15 Best Historic Hotels in the Philippines: Oldest Hotels & Ancestral Houses to Stay In

15 Best Historic Hotels in the Philippines: Oldest Hotels & Ancestral Houses to Stay In

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Las Casita Mercedes and Manila Hotel

Photos by Las Casita Mercedes and Manila Hotel

The Philippines is a relatively young country, but its history is dramatic and colorful. With more than 300 years of colonial history and cultural ties with ethnic groups like the Arabs, the Chinese, and the Malay, the Philippines has developed a rich and complex culture. 

Today, many historical tourist attractions remain well-preserved. Some of these attractions are ancestral houses, heritage hotels, and historic-themed resorts. The most outstanding of these hospitality structures are considered the best architecture spots in the Philippines. These architectural masterpieces do not only have splendid aesthetic designs but are also symbols of the country's rich history and culture.

Here is a guide to the best historic, ancestral, and heritage hotels and resorts in the Philippines from private to public properties:



15. Peredo’s Housing Lodge (Baguio) 

Peredo's Housing Lodge's exterior

Photo by Peredo's Housing Lodge

Peredo’s Housing Lodge is one of the most notable old Philippine houses found in Baguio City. Located at 5 C.M. Recto Street, Peredon’s Housing Lodge was built in 1915 by Roque and Rita Peredo. This 100-year-old home has survived catastrophes such as the bombing of Baguio by American forces and the devastating 1990 Baguio Earthquake.

Peredo's Housing Lodge's living room

Photo by Peredo's Housing Lodge

The housing lodge's original layout has remained the same. The house has two floors, a living room, a dining room, and a spacious second-floor balcony. The balcony offers excellent views of Baguio and its highland landscape. A lovely and calm garden is just outside the housing lodge.  

Peredo’s room rate includes a complimentary continental breakfast with an unlimited flow of the famous Benguet coffee. Wi-Fi access is available in all rooms and free use of the kitchen. A house is an ideal place for large traveling groups as it can accommodate up to 25 people at one time. 



14. La Casita Mercedes (Makati) 

La Casita Mercedes' exterior

Photo by La Casita Mercedes

La Casita Mercedes is a heritage home that sits at the heart of the Poblacion District in Makati City. Constructed in 1939 before the Japanese occupation and World War II, La Casita is one of the oldest buildings in the Makati district.

The current owner renovated the house and converted it into a bed-and-breakfast in 2015. Despite the renovations, the owner has preserved La Casita’s vintage design and essence. It features an immaculately white facade, colorful tiled floors, a courtyard, and a breakfast nook. The house also has eight bedrooms, which feature antique furniture.  

La Casita Merdeces' living room

Photo by La Casita Mercedes

Aside from its beautiful design, another reason to stay at La Casita is its location. The house sits in Enriquez corner Fermina Streets, Poblacion. The Poblacion neighborhood is not only safe but has some of the trendiest bars and restaurants in the city. It is also close to commercial shopping centers like Rockwell Center, Century City Mall, and A Venue. 

13. Batanes Stone Houses 

RL Puriran's Homestay

Photo by RL Puriran's Homestay

The Batanes Stone Houses are some of the most unique and oldest houses in the Philippines. These houses can withstand tropical cyclones that usually sweep the islands of Batanes every year. The Ivatan ethnic group is credited as the first builders of the Batanes stone houses.   

The remote Ivatan village of Chavayan on Sabtang Island is home to some of the best-preserved stone houses. Some of these houses are more than 100 years old. Ivatan stone houses are made of cobbles and have thick hardwood doors and windows, thatched cogon roofs, and limestone walls with a thickness of 80 centimeters to 1 meter. 

Most stone houses are private residences, but some are guesthouses like RL Puriran's Homestay on Contra Costa Road and Abengana's Guest House between Lizardo Street and Argonza Street. 

12. Villa Angela Heritage House (Vigan)

Villa Angela Heritage House's exterior

Photo by Villa Angela Heritage House

Vigan is widely famous for its photogenic Spanish - era houses and buildings, and one of its prized architectural gems is the Villa Angela Heritage House. This heritage house is situated along Quirino Boulevard. It was constructed in 1870 by Governor Agapito B. Florendo. 

Today, Villa Angela Heritage House is a 2,000 square-meter building that is a property of the Versoza family. It features a collection of mementos gathered by the family over several decades. Some mementos include a wooden carriage and a picture of actor Tom Cruise, who stayed in the house in the late 1980s. Other antique items found at Villa Angela include jars, oil lamps, copper pots, chinaware, and wooden chairs called ‘butakas'. 

Villa Angela Heritage House also has modern amenities to keep guests comfortable. Some of these amenities include air-conditioners, cable televisions, and private baths. Some rooms possess verandas and four-poster beds. Villa Angela also offers spa massage, dry cleaning, and laundry services. 

11. Miramar Hotel (Manila) 

Miramar Hotel at night

Photo by Miramar Hotel

Miramar Hotel is one of the antique hotels located in Manila City. The hotel’s position is ideal as it’s only a few- minutes' walk to the US Embassy, Rizal Park, Manila Bay, and Manila Ocean Park. But the location is not the only thing striking about Miramar Hotel. 

This hotel along Roxas Boulevard was originally built in the late 1930s, before the onset of World War II. Although the building was refurbished in 2009, it has managed to maintain its original Art Deco Style. 

A room in Miramar Hotel

Photo by Miramar Hotel

Miramar's five-story structure will remind guests of the glamor of Old Manila. Guests can immediately spot art deco patterns like zigzag and ziggurat figures on the facade and interior. The property's stair railing and light fixtures also signal the jazz-age area. 

Miramar Hotel maintains 40 rooms and suites with art deco furniture. All rooms come with Wi-Fi access, cable TVs, and minibars. The suites also contain living and sitting areas. The hotel has conference space, a business center, and an onsite restaurant/lounge bar called Bistro Michelle that offers complimentary breakfast and live music. 



10. Casa Vallejo (Baguio) 

Casa Vallejo's entrance

Photo by Department of Tourism

Casa Vallejo is one of the ancestral houses in the Philippines that was converted into a hotel. This memorable building in Baguio City was established in 1909 and is often referred to as the oldest hotel in the city. Casa Vallejo first served as a dormitory for construction workers working under the Americans. In 1923, it was transformed into a hotel by Salvador Vallejo. 

Like other older accommodation, Casa Vallejo has been renovated to be more competitive with other modern hotels. However, it strives to keep its charming colonial ambiance stand out.  

Despite its prestige and rich history, owners have made Casa Vallejo an affordable and accessible accommodation so everyone can get a chance to experience it. The hotel has 24 rooms and is at a central location, along Session Road and close to restaurants, bars, SM Baguio (shopping center), and Burnham Park. 



9. Sulyap Bed and Breakfast (Laguna)

A villa in Sulyap Bed and Breakfast

Photo by Sulyap Bed and Breakfast

Sulyap Bed and Breakfast is located at City of Seven Lakes, Laguna. The property occupies a spacious lot that spans two hectares. Sulyap exhibits Antillean architecture, which is a type of European architecture that originated from Central America. The Spanish introduced the Antillean design and adapted it to fit the tropical climate in the Philippines. 


Sulyap Bed and Breakfast has five casas that are restored and feature hardwood flooring, antique furniture, and capiz shell windows. This establishment is well-renowned for its gallery cafe and restaurant, which offers visitors “a taste of the past”. This award-winning restaurant serves traditional cuisine and beverages to further celebrate Filipino heritage.

Sulyap also operates a museum that displays Filipino antique collections and religious artifacts. The hotel is also equipped with a classically designed function hall and a modern swimming pool.  

8. Ciudad Fernandina Hotel (Vigan) 

Ciudad Fernandina Hotel's exterior

Photo by Ciudad Fernandina Hotel

Ciudad Fernandina Hotel was built in 1758 and owned by spouses Don Francisco de la Encarnacion and Dona Rosa Anastacia. The hotel sits along Plaridel Street, which is within the compounds of the UNESCO-protected Vigan Heritage Village.

In 2007, Dr. Benito Purugganan Jr. and his wife, Yolanda Guerrero, bought the property and transformed it into a hotel. Despite making it more modern. Ciudad Fernandina has kept some of its classic and ancestral characteristics. One of the preserved structures in the building is the gorgeous grand staircase. 

This hotel features standard rooms with a colonial design and ambiance. It also has a family suite and dormitory space to accommodate big traveling groups. Ciudad Fernandina also has a function room, a small chapel, an in-house spa, a restaurant and cafe, and a tranquil courtyard. 

7. Paradores Del Castillo (Batangas) 

Paradores Del Castillo's poolside

Photo by Paradores Del Castillo

Paradores Del Castillo is a beautiful ancestral home situated along with Calle H. Del Castillo, Batangas. It was built in the 1900s but was restored in late 2014 to become a bed-and-breakfast. Paradores Del Castillo possesses a mixture of the Spanish-American-Colonial house design and the Filipino Bahay-na-Bato style.

It showcases antique furniture, grand wooden staircases, and large capiz windows. During your stay, you can get access to a spacious guest lounge area, a garden, and a large patio overlooking the Batangas’ lush landscapes.

A room in Paradores Del Castillo

Photo by Paradores Del Castillo

Paradores’ outdoor garden restaurant is called Cucina de Jardin and features Italian and Filipino dishes. This bed-and-breakfast property is conveniently situated close to regional attractions like the Basilica de San Martin, the San Lorenzo Ruiz Pilgrim’s Steps, and the Villavicencio Ancestral House (Casa V).

6. The Henry Hotel (Manila)

Henry Hotel's exterior

Photo by The Henry Hotel

Aside from its long history, The Henry Hotel’s unique traits lie in its location and layout. This boutique hotel occupies not a single building but five houses inside a large compound in Pasay City, Metro Manila. This compound is home to some of the most celebrated artists and creative personalities in the country. 

Henry Hotel's classic bedroom

Photo by The Henry Hotel

The Henry Hotel is an international hotel chain, which also has a property in Cebu. But what makes Henry Hotel in Pasay notable is the actual houses. Built in the 1950s, these houses exhibit retro architecture and equally eye-catching gardens. 

These days, the Henry Hotel offers 34 rooms and suites with tiled floors, modern and vintage furniture, and mod light fixtures. Some of the amenities include flat-screen TVs, desks, Wi-Fi access, air-conditioning, and minibars. Henry Hotel also has a stone pool and an onsite restaurant.  

5. Luneta Hotel (Manila) 

Luneta Hotel's exterior

Photo by Luneta Hotel

Luneta Hotel is one of the most iconic hotels in Manila. Located in Ermita District, the hotel is conveniently situated just across Rizal Park (Luneta). Completed in 1919, it is one of the few structures not destroyed during the 1945 Battle of Manila. 

Spanish architect-engineer Salvador Farre designed the hotel, highlighting a mixture of Filipino stylized beaux-arts and French Renaissance architecture.  

Luneta Hotel's Luneta Suite

Photo by Luneta Hotel

From the outside, the luxury boutique hotel looks elegant with six floors and a French-style mansard roof. Inside, the sophistication continues with elegant furnishings, elaborate chandeliers, and dormer windows. Luneta Hotel has 27 luxury guest rooms. The most luxurious of them is the Luneta Suite, which offers a stunning view of the Luneta Rizal Park. The hotel also has a top-floor ballroom and a ground-floor restaurant (Cafe Yano), which serves American, Spanish, and Filipino food. 



4. Rizal Park Hotel (Manila)  

Rizal Park Hotel's facade

Photo by Rizal Park Hotel

The Rizal Park Hotel in Manila was not always a hotel. Its history dates back to 1911 when the U.S. Military wanted a place of rest and recreation for their soldiers. Thus, they established the Manila Army and Navy Club. 

This navy club soon became a popular spot for important Philippine-American events. In the 1970s, memberships at the club declined, and after a few years, the club building became completely abandoned. However, in 2017, the building reopened and is now called the Rizal Park Hotel. The current hotel still intends to reflect the history and heritage of Manila and the Philippines. 

The hotel still kept some of its original features but also has modern amenities and facilities. It maintains 110 exquisite luxury rooms that exhibit colonial-era design. Some of its most notable facilities include function halls, a coffee shop, a courtyard, a gym, a marina, a casino, and a sky bar. Rizal Park Hotel also has a restaurant (Cafe Rizal), which features an open-theatre show kitchen that serves up international classic and modern cuisines.



3. The Manila Hotel (Manila)  

The Manila Hotel's facade

Photo by The Manila Hotel

The Manila Hotel is arguably the most prestigious heritage hotel in Manila. Historical experts call the hotel a great representation of the Philippines’ rich history.  Built in 1909, this hotel is the oldest premiere hotel in the country. It opened its doors on July 4, 1912, in celebration of American Independence that same year.

The Manila Hotel sits on reclaimed land in Ermita, Manila. It was the hotel of choice of famous political and entertainment figures like General Douglas MacArthur, US President Bill Clinton, writer Ernest Hemingway, the Beatles, Michael Jackson, and John Wayne. The hotel tower is the tallest one in the Manila Bay neighborhood. During World War II, Japanese troops occupied the property.  

The Manila Hotel's lobby

Photo by The Manila Hotel

The Manila Hotel has a 5-star rating and offers world-class service. It maintains 550 rooms and suites, one of which is the famous MacArthur suite. The Manila Hotel has seven dining venues, three lounges and bars, and an executive Club area. It also maintains a pool, a spa, a health club, an art gallery, a shop, and a business center. 



2. Hotel Luna (Vigan)

Hotel Luna's poolside

Photo by Hotel Luna

In 1882, Don Jose Florentino built a 2-story building as a wedding gift to his doctor. Today, this wedding gift is now a famous heritage hotel Philippines at the heart of Vigan. Hotel Luna looks more like a sophisticated museum than a hotel. It features Spanish colonial architecture and a vast collection of precious paintings and art pieces. One of these is the 20-foot mural wall by artist Rene Robles. 

A suite in Hotel Luna

Photo by Hotel Luna

Guests to this hotel may become captivated by its colonial design, but they can also enjoy the modern amenities offered by other hotels. Since Hotel Luna is within the UNESCO heritage village zone, modernities made to the building must not disrupt heritage preservation rules. Some of these modernities include an elevator and an outdoor pool. 

Hotel Luna has 54 rooms and suites, which come with orthopedic beds, minibars, safety deposit boxes, ensuite bathrooms, and Smart TVs with cable. However, these spaces still highlight the colonial design complemented by antique-style fixtures and furnishings. 



1. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar (Bataan) 

A pebblestone path in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Photo by Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar takes the top spot on this list of heritage hotels. But this property is not your regular historic hotel. Las Casas is a massive complex that acts as a hotel, beach resort, convention center, and historically themed destination. 

Located in Bagac, Bataan, the entire property covers around 400 hectares (990 acres). The hotel section of Las Casas offers 128 guest rooms. However, the complex is also home to 63 carefully-restored Filipino-Spanish casas (houses).

Staying at one of these cases gives guests glimpses of the luxurious lifestyle of elite Filipino families (Illustrados) during the Spanish colonial times. These Philippine ancestral homes were disassembled from their original location and reconstructed within the Las Casas Filipinas complex. 

A suite in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Photo by Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

On top of reconstructed heritage houses in the Philippines, Las Casas Filipinas also features beautiful gardens, cobblestone streets, and notable structures like the 1920 American era Casa Lubaso and the Maranao royal clan house called ‘torogan’. Aside from staying at one of the hotel rooms or casas, guests to Las Casas Filipinas can also join heritage tours and learn more about the ancestral structures in the property. 



Aerial view of Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Photo by Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

The Philippines has a wide range of resorts and hotels perfect for holiday and business trips. Many of them offer rooms, which are nicely designed, well-furnished, and comfortable. But these rooms can sometimes feel bring and appear generic. 

Ancestral houses in the Philippines make amazing hotels and resorts because they have more character in them. Their walls, designs, and furniture have fantastic stories to tell. The best ones have found a balance in offering both modern comfort and historic charm. These ancestral hotels will add another layer to your Philippine travel adventure. 



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