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Information about Tatlong-Pulo Island

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Island, Beach
HGJ6+6RM, Jordan, Guimaras, Philippines
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Tatlong-Pulo Island

Tatlong Pulo, GuimarasTatlong Pulo, or "Three Islands" in English, is a white-sand beach in Jordan, Guimaras. It gets its name from the three karst formations that face the beach. Travelers can try out several activities while on the island, such as swimming in the azure waters that lap the shore to exploring neighboring islands. 

However, the island's main draw is its under-the-radar beauty, as despite having a white sand beach, it remains mostly untouched. You can also spend a night or two on the island by booking a stay with one of the few resorts on the island. The resorts here offer humble accommodations like cottages that are perfect for an idyllic stay on this hidden gem. 

Tickets and entry

Travelers will need to pay a small amount when going on a day trip to the island. For a smoother entry, it's best to book Guimaras island-hopping tours that already include Tatlong Pulo as one of their stops, as the guides will handle the fee and registration on your behalf. 


Best time to visit

As an island destination, it's best to visit Tatlong Pulo in the summer season (March to May) in the Philippines so you can avoid boat ride cancellations caused by heavy rains. 

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