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Information about St. Joseph Church

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St. Joseph the Worker Parish Church, Gasan, Marinduque, Philippines
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St. Joseph Church


The St. Joseph Church in Marinduque stands as a symbol of deep spiritual significance and historical heritage. Nestled within the heart of the Philippines, this quaint church is renowned for its rich cultural history and devout following. 

St. Joseph Church's design mixes Spanish and local styles, with detailed carvings and colorful paintings on its front. Inside, it's calm and filled with religious art and old items. The tall bell tower adds to its beauty.

You can go there to attend mass, reflect quietly, and explore the peaceful courtyard. Nearby, you'll find a market with local crafts and souvenirs. Talking to locals can teach you about their traditions.


How to get there

To reach the St. Joseph Church in Marinduque, travelers can take a flight to the Marinduque Airport or arrive at the Lucena Port and take a ferry to the island. From the main town, a short tricycle or jeepney ride will lead you to the church. Local transportation is easily accessible and provides an opportunity to witness the scenic beauty of the island.


Best time to visit

The optimal time to visit the St. Joseph Church is during Marinduque's vibrant festivals, such as the Moriones Festival during Holy Week, where the island comes alive with processions and reenactments. However, for a more tranquil experience, consider visiting outside of the festival season to appreciate the church's beauty and spirituality in a serene environment.


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