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Information about Itbayat Island

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Itbayat Island, Itbayat, Philippines
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Itbayat Island

Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines, located between the Balintang and the Bashi Canals. It consists of ten islands and islets scattered over the rough water between Luzon and Taiwan. Of the 10 islands, only three – Batan, Sabtang and Itbayat – are inhabited.
Itbayat, the largest island in the group Batanes, is the country's most populous island. The fact that much of its shoreline is elevated is peculiar. It is supposed to be a lifted coral reef throughout the island.

Going to Itbayat is a self-contained adventure. In the calm season, the Faluwa (a typically Basque boat) trip takes at least two and a half hours and the average time for the monsoon is between four and five wild hours. The distinct charm and beauty of the island will be a rewarding adventure.

Geological research

This is the Philippine Archipelago 's northernmost populated island.

Itbayat is the largest island of the province of Batanes, created by the sea floor uplift that has been happening for over 35 million years. It consists of rolling cliffs with rocky shores and about 83 km of coastline. The interior consists of rugged hills and grasslands with rainforests and caves.

Itbayat has a population of almost 3000 and is broken up into five barangays.

Air State

The maximum temperature at Itbayat is 25.1 ° C (77 ° F) near to the upper boundary of the Tropic of Cancer, which is slightly colder than the rest of the Philippines. Therefore, the rains are normal, but it is much drier in dry season. Itbayat lies directly in the north direction of typhoons.

In Ivatan community, the high winds played a significant role and influenced much of its history and customs. Over the ages, their traditional dress was made to help Batanes' windy conditions.

Men, history, and culture

Itbayat is the home of the Ivatan Indians who are supposed to have settled around 2000 BC in the Batanes Islands.

Before western conquest, Ivatan 's history was transmitted through oral traditions. Many of their legacies was lost or lost in time as many of their original beliefs and traditions during the Spanish rule had been prohibited.

It was once thought that Ivatans originated from Luzon. Recent genetic and linguistic evidence, however, show a stronger relationship with Taiwan's Yemi people, who migrated from South China to Southeast Asia.

(Archeological evidence also indicates that the migration of Austronesians to the Philippines, Southeast Asia, New Zealand, and as far as the Americas was one of the main reasons Itbayat held.