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Palawan, an island province in the Philippines, is located in the Mimaropa area. This island province is known for its white sand beaches and islets, a diverse array of marine life and shipwreck sites, limestone rock formations, and more. This island is ideal for those who enjoy swimming, island hopping, and diving.

Over 1,700 unspoiled islands and islets are strewn across Palawan's four main destinations: Coron, El Nido, Puerto Princesa, and San Vicente.

Coron, located near the northern extremity of Palawan island, is famed for its shipwrecks and crystal blue lagoons. El Nido, on the other hand, is renowned as the ideal tropical paradise because of its beautiful beaches and islands.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, often known as the Underground River, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, is in Puerto Princesa, along with other prime tourist attractions.San Vicente, a booming Palawan destination, is where Long Beach, the Philippines' longest beach, and the renowned beach town of Port Barton can be found.


Best time to visit

Because most of your activities in Palawan take place outside, they are largely reliant on the weather conditions. To prevent canceled tours, it's better to schedule your vacation during the dry months in the Philippines and check weather reports first.


Cheapest time to visit Palawan

Take advantage of the off peak season, which runs from June to August, when airfares and hotel rates are lower.


Weather in Palawan

The dry summer season, from November to May, is the finest time to visit Palawan and its sites. The hottest months in the Philippines are from March through April, during the summer season. During these months, Palawan excursions, particularly the subterranean river trip and island-hopping cruises, are at their finest.


Peak Season in Palawan

The months of March to April, and June to August, will be particularly crowded, since most residents choose to visit islands and beaches during these months. During the summer season, it is strongly advised to schedule your trips in advance. If you are in a large group, you may even arrange for private excursions if you want exclusivity.


When to avoid visiting Palawan

From September until November is the off peak season. The rainy season lasts a long time, therefore it's better to avoid the island at that time. The monsoon season begins in June and lasts for roughly four months so make sure to avoid visiting during this time.


How to get to Palawan

The province of Palawan and its major destinations are reachable by land, sea, and air. Because more flights arrive in Puerto Princesa than at other airports, it is frequently used as a gateway to the province of Palawan.

For El Nido, the quickest way to get there from Palawan is to travel all the way to Lio Airport. For Coron, which  is located above the main island of Palawan, it's better to get here via a trip to Francisco B. Reyes Airport or Busuanga Airport. 

For San Vicente/Port Barton, you may travel straight to San Vicente airport from Palawan.


Safety in Palawan

Palawan is generally safe but like any other destinations, it's better to be careful. Keep your belongings near to you at all times and be aware of your surroundings. Pickpocketing is common, especially in crowded locations.  Avoid strolling through new streets and areas at night, and make sure to be careful with high tide in islands.


Getting around Palawan

It is easy to go around the main attractions in Palawan locations utilizing various forms of land and water transportation. You have the option of using the bus, tricycles, jeepneys, or e-trikes, hiring private transports, or renting self-drive vehicles such as motorbikes.


Food and Drinks

Palawan, as an island location, has an abundance of seafood. Fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, lobsters, and other seafood are available at a lower cost than those found in major cities. These are also offered on Palawan island-hopping trips, when your boat crew provides a substantial feast at one of your beach or island stops.


Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Palawan

If you want to be near bars, restaurants, souvenir stores, and transportation terminals, stay in Palawan's town centers. However, the bulk of the hotels do not have immediate beach access. Hotels, backpacker hostels/inns/guesthouses, and vacation rentals make up the majority of town center lodging options.

Outside of town centers, a range of hotels are also available. These range from low-cost to high-end lodgings and provide a variety of experiences depending on location and facilities. Puerto Princesa, for example, includes neighborhoods such as northwest of the city center, El Nido has neighborhoods such as Corong-Corong, and San Vicente has neighborhoods such as Port Barton and Long Beach.

If you prefer exclusivity and seclusion, you might look at luxury resorts on the Palawan islands. Because you can't simply go to town centers, most island hotels already offer full facilities and on-island enterprises. Island accommodations are generally restricted to a few rooms or villas per island, so plan ahead of time.