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Information about Buenavista

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Sabang was the original name of the town, coming from the river that runs through it. It was changed to Buenavista by Don Cornelio Sadiua, a Spanish horticulturist, to its name now because of the town's good view. The most talked about place in Buenavista is the Elephant Island where the famous Bellarocca Island Resort is located. The island is a good venue for water sports activities and it offers a panoramic view of Mount Malindig, Tablas Strait and Sibuyan Sea.

Mount Malindig

The highest peak of Marinduque, Mount Malindig is situated in this town. This dormant stratovolcano is a favorite mountaineering destination which was three peaks - north, central and south. Reaching the north one has a mossy forest-like trail which will lead you to the highest peak while the central peak will lead you to the mouth of the volcano and the south has the rockies peak.

At the edge of Mount Malindig, Malbog Sulfur Springs is another famous attraction, too. Both locals and foreigners frequent the natural sulfur baths because the sulfuric waters are believed to be an effective treatment for skin and stomach problems.

Local Celebrations

Like any other town in the province of Marindique, Buenavista also has a few festivals of their own. Santo Niño Festival is being held in January. The town also celebrates Flores de Mayo for the whole of month of May where children offer native flower bouquets to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Tuba Festival, which coincides with the town fiesta, is the town's way to commemorate and give honor to "tuba" drinking (a pastime that has been developed in the province through the years). Tuba is a native drink obtained from coconut trees. During this celebration, locals parade around town wearing costumes made of coconuts. Street dancers also use bamboo as props and coconut materials for their performance.