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Information about Melchor Island

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Natural Feature
Melchor Island, Gasan, Philippines
Distance From City Center
10.3 km
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Melchor Island

Marinduque's Tres Reyes Islands have lovely beaches and blue waters where you can spend a day swimming and lazing on the beach. Melchor Island is a component of the island hopping trip; it's the smallest of the three, but still offers a pleasant idyllic spot to sit and unwind. The rock formations contribute to its scenic and raw attraction.


How to Get There

The primary method of travel from Manila to Marinduque has been land-to-sea transportations for the shortest moment. However, the more advantageous choice now is the fact that Cebu Pacific Air formally opened its Manila-Marinduque path earlier this month, taking Marinduque close to Manila and vice versa. You can also ride a bus. Jac Liner regularly has direct journeys to Marinduque which cost around P1000. Once in Balanacan, many jeeps are on the road to the provinces, to hop on the island and go on one way to Gasan.


What to Do and Things to Remember

Go swimming and strolling along the beach during your visit. The island is dotted with rock structures, which contributes to its unique charm. The lovely beachside offers many picture operations for tourists. Depending on the climate, you can catch a glimpse of the Malindig Volcano and the continental Marinduque from the island. 

Bring enough money to Baltazar Island for your island hopping trip. Keep your gadgets loaded with a power bank and additional batteries. You can lease or take your own equipment if you want to snorkel. Keep your stuff dry with a dry bag and Ziplocs. Brings meals and beverages, but after visiting, leave no mark behind.