7 Fun Siargao Activities To Do & Underrated Attractions Aside from Island Hopping

7 Fun Siargao Activities To Do & Underrated Attractions Aside from Island Hopping

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Wakeboarding in Siargao & Sohoton Cove aerial viewPhoto from Siargao Wakepark 1-Hour Wakeboarding with Gear & Sohoton Cove Bucas Grande tour

Siargao, a teardrop-shaped island in the Philippines, is famous for its breathtaking islands, beaches, and surfing waves. Located in Surigao del Norte province, it has become a popular spot for travelers looking for a laid-back adventure in a tropical paradise. Known as the "Surfing Capital of the Philippines," Siargao attracts surf lovers worldwide, thanks to its surfing spots like Cloud 9, famous for its excellent waves.

Apart from catching the waves, Siargao offers a variety of popular activities such as island hopping, exploring inland attractions like Magpupungko Rock Pools and Maasin River, and taking a leap from the Sugba Lagoon diving board. But there are also plenty of other fun things to do included in Siargao tours that deserve a spot on your travel bucket list.

Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, here are some of the unique Siargao activities you can add to your Philippine itinerary!

1. Swim with stingless jellyfish at Sohoton Cove 

Aerial view of Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande IslandPhoto from Sohoton Cove Bucas Grande tour

Tucked away in Bucas Grande Island, just an hour's boat ride from Dapa port in Siargao, Sohoton Cove National Park is one of the best Siargao tourist spots that deserves a spot in your itinerary. One of its most remarkable features is a lagoon filled with thousands of harmless jellyfish. 

Man holding a stingless jellyfish at Sohoton CovePhoto from Sohoton Cove Bucas Grande tour

A stingless jellyfish is a type of jellyfish species that lacks the ability to sting, typically characterized by their translucent bodies and pulsating bell-like structures. Guides on a Sohoton Cove Bucas Grande tour can take you on a paddle boat ride to witness these stunning creatures, and you can also swim with them for a closer look. 

2. Surf lessons in Siargao 

Surfing in SiargaoIf you're keen on riding some incredible waves, Siargao is the place to be. It's a hotspot for surfers worldwide, particularly at iconic Siargao surf spots like Cloud 9. One of the unique Siargao island activities is the opportunity to take surf lessons in Siargao.

If you're new to surfing, there are beach resorts in Siargao that offer week-long surf camps. Most Siargao travel packages take care of everything, including where to stay in Siargao, where to eat in Siargao, how to get around, and even provide the gear and teach you how to surf.Surfing boards for lessons in SiargaoPhoto from Siargao surfboard rental

If you're already pretty good at surfing and want to level up, there are surfing camps available. They'll guide you to the best waves and provide all the gear and help you need. But if you only want to try surfing without committing to a whole week, no problem! You can book a Siargao surfboard rental and sign up for one-on-one lessons. They'll teach you all you need to know, and you'll get to ride the waves in no time.

3. Explore the island with a Siargao tuktuk rental

Siargao tuktuk rentalPhoto from Siargao tuktuk rental

Siargao is best explored with a Siargao motorcycle rental. Cruising through coconut palm trees and rice fields and feeling the wind on your face is a great experience to try on the island. With minimal traffic and free helmets, it's a unique adventure unlike anywhere else in the Philippines.

But if you're eager to discover the natural wonders of Siargao in a safe and enjoyable way, a Siargao tuktuk rental is the perfect choice. A tuktuk rental offers comfortable and secure seating, rain or shine, with the option to drive one yourself. 

Also, compared to a motorcycle rental that can accommodate up to 2 people only, a tuktuk rental can accommodate up to 4 people, which is better for families or small groups. 

If you prefer a hassle-free trip, you can book a Siargao land tour in a tuktuk instead. Aside from a local driver who will also serve as your tour guide, all entrance fees of attractions are included in the package.

4. Explore Paghungawan Marsh 

Poster at Paghungawan MarshPhoto by Paghungawan Marsh

Paghungawan Marsh in Siargao is a sanctuary for endangered Philippine crocodiles. More than thirty of these rare creatures, bred in captivity, now thrive in the marshland. Despite their elusive behavior, they've sparked curiosity, making the area a popular tourist spot. You can embark on a crocodile-watching tour or a boat ride in the area.

Joining a land tour in Siargao offers an unforgettable opportunity to observe these majestic reptiles in their natural habitat, supporting conservation efforts while also visiting other natural inland attractions in Siargao like Coconut Road and Maasin River. Paghungawan Marsh is a reminder of the importance of preserving delicate ecosystems and the remarkable wildlife they harbor.

5. Wakeboarding in Siargao

Wakeboarding in SiargaoPhoto from Siargao Wakepark 1-Hour Wakeboarding with Gear

Aside from surfing, wakeboarding in Siargao is also a fun activity to try. Wakeboarding is a thrilling water sport that mixes surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding. Riders glide on a single board towed by a boat. The board, with its slim fins and boot-style bindings, is ridden sideways, like a snowboard. It's an extreme and exciting activity for water enthusiasts.

Siargao Wakepark, found in General Luna, offers wakeboarding in Siargao. With a day pass, you’ll have access to their two lakes connected by a poolgap. The main lake, surrounded by coconut trees, is perfect for beginners with its 100-meter length and 30-meter width. A two-tower cable system makes it great for learning and practicing. Even kids can join under guardian supervision.

Aside from wakeboarding, you can also try a hydrofoiling activity at Siargao Wakepark. For this hydrofoiling activity, you'll be using the cable system to glide across the lake since there aren't any natural waves. 

You can also combine wakeboarding with surfing during your vacation in Siargao. If you have 5 days to spare, a 5-day Surfing & Wakeboarding Siargao Package is your best choice to have a great time on the island.

6. Hang out at The Sunset Bridge

Sunset view in Catangnan BridgeOne of the best things to do while on the island is to visit The Sunset Bridge. This bridge, locally known as the Catangnan-Cabitoonan Bridge, spans 349 meters. It links Barangay Catangnan and Cabitoonan villages, earning the title of Siargao Island's longest bridge. 

The reason why it’s called The Sunset Bridge is because it offers a stunning view of the horizon, making it the perfect spot to catch the beautiful sunset. Both locals and tourists love coming here to witness the sky's vibrant colors as the sun sets. 

Besides being a sunset hotspot, Catangnan Bridge is also a popular hangout spot. You can come to this bridge and skate with your friends, take photos, play music, and have a good time. 

7. Explore Siargao via an eSkateboard

Visit some of the sights of Siargao while zooming on a cool eSkateboard. With a Siargao eSkateboard tour, you will ride an all-terrain electric skateboard which you can control with a handheld remote. Don’t worry if it’s your first encounter with an eSkateboard, as this tour is beginner-friendly, and you will be wearing a helmet and other safety gear.

After a quick training session, you will ride along the streets of Siargao, visiting tourist spots like the Coconut View Deck, as well as a mangrove forest. Snap photos of the attractions and get a video of you riding the eSkateboard with the beautiful Siargao as the backdrop. The three-hour tour also usually comes with a refreshing drink.


Join these fun Siargao island activities now!

Aerial view of Sohoton CoveWhile Siargao is renowned as one of the top surfing spots in the Philippines, it's also brimming with unique activities to try. From discovering underrated natural wonders to trying new watersports, Siargao offers endless possibilities for every kind of traveler. So pack your bags and get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure in Siargao!

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