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Information about Balas Balabag Beach

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Balas Balabag beach


Balas Balabag, named after the combination of two visayan words, first is “balas” which means “sand” in in the language. And second “balabag” that is defined as a piece of wood or metal which lies across something. Which is basically the definition of the sandbar. It is a beautifully mysterious white sandbar between two islets. Best for the peace seekers, this beach offers a quieter, more relaxed stretch of sand. Also, Balas Balabag beach is the destination to get that picture-perfect shot, this place good for selfies, and is the best background for your beautiful portraits. The beach has an isolated island feel you won’t find at most of the country’s popular beach destinations. The beach has that soft and creamy sand that looks to be mostly composed of broken down corals made by the constant splashing of the waves along the beach throughout a long span of time. 


Balas Balabag beach has a very interesting geography, one that is truly unique, some might describe it as wall like or bridge like beach that connects two islets but divides the body of water, some might also notice it to resemble the likes of a dam. This beach is honestly a wonderful sight that is incomparable to other beaches the sloping, soft-sand across provides a dreamy swimming experience, so make sure that you maximize your opportunity when you experience this beach that makes for a sensational backdrop. Also make sure that you allot enough time to get that perfect shot in the place. After enjoying some time on the beautifully teal colored waters This beach is one of the most picturesque beach that you’ll encounter in your life, it is unique even if it is quite small. You can attest to its natural beauty and therefore, make the most of your time in this tiny piece of paradise.