Best Antipolo Restaurants and Cafes with Stunning Views That You Should Visit

Best Antipolo Restaurants and Cafes with Stunning Views That You Should Visit

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Tahanan Bistro and Burrow Cafe

Photos by Tahanan Bistro and Burrow Cafe

If you need a cozy retreat from the vibrant city of Manila, a sumptuous meal, a cup of coffee, and a breath of fresh air would be a perfect fit for your well-deserved break. Fortunately, there’s no need to go too far to explore outdoor tourist spots near Manila or plan a food trip with your family and friends.

Antipolo City, 12.4KM away from the Philippines’ capital, Manila, is a go-to spot for couples, families, and friends who want to enjoy the cool breeze and mountainside views. 



Some of the most frequented Antipolo tourist spots are rustic hotels, heritage sites, and museums like the Pinto Art Museum and Cloud 9, the city’s highest peak. For your upcoming vacation in the Philippines, check out the instagrammable places in Antipolo and treat yourself to a hearty breakfast or a romantic dinner in these Antipolo restaurants and Antipolo coffee shops with spectacular city views:



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10. Marison’s

Marison’s bestsellers

Photo by Marison's

Famous for serving the best Kare-Kare in Antipolo, Marison’s is a homegrown restaurant that serves Filipino dishes. Since December 2013, it has never failed to amuse its customers as one of the top restaurants in Antipolo. The story behind its creation is to offer Antipoleños a different dining experience without going to Manila. 

For those looking for places to eat in Antipolo, why don’t you try Marison’s traditional lutong bahay (homecooked) recipes. Have a spoonful of their Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare, dipped in peanut and cashew sauce. Added on top of the Tripe is Chicharon (fried pork belly) for more crunch. Another must-try dish is the Pork Binagoongan with a homemade Bagoong sauce or fish paste.

Some of their best-selling specialties include Sinaing na Tuna and Crispy Pata. Their Sinaing na Tuna (braised fish) is inspired from the original Sinaing na Tulingan recipe in Batangas. For dessert, have a taste of their Filipino panghimagas (dessert) like the Triple Mais Con Hielo, sweet corn kernels with corn flakes, crushed ice, and evaporated milk.

9. Cafe Lupe Antipolo

Cafe Lupe's crowd favorites

Photo by Cafe Lupe

If you want to catch the best view of the city, don’t miss out on the chance to visit Cafe Lupe for your perfect weekend escape in Antipolo. Thanks to its good vantage point, you can witness mesmerizing sunset views with a good cup of coffee or a cold beer in hand. Its romantic ambiance amid the vibrant city lights from afar makes it an ideal spot for intimate dates.

Cafe Lupe is a Mexican-themed restaurant with a name coined from Our Lady of Guadalupe since the owner is a devotee. They serve a mix of Filipino and Mexican favorites such as Nachos, Chicken Quesadilla, Beef Kansi, and Pork Kadyos. Among their must-try dishes is Beef Kansi, a famous Iloilo recipe of Sinigang and Bulalo combined. Another must-try is the Pork Kadyos, a traditional pork stew.

Cafe Lupe's poolside dining area

Photo by Cafe Lupe

For birthdays and special occasions, Cafe Lupe has a KTV room that can accommodate up to 30 persons. Other amenities include an art gallery, billiards table, and an infinity pool. Cafe Lupe is one of the most-visited cafes in Antipolo and among the top Antipolo restaurants with views.



8. Yellow Lantern Cafe

Yellow Lantern Cafe's paella

Photo by Yellow Lantern Cafe

Tucked along Sumulong Highway, Yellow Lantern Cafe is a brightly colored restaurant and hangout spot in Antipolo. Adding to the cafe’s backdrop is the stunning view of the cityscape. The cafe also houses a bar with an in-house bartender who prepares delightful cocktail drinks and alcoholic beverages come happy hour.

Yellow Lantern Cafe's interior

Photo by Yellow Lantern Cafe

If you’re looking for the best place to eat in Antipolo, you should put Yellow Lantern Cafe on your list. It offers all-day breakfast meals, pizza, and pasta dishes. With its relaxing ambiance and comfort food offerings, Yellow Lantern Cafe deserves to be deemed as the best cafe in Antipolo. 

Among their best-selling dishes is their special version of Paella, named Umaapaw. Another mouthwatering dish is the American BBQ Ribs, which is smokingly sweet and tasty. Capping off your meal is a Filipino-inspired dessert, their Chocnut flavored cheesecake. Chocnut is a famous peanut-flavored Filipino snack favorite. 

7. Casa Abuela

Pastries by Casa Abuela

Photo by Casa Abuela

If you have undeniable cravings for luscious desserts, you must check out Casa Abuela, a Spanish-Filipino bakery and cafe in San Roque, Upper Antipolo. It is one of the restaurants near Pinto Art Museum at Sierra Madre St in Antipolo, which is only 2.9KM away. 

Its rustic charm makes it a perfect chill spot for casual hangouts with friends over a couple of homemade pastries such as cream puffs, cupcakes, butterscotch, brownies, and cookies. They also offer different types of cakes, including moist chocolate cake, carrot cake, red velvet, blueberry cheesecake, and sugar-free sans rival. One of their best-sellers is their customized rainbow cake, a colorful multilayered cake topped with rainbow candles.

Breakfast options at Casa Abuela

Photo by Casa Abuela

On top of their pastry menu, Casa Abuela also serves noteworthy classic Spanish dishes with a modern Filipino twist such as Paella, Pork Sisig/Chicken Burrito, and Quesadilla. Their specialty Spanish dish is the Callos, stewed beef tripe, oxtail, chorizo, and garbanzos with tomato sauce. For drinks, you may opt to pair your meals and pastries with fresh fruit shakes, coffee, or tea.



6. Tipulo

Tipulo's pasta dishes

Photo by Tipulo

For those who have weekend plans of going to Antipolo, Tipulo is the place to be! It has a beautiful alfresco dining setup perfect for romantic dates and casual lunch outs with friends and family while still practicing social distancing. Tipulo is within a natural garden surrounded by lush greenery. 

Tipulo's al fresco area

Photo by Tipulo

Similar to some of the restaurants in Antipolo, Tipulo also serves Filipino cuisines with a modern twist. They’ve spiced up some of the well-known Filipino dishes to create a new version of these cuisines that uniquely sets them apart from other food places in Antipolo. Among their newly curated dishes are Sisig Pasta and Crispy Pata sprinkled with chives, garlic, and chili. 

If you have already tried their specialty all-day breakfast meals, you may want to discover new favorites such as Sisig Pasta, Chicken Inasal Sticks, and Skewered Bistek Tagalog. For dessert, they have their own take of the traditional Pinoy icy dessert Halo-Halo, but presented in pie form.

5. The Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery

The Crescent Moon Cafe's alagao appetizer

Photo by The Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery

Up next is an art space and coffee shop in one, The Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery located along the main road in Antipolo going to Teresa town in Rizal. Before it got transformed into a serene cafe, it used to be a historical destination.

Despite all the renovations, this charming cafe never failed to preserve its artistic side. Adding to its vibrant ambiance is an attractive pottery display with colorful hues dominating the whole place. You can also attend their fun pottery workshop to experience first-hand creating and designing pots.

The Crescent Moon Cafe's interor

Photo by The Crescent Moon Cafe and Studio Pottery

When it comes to their food, they make sure to add some creativity to their dishes. Since they don’t have fixed menus, it’s important to have reservations to know their menu of the day. They serve farm-to-table Southeast Asian dishes like the Alagao Appetizer (Steamed Pompano with Nuoc Cham Sauce). For desserts, try their Alagaw and Mangga’t Suman (Mango and Rice Cake).

4. Vieux Chalet

Vieux Chalet's swiss platter

Photo by @applelore on Instagram

Since 1984, Vieux Chalet has been a go-to fine dining place for couples who like to break away from the crowded spots in Antipolo. It is one of the best romantic restaurants in Antipolo with a beautiful backdrop of panoramic sunset views and the distant city lights, two perfect elements that make up for a memorable dinner date.

From the name itself, Vieux Chalet offers Swiss-style meals on top of their menu. For starters, you can have organic banana bread with chopped walnuts. While you’re at it, have the Swiss Raclette as your appetizer. It comes with boiled potato, baby pickles, and corn drenched in vinaigrette, onion pickles, and olives.

For the main course, take a bite of their meaty and tender lamb shoulder paired with Roshti, the Swiss version of a baked hash brown. Some of their top dishes include Cheese Fondue, Home Smoked Pork Chop in Mushroom Sauce, Cheese Fondue, and Braised Beef Shanks in Fresh Tomato Sauce and Basil.



3. Tahanan Bistro

Tahanan Bistro's sweet potato dish

Photo by Tahanan Bistro

Overlooking Laguna de Bay, Tahanan Bistro is another casual fine dining restaurant situated on the hillside in Antipolo. Surrounding the restaurant is an expansive garden with a rustic ambiance. It resembles a traditional Filipino home that is 100% built from reclaimed wood out of old houses and bridges around the Philippines.

Tahanan Bistro's interior

Photo by Tahanan Bistro

Being among the top Antipolo restaurants, Tahanan Bistro takes pride in its five-course set menus highlighting Filipino dishes and desserts. One of which is named after a famous volcano in the Philippines, the Mayon menu. It comes with Rellenong Pusit with aligue-battered calamari, Danggit with quinoa and greens, Binagoongan with greek yogurt, baba ganoush, and flatbread. 

Another must-try dish is the crispy pork belly in rich tomato puree and shrimp paste. Lastly, for dessert, try their Bibingka topped with muscovado, fish sauce caramel, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream made from Carabao’s milk.



2. Burrow Cafe

Dishes served at Burrow Cafe

Photo by Burrow Cafe

Hidden underground is a secret hideaway called the Burrow Cafe, which is tucked within lush greenery in Beverly Hills Subdivision, Antipolo. It is literally a real-life Alice in Wonderland place where guests have to go down a rabbit hole to get inside the cafe. Burrow Cafe is among the best Antipolo coffee shops for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Burrow Cafe's interior

Photo by Burrow Cafe

This best-kept secret cafe is located within the grounds of Antipolo Beehouse, a beautiful wooden glasshouse with a bee farm. Burrow Cafe is exactly 76 steps below the gate of the bee farm, and upon entering, the rustic ambiance of the cafe will greet you. There is also a hammock hanging in the corner.

Adding to the homey vibe of the cafe are the floor-to-panel panel windows where you can see through the surrounding rich forest. When it comes to food, Burrow Cafe offers an all-day Antipolo breakfast and lunch menu featuring farm-to-table meals. Their best-sellers include Tender Beef Tapa, Crispy Lechon, Tofu and Barley, and vegan Mushroom Cauliflower Rice.



1. Cloud 9 Restaurant

Filipino dishes served at the Cloud 9 restaurant

Photo by @redpreciousheart on Instagram

Earning the top spot on our list of the best restaurants in Antipolo is the Cloud 9 Restaurant, which boasts the best 360-degree view of Antipolo and the Manila skyline along Sumulong Highway. From the name of the restaurant itself, it feels like you’re in Cloud 9 when you’re on top of its view deck, which lies up across the hanging bridge.

Hanging bridge leading to Cloud 9

Photo by Cloud 9 Restaurant

If you’re seeking where to eat in Antipolo with a view, Cloud 9 it is! It has always been a famous tourist spot with an overlooking view near Manila. Aside from being one of the longest-running Antipolo resorts and hotels, Cloud 9 is also known for its restaurant with a spacious alfresco dining space, one of the top Antipolo restaurants with an overlooking view.

Cloud 9 Restaurant mostly serves home-cooked Filipino dishes such as Crispy Pata, Pinakbet, Kare-Kare, and Inihaw na Manok (Grilled Chicken). For big groups, they offer lunch platters that are already good for sharing up to 5 persons. If you’re in for a drink, you can choose from their non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails, and wine.

Plan Your Next Food Trip in Antipolo for a Quick Escape Near Manila

Tahanan Bistro's exterior

Photo by Tahanan Bistro

For your next food crawl near Manila, head over to Antipolo for a cup of coffee or a cold beer in hand and feel the cold breeze while capturing the sunset hues over the Manila skyline. Not only do these cafes, restaurants, and rooftop bars in Antipolo offer panoramic views, but also mouthwatering meals that are perfect for those who want to satisfy their breakfast, dinner, and dessert cravings.

Start planning your sweet escape to the capital of Rizal province and join fun outdoor tours like Mt. Daraitan day hike, Nagpatong Rock day hike, Mt. Batolusong day hikeMt. Kulis day hike, and Pintong Bukawe ATV ride, and find out the best place to eat all you can in Antipolo. From pastries to main course meals, there are various Antipolo food options that you can try on your next Antipolo food trip! Don’t forget to bookmark this article to find out where to eat in Antipolo.



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