Guimaras Tours and Activities

Guimaras Tours and Activities

Visit Guimaras, home of the sweetest mangoes. Visit attractions like Alubihod Beach and Guisi Lighthouse. All this and more when you try tours and activities in Guimaras.

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Guimaras Tours and Activities

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Frequently asked questions

What are the top tourist spots in Guimaras?

Some of the most popular tourist attractions included in a day tour in Guimaras are Alubihod Beach, Guisi Lighthouse, Tatlong Pulo Beach, Roca Encantada, and Smallest Plaza, Natago Beach, Turtle Sanctuary, Trappist Monastery, and more.

When is the best time to visit Guimaras?

It’s always a good time to visit Guimaras, but for maximum enjoyment, it’s best to visit during the dry and summer season from November to May.

How much time should I spend in Guimaras?

It’s highly recommended to stay at least 2-3 days in Guimaras, especially if you’re planning to do some sightseeing and beach and island hopping.

Is it safe in Guimaras?

Guimaras is safe for both local and international travelers.

What languages do locals speak in Guimaras?

The main language in Guimaras is Hiligaynon and Kinaray-a. Filipino and English are widely spoken and understood too.

What's the best way to get around Guimaras?

In order to get around Guimaras, you can ride a jeepney or tricycle. If you’d like a hassle-free trip, especially if you’re planning to visit nearby destinations, opting for a car rental or joining a tour is highly recommended. For trips to beaches and islands, boat trips (via an outrigger boat) is highly recommended.

Can I rent a car in Guimaras?

Yes, there are many rent-a-car services available in Guimaras.