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Information about Tatlong-Pulo Island

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Tatlong Pulo Beach
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Tatlong-Pulo Island


Tatlong Pulo, or "Three Islands" in English was named after the three-stunning formation of islets that face the beach. This three-islet formation makes Tatlong Pulo different from other beaches in Guimaras. Guimaras Island is in Western Visayas, Philippines. Famous for its beautiful beaches and home of the world's sweetest mangoes. 

For beach lovers, Tatlong-Pulo offers a variety of activities, from as simple as taking a nap in the huts in the area, swimming in the beach to exploring neighboring islands. Although the tatlong-pulo beach has white sand beaches, it is not over commercialized, so if you want a true escape, Tatlong pulo will do the job. It is situated in Brgy. Sinapsapan, Jordan, Guimaras. And the beach is off the grid, so if you want a day or two to just appreciate living with nature this is the place to be. There is something abot the white sand beaches in combination with the view of the se that makes this place truly tranquill. Rightfully the most interestng part about the place are the three islets and the beaches, anyone will enjoy taking pictures in such a picturesque beach, and generally the area is a beautiful sight and worth sharing to the world.

Because of its location and the fact that paths on the way can get quite bumpy and difficult, this beach doesn’t get too much attention, so the place might have a number of guests but it is never overcrowded. It boasts a clean, gorgeous stretch of fine, white sand, calm waters, and just the right number of establishments so that it is accommodating yet not overwhelmingly expensive. It’s the image of perfection, and nature in pristine condition, so you might be attracted to stay longer than you initially planned.