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Information about Taklong Island

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Natural Feature
Taklong Island, Nueva Valencia, Philippines
Distance From City Center
12.8 km
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Taklong Island

Taklong Island, named from a native snail that roughly resembles the island is also known as “TINMR” Taklong Island National Marine Reserve has been considered as Guimaras’ “hidden treasure.” It is a group of islands in Nueva Valencia, in west Visayas that is composed of two main islands and 37 smaller islands. These islands have great rock formations, numerous coves and boasts white sand beaches and sandbars. The Island offers an interesting travel experience for eco lovers and beach lovers alike.

In the February of 1990, President Corazon Aquino proclaimed the island as a national marine reserve to secure marine biodiversity in this part of the country. Apart from serving as a heaven for biodiversity, Taklong Island has increasingly become a tourist destination that offers several tourist attractions. Notably, the place offers white-sand beaches, sandbars. A floating cottage also offers visitors a place to spend swimming in a shallow portion of the sea. But if you’re not a fan of the heat and the beach they have an eco-trail and there are several caves, where visitors can explore. Another interesting part of the island are the facilities they have, managed by UP- Visayas. These facilities are mostly for maintaining the marine reserve which includes UP-Visayas Marine Station, within the building is a watchtower, which gives Sea Guards a full 360-degree view of the island and islets and the surrounding body of water.

Taklong island also serves as a buffer from impending man-made or natural calamities, mainly because of its geography and topography, its thick mangrove forest acted like a sponge that decreased the impact of the 2006 oil spill. And more commonly, it minimizes the effects of storm surges from severely affecting mainland Guimaras, particularly the coastal communities in Nueva Valencia. The island is not only a heaven for marine life, but also a retreat for visitors looking for a diverse experience.