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Information about Diura Fishing Village

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Diura Fishing Village, Mahatao, Batanes, Philippines
Distance From City Center
2.5 km
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Diura Fishing Village

If you want a glimpse of how locals live in Batanes, a visit to Diura Fishing Village will bring it to you. Located in Mahatao, Batanes, get up close and personal with the traditional way of Ivatan fishing.

Local Lifestyle and Tradition

In the eastern part of Batanes lives the Mataw: an association of fishermen involved with the practice of traditional fishing called Arayu (dorado) and Kapayvanuvanua (ancient fishing ceremony). The official fishing season starts by mid-March, opened by a fishing festival. The ceremony begins with a shaman offering a pig while reading signs from the liver for good omen and catch. The entire cycle of fishing and harvesting for dorado continues until May.

You can get to Diura Fishing Village by tricycle with a travel time of ten minutes.
Outside the fishing festival, you can view the Madi Bay, Pacific Ocean, and Mount Iraya from afar (Batanes’ beaches are not recommended for casual swimming due to the strong currents).
A nearby spring called Rakuh-a-idi Spring (Spring of Youth / Fountain of Youth) can also be reached with a 30-minute trek.