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Beach house Cloud 9 Siargao, General Luna, Philippines
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Cloud 9

Cloud 9

One of the best-known surfing spots in Siargao is Cloud 9, to which the town owes its surfing legacy.

Cloud 9 is world-famous for its thick, hollow tubes and fast-barreling right-hand waves that break over a reef. Most suitable for advanced nimble surfers, the Cloud 9 wave has been described as a death ride, crashing onto shallow razor-sharp coral. The force of the wave underwater is said to feel like you're being vacuumed into a cocoon. With waves at 5 to 6 ft high, the ride is short and smooth when conditions align.

The wave was brought to the world's attention by a feature story in 1993 on 'Surfer' magazine, but traveling surfers were already visiting in the 1980s. Urban legend says Cloud 9 was named after a popular local chocolate bar, said to be the only snack available in Siargao at the time.

Apart from surfing, what makes Cloud 9 worth visiting are the rest of Siargao's natural attractions. In and around Siargao's 49 islands are stunning virgin beaches, pristine rock pools, secret lagoons, massive corals, and the Philippines' largest contiguous mangrove.

Cloud 9

Siargao Cup

Located on the Pacific coast of Surigao del Norte province, Cloud 9 was listed 8th in CNNGo’s World’s Top 50 Best Surf Spots. It is the site of Siargao Cup, the international surfing competition held every September, presented by the Philippines' Department of Tourism with the provincial government.

Surfing superstars like Skip McCullough from the US and Rita Ritazawa from Japan are frequent participants of the Siargao Cup, which is sanctioned by the World Surf League. Winners take home a total cash prize of up to USD 75,000.

Cloud 9 is flocked by Jacking Horse and Quicksilver, two favorite alternatives when Cloud 9 is crowded during the surfing season of April to September.  

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