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Information about White Beach Boracay

2087 Google reviews
Boracay, Malay, Philippines
Opening Hours
Monday: Open 24 hours; Tuesday: Open 24 hours; Wednesday: Open 24 hours; Thursday: Open 24 hours; Friday: Open 24 hours; Saturday: Open 24 hours; Sunday: Open 24 hours
Distance From City Center
104 m
High Season
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White Beach

White Beach Boracay

Boracay is a small island in the Visayas region, a central part of the Philippines. It boasts of the 4-kilometer White Beach made up of powdery, white sand, and postcard-perfect views, earning it the accolade of being the best beach in the world for many years. It is the Philippines’ foremost tourist attraction, a tropical paradise enjoyed by crowds, and a kitesurfing haven for water sports enthusiasts.


The World-Famous Beach

Palm-fringed and dotted by restaurants, bars, and hotels, Boracay’s White Beach is its main draw, attracting both locals and tourists from all over the world. The sand is immaculately white, the waters are flat and crystal-clear, and the sunsets paint the sky in the most breathtaking of afterglows. Outrigger sailboats called paraws, with its colorful sails, have also become an icon of the beach. Visitors can rent them for an hour to sail around the waters while watching the sunset. 


Other Attractions

One of the most distinct and most-photographed landmarks on the island is Willy’s Rock, a rocky outcrop just right in front of White Beach with a statue of the Virgin Mary. The east coast of the island is where Bulabog Beach is. It draws sports enthusiasts from all over the world as its strong winds are perfect for kitesurfing and other water sports. Kitesurfing schools dot this beach and welcome both beginners and professional athletes, especially during world competitions held here.

Boracay is also famous for its nightlife and party scene. The island is home to many local pubs, reggae bars, and beach clubs that provides world-class entertainment for guests. The recent rehabilitation efforts of the government have set new rules to ensure the ecological and environmental sustainability of the island, like no drinking and smoking on the beach, no loud and huge parties, and regulated hotel operations.