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Information about Apo Island

136 Google reviews
Apo Island, Dauin, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Distance From City Center
8.1 km
0.74 sq km
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Apo Island 

Woman swimming with a sea turtle in Apo Island

Apo Island is a small island 30 km from the Philippines' south-east tip of Negros Island. It is best known for its dive sites and snorkeling.

The island has one of the world's best-known community-based underwater sanctuaries. It is home to over 650 known fish species, believed to have over 400 corals. It's a must-dive for any extreme Philippine beach and island enthusiast.


How to get there

The island is just only 3 km wide on top of the cliff, but it's hilly. After arriving via a guided tour or by renting a boat, you can walk up to the south-eastern coast (through Apo village) lagoon and coral beach. A steep staircase leads you up the hill to the lighthouse. Only follow the stairs to reach it. 

Since there's one line, you can't get lost. You won't miss the sweat as the view from top of the lighthouse is stunning.


Best time to visit

The island is an all-year round destination so you can pay a visit anytime.


Entrance fee

Upon arrival, the island fee will be paid per user. This tax is even though you don't stay overnight. The island is very good, the locals are incredibly polite.

Frequently asked questions

What is the way of living of locals in Apo Island?

The small town uses rainwater as drinking water. There's power just 3 hours a day (19-22) and no wifi access.

Is it easy to reach the lighthouse in Apo Island?

Yes, it’s easy to reach the lighthouse. Around 30 minutes climb, mild to moderate difficulty.

What can you do at Apo Island?

Diving and snorkeling are the island’s core activities. Usually, resorts on and off the island have diving facilities with various skill levels.

Is diving worth it in Apo Island?

Yes, it’s one of the major diving spots in the Philippines. Instructors are typically PADI-certified. Diving is great, lots of coral, lots of fish and incredible tortoises. You can also do some turtle watching activities.

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