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Information about Iguig Calvary Hills

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Religious Sites
Iguig Calvary Hills, Cagayan Valley Road, Iguig, Cagayan, Philippines
Distance From City Center
7.2 km
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Iguig Calvary Hills

About seventeen kilometers away from Tuguegarao is the municipality of Iguig, Cagayan where
the Iguig Calvary Hills is located.
A spiritual destination, Iguig Calvary Hills is an 11-hectares of rolling terrain, which is the site of
concrete and life-sized images depicting the Stations of the Cross.
For Catholics, the Stations of Cross refer to a series of images depicting the agony and death of Jesus. It is a spiritual pilgrimage through prayers and contemplation on the passion of Christ.
Calvary was the hill on Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified, hence the place is named Iguig
Calvary Hills to commemorate Christ’s suffering.
Conceived and spearheaded by Parish Priest Fr. Rogelio Cortez, the site was built in 1982.
The Iguig Calvary Hills is one of the most photographed tourist destinations in Cagayan. This is
not a surprise as the hills give an amazing view of the longest river in the Philippines, the
Cagayan River. Its elevation provides a perfect spot to behold the breathtaking view of the
valley. And on good days, the view of the sunset is simply spectacular.

Church of San Antonio de Galicia
Atop the Calvary Hills is the site of a magnificent 18 th century church, one of the oldest churches
in Cagayan.
San Antonio de Galicia, locally known as Iguig Church, was built by Rev. Pedro de San Pedro,
who was the Parish Priest from 1765 to 1787.
Unique to the Church of San Antonio de Galicia are the flying buttresses on the back section of
the structure. This Gothic church design gives strength and support to the edifice.
There is a brick stairway in the church that would lead straight to the river. Historically, it was
used by the Spaniards and merchants who traveled from the town to the next.
There is also an old well within the church grounds that is worth checking out.

Semana Santa
Holy Week or Semana Santa is a religious event for Catholics. During this time, a lot of pilgrims
visit the site to join the different religious activities or simply pray and remember Christ’s
Passion through the Stations of the Cross.