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Information about San Carlos Borromeo Church

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San Carlos Borromeo Church, National Road, Mahatao, Batanes, Philippines
Distance From City Center
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San Carlos Borromeo Church

The Roman Catholic Church of San Carlos Borromeo is located in Mahatao, Batanes Island, Philippines, also known as the Mahatao Parish. St Charles Borromeo holds the church's headquarters, and every 4 November he celebrates the feast. It was the national cultural treasure of the Philippines Museum on July 31, 2001 due to its beauty and excellent preservation.

In 1720, the town of Mahatao first appeared with Fr. The villages of Batan Island report from Juan Bel. In 1783 Mahatao was founded by the Dominicans as an ecclesiastical mission when Batanes was a part of the Philippines and as a consequence a Spanish colony. First, the Basilica belonged to Basque and later became St. Charles Borromeo, as the Lieutenant Governor Joaquin Del Castillo stated in the report on 6 May 1792, under the advocate of St. Bartholomew the Apostle.

Built in 1787 was the first church in Mahatao. It was originally made of light materials and changed when Mahatao was a visit to a vicariate under Fr. In the first stone church at Mahatao, Tomas Sanchez was built in 1789, albeit unofficially.

In 1872, when it was partially damaged by a powerful typhoon, then Vicar Fr, the first church was said to be ugly. In 1873, Crescencio Polo saw a stronger and more artistic structure reconstructed, covering a cogon roof. Fr. Fr. Fr. Polo has restored the convent that is attached to the church made of stone and morter.

On September 19, 1898, the Katipunan revolutionaries ransacked the church. There were records that during this time, the original gold Episcopal crosier of the image of San Carlos as well as the gold jewelry pieces of the Lady of the Rosary and the Sto. Niño were stolen.