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Each town in Marinduque has something unique to offer and is famous for something. Mogpog has the caves, Boac is the main business district and Santa Cruz has Maniwaya Island. Gasan is no different and it has the Tres Reyes Islands to offer on the table. This chain of islands includes three main ones - Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar. Gaspar Island is the nearest to the coast line of Gasan. It offers beautiful white sand beaches ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving and secluded coves which very rich historical footprint. Melchor Island is the middle island where wall diving is the main activity. Lastly, Baltazar Island is the farthest island where advanced scuba diving is the key highlight. It features a cave that has a 60 feet depth entrance and exits 90 feet. If you're lucky, you'll be able to see mantas and sharks during the dive.


Every year, a very joyful Gasang-Gasang Festival is being held during early Easter Sunday morning. The main highlight of this festival is the street dance competition of the barangays. Participants are commonly seen wearing colorful group costumes and are usually shouting the phrase "Viva El Kristo". This phrase is the town's way of celebrating the Risen Christ.

Gasang-Gasang Festival also serves a celebration of the town's name origin, "Gasang-Gasang". It is a type of coral that used to be very abundant in the Gasan's shoreline.

Town Proper

Gasan Church or St. Joseph Church is the go-to place when it comes to the town proper. The church is frequently visited for its unique interiors that features fan carvings and polished coconut shells mosaic tiles crafted by the people of Marinduque. Other nearby locations to visit is the Gasan Nature and Butterfly Park for a relaxed nature trip and Talao Cave for a more adventurous one.