above Boracay when you try this fun activity! You can take this ride for 10 to 30 minutes. It's a different kind of thrill compared to other high-altitude activities on the island. You'll be able to witness the island's majestic aerial views thousands of feet away!

The usual helicopter tour is like this: you'll be brought to the helipad area, where you'll meet your guide. You'll be given plenty of time to absorb the rules and regulations of the activity, as well as get oriented on the process of the helicopter ride.

You'll be able to see an aerial view of the island's famous beaches, such as Diniwid Beach, Puka Beach, White Beach, Tambisaan Beach, and Bulabog Beach, from your window seat.

You'll also be able to see nearby islands such as Magic Island, Crystal Cove Island, Crocodile Island, and Carabao Island. This exhilarating activity is a welcome deviation from the usual water activities in Boracay.

20. Join a Sunset Yacht Cruise

Cruise yacht in BoracayIf you're up for a relaxing time, one of the highly recommended things to do is to soak in the stunning sights during a sunset Boracay yacht boat tour.

You'll be treated to a spectacular island view while eating a luxurious dinner and drinking wine. It's a romantic activity for couples and families wanting to spend time together with Boracay's scenery as the backdrop.

Feel like a VIP when your yacht cruises along idyllic beaches around Station 3, such as Cagban Beach and White Beach. Most yacht cruise escapades also pass by the luxurious Shangri-la Hotel, one of the most impressive resorts in Boracay. It also passes by West Cove, a well-known private retreat house for couples.

Boracay Sunset Cruise with Snorkeling Gear, Kayak, Paddle Board & Mermaid Tail

Depending on the tour operator, you might even pass by Ilig-Iligan Beach, Bulabog Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Magic Island. The experience usually lasts for an hour or two and has its yacht crew ready to assist you with whatever you need.

Make sure to take photos of the picturesque ambiance of the island and the vivid colors of the sky.  Enjoy the romantic view of the sunset with your loved ones.

21. Rent a Speedboat to Explore the Island

Boracay isn't just all about lounging on the white sandy shores, it's also an excellent destination for adventure and thrill-seekers. You can enjoy a speedboat experience that will have you cruise along the different parts of the island.

It will treat you and your family to a luxurious experience without having to share it with other travelers. You get to choose from various types of speedboats, with some even having a glass bottom where you can catch a glimpse of the teeming marine life in shallow waters.

These speedboat tours often pass by the popular locations included in yacht cruise experiences. First, it passes by Cagban Beach. You'll also pass by White Beach, which is considered the main beach on the island. Cruising along its turquoise waters is an excellent opportunity to see it from a different perspective. 

You'll also get the chance to pass through many other beaches. However, it usually depends on the island's weather conditions. You can ask the local boatmen should you have any questions about the speedboat trip.  

22. Go on a side trip to nearby destinations

Boracay is also near well-known provinces. If you have some spare time, you can take a side trip to these nearby provinces. Here are some of the tourist spots and activities you can try:

Explore Aklan

If you're coming from Boracay, you can join Aklan tours and enjoy a day trip to Motag Living Museum in Aklan. It's a great way to immerse yourself in their culture, as this museum showcases real-life exhibits. By visiting their homes, you'll get to know about traditional rice milling and plowing, among many others. 


You may also join Antique tours where you can visit natural wonders in just a day. You can enjoy the Malumpati River and try fun activities such as river tubing and rafting.

You may also jump into the cold waters of Malumpati Cold Spring, or soak in the hot waters of a Kawa Hot Bath. If you have more time, drop by Mararison Island as well and swim in its turquoise waters.


There are a lot of things to do in Capiz. You can participate in a Capiz tour where you can see and learn about heritage tourist spots such as Pueblo de Panay, Sta. Monica Church and Panublion Museum.

You can also have a gastronomic adventure by trying a culinary seafood crawl as you stroll around Baybay Beach for a relaxing river cruise

Experience the Best of Boracay!

White beach of Boracay Island, PhilippinesRunning out of things to do in Boracay is not something you should worry about. From island-hopping to bar-hopping, Boracay promises the ultimate island vacation experience. Blessed with immaculate beaches and vibrant seascapes, Boracay Island is a must-visit for every adventure-seeker and beach-lover.

Start looking for your Boracay tours and activities in this island paradise! All of these Boracay activities and attractions await you. Check out more Philippine tours that you can add to your itinerary! You can also find flights to the Philippines, including cheap flights to Boracay and cheap flights to Manila on this website.


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