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Piagao Beach


If you want to see a group of islands that has pure and raw beauty, then Piagau/ Piagao Beach should be added to your next trip. Piagau island can be reached through Lucmayan and Alman Sur, Lapaz gateway. This Island is part of Taklong Island National Marine Reserve, and it is considered as one of the most visited beaches in the area. Along with it is a group of islands, islets, and mangrove reserve area that are all rich in marine life. The beach on the other hand has waters that is so clear that it looks almost transparent and the white sand here is pure that it looks like it shimmers under the sun. It is obvious that this beach is well kept, protected and untouched. Piagao or Piagau Island is a heaven for swimmers, but it is not limited to that.  It even has has a watchtower viewing deck on the top of the hill where you can enjoy the bird eye view of the nearby islands and islets, mangroves and crystal clear waters around a marine protected area.

This is another beach in Guimaras where you can enjoy the view, as you get your feet soaked on the water and swim in its clear waters. Most areas of the beach have not much on them except some beautiful trees and greeneries and a long strip of sand, but these features gives Puagau beach its laid-back and calm aura. Groups of friends, or families and couples that want some alone time would really enjoy this place. And a side note, while enjoying beaches like this, don’t forget to keep the next visitors and mother nature in mind. Never throw your trash in the seas because we do want future generations and other visitors to experience the same pristine beach that you experienced.