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Mahatao is a municipality of the sixth level located in the province of Batanes. It has a population of 1,555 inhabitants, as of the 2015 census.

Mahatao's archaeological tale is truly amazing. Numerous locations here, such as Tayid, Diura, Disvanyangan, as well as the church's plaza and patio, are all rich archaeological sites that cannot be completely excavated owing to their highly built location and current use.

Mahatao has a lot of priceless and impressive remains of the Spanish period, including the San Carlos Borromeo Church, which has been designated one of the National Commission on Arts and Culture's 26 National Treasures, the Spanish-built bridge, which is still in use and in good repair, and the only remaining building with tile roofing and stone and mortar content from that era.

There are two lighthouses in the plaza next to the left side of the church that were designed during the Spanish period to direct fishermen into a protected narrow passage by following the alignment of the light emanating from the lighthouses' two openings.

There is also a man-made swimming pool that is fed by a natural spring. The fountain of youth (Rakuh-A-Idi Spring) is so named because legend has it that once you bathe in it, you will always be youthful.


How to get there

Mahatao is 12.8 kilometers from Basco town proper, so the best way to get here is by riding a car or tricycle.


Best time to visit

You can visit Mahatao anytime of day.


Frequently asked questions

What is Mahatao famous for aside from its tourist attractions?

Mahatao has the most abundant water sources and is also assisting Ivana in managing its minimal water supply.

Is the urban legend behind Rakuh-A-Idi spring true?

Like all urban legends, the story behind the spring might not be true. However, the springs are still safe to try and is one of the main highlights of Batanes.

Attractions Nearby

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