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Information about Lopez Island

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Lopez Island

Lopez Island is an island located within the boundary of Hundred Islands National Park (HINP) in Alaminos City, Pangasinan. The park is the top most visited tourist spot in the said province. Lopez Island is most commonly known for its white sand beach that is visible from its neighboring island, Quezon Island. 

Moreover, the place is not usually crowded unlike the other islands as it is still one of the undeveloped islands in the park. That being said, Lopez Island is still green with forestry where a variety of wild birds resides. The island is home to white collared kingfisher, pied fantail, and yellow-bellied whistler, among others. 


What to Do

Lopez Island is one of the best site for kayaking and snorkeling. As a national park, HINP is teeming with marine life for tourists to enjoy. There are plenty of coral gardens around the island that are home to reef fishes. There are also cottages around the area that guests can rent. As for overnight stays, visitors are free to pitch their tent on the beach.


Nearby Attractions

A short boat trip away from Lopez Island is the Quezon Island, the most developed island in the park. Quezon Island is considered as the park’s activity center as it offers tons of activities to the tourists. The island is named after former President Manuel L. Quezon, so there is a statue of Quezon situated in the island. 

Another nearby island is Marcos Island. This, too, has been named after another former Philippine President, Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. This island is popularly known for the Imelda Cave, named after Marcos’ wife, Imelda. The cave has a natural swimming pool that is about 12-feet in depth, depending on the tide.

A few minutes boat ride from Lopez Island is the Children’s Island and the Cuenco Island that are both frequently visited by tourists.