12 Best Philippines Cold Spring Resorts: Cebu, Antique, Sorsogon, Iligan

12 Best Philippines Cold Spring Resorts: Cebu, Antique, Sorsogon, Iligan

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Capilay Spring Park and Guiwanon Cold Spring

Photo (right) by @lyndayyyyy on Instagram

When planning a vacation in the Philippines, do not miss Philippine travel packages that offer tours to natural attractions like white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, and crystal clear lakes. Aside from popular activities in the Philippines like lounging on beaches, island hopping, river cruises, and hiking mountains, another must-try are relaxing hot-spring tours and a refreshing dip in cold springs. 

As a tropical country with summer weather almost all year, cold spring lakes and resorts are fast gaining popularity as alternative destinations worth visiting. 

Here are some of the best cold springs and soda springs in the Philippines that you should add to your travel itinerary:



12. Capilay Spring Park (Siquijor)

Capilay Spring Park in Siquijor

This natural cold spring is in the town of San Juan along the southwestern portion of Siquijor province, a small island on central Visayas known for its mystical fables and natural attractions that you can visit in Siquijor tours. There are tall trees, well-maintained grass, seating areas, and concrete tables surrounding the spring, making it a popular spot for groups to gather and enjoy the fresh air. 

The soda spring features three chambers. The uppermost chamber holds the soda spring section, while the middle section has a swimming pool open to the public. The third and lowest chamber by the roadside is the laundry pool that flows into the nearby ocean. This local tourist spot has several kiosks selling various knickknacks and a playground, the perfect place for families and groups to relax during the weekend. 

11. Mt. Uragay Spring Resort (Cebu)

If you’re looking for a cold spring in Carmen, Cebu, locals are likely to recommend that you visit Mt. Uruguay. This cold spring pool in Carmen Cebu is a quiet northern town about 44KM away from the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and features a swimming pool for adults and a kiddie pool with shallow waters that are safe for children. 

Both pools have fresh water flowing from a natural spring nearby. They say that the cold spring in Mt. Uragay was formerly the source of spring water of a local bottled water company until the latter found a private spring source elsewhere. The resort has many cottages for rent around the pools and is a popular weekend getaway among families from nearby areas. 



10. Molobolo Cold Spring (Cebu)

This cold spring in Cebu's Tuburan municipality is about 80KM northwest of Cebu City. The Molobolo Cold Spring is one of the most popular spots to visit in this quiet town and is the perfect place to cool down from the harsh heat of the sun, especially during muggy summer days. 

This cold spring has two swimming pools where refreshing water flows in from a nearby source. The bigger pool catches the clean water and then cascades into a smaller pool. The water then spills over until it streams into the nearby ocean. Its most striking feature is the thick canopy of ancient trees that look like shrouds covering the pool, keeping the surrounding shaded area cool, away from the heat of the sun.

9. Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring (Aklan)

Hurom-Hurom Cold Spring in Aklan

Photo by Hurom-Hurom Spring Resort

Another lesser-known spring in the Philippines is Hurom-Hurom cold spring in Laserna, Nabas, Aklan, a small town southeast from the town proper and less than 20KM from the Godofredo Ramos Airport. Aklan is popularly known as the gateway to Boracay, but the province also has natural attractions worth visiting, such as Hurom-Hurom cold spring. 

It has a swimming pool that serves as a catch basin that collects cold spring water from a nearby mountain. The spring mountain water is clear and refreshing, spreading over the entire pool. Surrounded by lush greenery and pristine air, this tourist spot has bamboo tables umbrella cottages for rent. There's also a gift shop that sells food and various souvenir items. 



8. Obong Spring Resort (Cebu)

This spring water resort is just a few meters away from the main road in Dalaguete Municipality, a town less than 90KM south of Cebu City. Two unique features set this spring resort apart from other cold springs in Cebu. First is that instead of flowing from an outside source, the spring water flows from beneath the basin, filling the pool with cold water. 

Second, it is an estuary that collects salt water flowing from a nearby source near the coast so that when the tide rises, the fresh spring water combines with the seawater flowing into the swimming pool. When this happens, the swimming pool becomes warmer because of the saltwater; when the tide is lower, only the spring water remains, making the water temperature colder compared to the high tide. 



7. Sto Nino Cold Spring (Camiguin)

A pool in Sto Nino Cold Spring resort

Photo by @travelswithasalmon on Instagram

This spring in the Philippines is in Camiguin, a small island off the coast of Mindanao known as the Island Born of Fire because of its numerous volcanoes and spectacular natural attractions. One of the natural wonders is the Sto. Nino cold spring in Sagay town, less than 3KM from the Catarman national highway. 

It has two swimming pools with spring water flowing into both from a nearby source in Mt. Mambajao. Surrounded by fresh air and lush greenery, the spring water is clean because it undergoes a natural filtration process before reaching the swimming pool. As the spring mountain water cascades downward, it passes through several mineral layers, making it clean enough to drink. The smaller pool has a sandy floor as well as shallow water that is ideal for children.

During your visit, you can also explore other tourist spots on the island via a Camiguin White Island & countryside tour.

6. Guiwanon Cold Spring or Banyan Spring Resort (Cebu)

Guiwanon Cold Spring

Photo by @lyndayyyyy on Instagram

This cold spring resort is in northern Cebu, the town of Tabogon in Barangay Maslog. Also known as the Banyan Spring resort, it features a pool divided by a small concrete barrier in the middle. One side is shallower than the other. The other swimming pool is six feet deep and has an ancient Balete tree standing beside it. 

With its verdant surroundings and fresh breeze, it is a respite from the city. It is also a great place to cool off during the hot summer months. The water is pristine blue and refreshing, perfect for taking a dip. There are spaces for parking and a shower area for visitors to use after swimming in the spring water. 

5. Aguacan Coldspring Resort (Compostela Valley)

Aguacan Coldspring Resort in Compostela Valley

Photo by Aguakan Resort & Spa Maragusan

Visitors in the Davao region go to Aguacan Cold Spring Resort for its cold spring water, fresh mountain breeze, and lush greenery. This resort in Maragusan, Compostela Valley, is best known as the summer capital of the Davao Region because it is home to abundant natural resources. It has majestic waterfalls, verdant forests, and up to 300 cold springs within the vicinity. 

Located 124 km from the Davao International Airport, Aguacan has an Olympic-size pool with a slide and diving board and a kiddie pool. The cold spring continuously flows from a natural spring source on the mountainside. There are several huts available for rent and simple accommodations for visitors who are staying overnight. It’s a great place to unwind and cool down during the humid summer season. 

4. Durano Eco Farm & Spring Resort (Cebu)

Durano Ecofarm and Spring Resort

Photo by Durano Ecofarm and Spring Resort

This cold spring in Carmen, Cebu is a private resort that features eight multi-level swimming pools filled with refreshing spring water coming from a natural source nearby. It is also known for being one of the best hot spring resorts in the Philippines.

Located less than 50KM north of Cebu City, Durano Eco Farm and Spring Resort has camping facilities for visitors who want to stay within the property overnight. There is a three-level mango treehouse located beside one of the swimming pools that is available for rent. It features a balcony, furnished living room and air-conditioned bedroom. 

Part of the property is a farm with a section reserved for dragon fruits, while another area has been developed into an ornamental plant nursery. This ecotourism destination is perfect for visitors looking for an alternative place to enjoy a natural surrounding filled with lush greenery and fresh air.



3. Orok Cold Springs Resort (Sorsogon)

Orok Cold Springs Resort

Photo by OROK COLD Spring Resort

A nature's haven of lush greenery and pristine spring water, Orok Cold Spring Resort is located in Casiguran, a coastal municipality in Sorsogon province in the southernmost tip of Luzon. Known as the cleanest and greenest municipality in the Bicol region, Casiguran is 10KM away from the town proper, and a few hours away from Sorsogon tourist spots like the Donsol Whale Shark Interaction Center. 

The cascading spring water comes from the dense forests of Bulusan Mountain. It serves as a natural filtration system that keeps the water clear and ensures a continuous stream of fresh spring water in the region. The resort features spring water that originates from underground aquifers and fresh mountain air amidst a verdant forest. It is a great place to unwind and enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of nature. 

2. Timoga Cold Springs (Iligan)

A pool in Timoga Cold Springs resort

Photo by Marcai Timoga Spring Pool

Aside from joining an Iligan waterfalls tour, a visit to the Timoga Cold Springs is a must-do when in Iligan. This famous spring in the Philippines is one of the popular tourist spots in Iligan known as a natural source of high pH alkaline-rich mineral water. Timoga Cold Springs features a group of ice-cold flowing spring water that flows into resorts and swimming pools of varying sizes. Located along the national highway in Timoga Buru-un, Iligan, the spring is about 9KM away from the city proper. 

The water source comes from a lake formed from a crater of an extinct volcano called Lake Lanao. It also has the distinction of as the largest freshwater lake in the country. The spring water is naturally filtered underground and results in cold, crystal clear water cascading into swimming pools and resorts in Timoga. 



1. Malumpati Cold Spring Resort (Antique)

Malumpati Cold Spring

Photo by Malumpati Health Spring And Tourist Resort

Malumpati Cold Spring embodies the best features of a cold spring swimming pool: it has pristine clear water, a lush forest cover, and a free-flowing stream that cascades into a famous local body of water, the Bugang River.

This beautiful resort is in Pandan, Antique, a peaceful summer oasis in the Visayas province more than 130KM away from the provincial capital of San Jose de Buenavista. It features crystal clear water reputed to be the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines. Ancient trees and native huts surround the 40-meter long natural pool. Thrill-seekers can go on outdoor adventures like water tubing, zip-lining, rappelling, or trekking in and around the cold spring when joining a Malumpati Cold Spring Resort tour.  



Take a Refreshing Dip at the Philippines' Best Cold Springs

Malumpati Cold Spring Resort in Antique

Photo by Malumpati Health Spring And Tourist Resort

Discover alternative vacations spots in the Philippines by visiting soda springs or cold spring destinations on this list, and explore these hidden gems in the Visayas and Mindanao region. Fill your lungs with fresh air or trek along dirt roads en route to these cold spring attractions, and take a refreshing dip in the water upon reaching your destination.

Explore these cold spring attractions and other tourist destinations by joining a tour package during your vacation in the Philippines. There are many all-inclusive vacation packages in the Philippines that are available for your convenience.



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