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Information about Butterfly Farm

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WHS Butterfly Farm, Pangi Ilaya Barangay Road, Gasan, Marinduque, Philippines
Distance From City Center
1.5 km
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Butterfly Farm


Butterfly Farm is located in the town of Marinduque. Marinduque Lepidoptera Farm began as a hobby for Dr. Carmelito Pe Sevilla and his nature-loving wife. In 1999, their daughter's research on the butterfly industry inspired them to experiment with host plants in their backyard. This led to the establishment of a butterfly farm that grew into a reliable international supplier as well as a top Marinduque tourist spot.

Recognizing the potential in their town, the couple initiated the Gasan Butterfly Breeders Multi-Purpose Cooperative to help local butterfly breeders overcome challenges. With support from the provincial government, the cooperative now has 70 members and is the top supplier of pupae and live butterflies in Marinduque. The Sevilla family's commitment reflects their dream to professionalize the backyard butterfly industry and contribute to their community's well-being.

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Tickets and entry

There is an entrance fee to the farm, but you can get in free if the entrance fee is inclusive of a Marinduque tour you’re joining.


Best time to visit

This is an all-year-round attraction so that you can visit Butterfly Farm any time of the year. 


Frequently asked questions

Which species of butterflies can I find in the Marinduque Butterfly Farm?

The Marinduque Butterfly Farm is home to a diverse range of butterfly species. During your visit, you can explore and identify these and many more species in their natural habitat.

When is the best time for me to visit the Marinduque Butterfly Farm?

To witness the full splendor of butterfly activity, plan your visit during the months of May to August when many species are in their peak mating season. However, for specific details, it's recommended to check the farm's official website or contact Guide to the Philippines directly if you're booking a tour closer to your intended visit date.

Are there educational programs or guided tours available for visitors like me?

Absolutely! Learn about the fascinating life cycles of butterflies, their ecological significance, and the farm's conservation efforts. For detailed schedules and reservations, be sure to check the farm's official website, inquire at the entrance during your visit, or book guided tours with Guide to the Philippines.

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