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Frequently asked questions

Where are the best farm tours in the Philippines?

Pangasinan, Iloilo, Puerto Princesa, Davao, and Cavite are some of the most popular farm tour destinations in the Philippines. 

How long does a farm tour last?

Farm tours can go from 2-3 hours to half a day. It depends whether you still have more stops and attractions to go to alongside the farm you’ll be visiting.

Do Philippine farm tours include food and drinks?

Some farm tours include lunch or snacks and drinks in the package. Be sure to read and double-check the description and inclusions of your tour before booking.

Will there be farm tours during rainy or bad weather?

Most of the farm tours are outdoors so make sure to stay in contact with your tour operator for updates

Are major tourist attractions included in Philippine farm tours?

Yes, majority of farm tours are combined with other famous tourist spots so you can enjoy your visit to a particular destination to the fullest.

Do farm tours come with a tour guide?

Yes, most farm tours have tour guides.

What languages are used in farm tours?

Most guides speak English but you can also talk to them in Filipino, a widely used language in all islands of the Philippines.

Do Philippine farm tours provide transportation?

Some farm tour packages in the Philippines offer free transfers going to and from your hotel. Make sure to check the description of your chosen tour before booking.