Honda Bay Island Hopping Tours

Honda Bay Island Hopping Tours

Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa is one of Palawan's top island hopping destinations. Enjoy the white sand beaches and snorkeling spots of Luli Island, Cowrie Island, and Starfish Island when you book a Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Honda Bay in Palawan known for?

Honda Bay is located in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It is known for its pristine white sand beaches, tropical islands, and vibrant coral reefs perfect for island hopping tours, snorkeling, and other beach activities.

What other destinations can I visit in Palawan aside from Honda Bay?

Palawan is known for its stunning natural beauty, pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. It is also home to popular destinations like Coron, El Nido, Puerto Princesa, San Vicente, and Balabac. It is often hailed as one of the best destinations for Philippine guided tours.

Some popular things to do in Palawan include exploring the Puerto Princesa Underground River, trying out island hopping in El Nido, snorkeling or diving in Coron's shipwreck sites, taking a jungle trek to encounter exotic wildlife in the Calauit Game Reserve, and go on a Honda Bay island tour. Island hopping in Puerto Princesa is also a popular activity in Palawan, especially in Honda Bay, that features stunning landscapes and clear waters.

How to go to Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa?

There are several ways to reach Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa. The most common method is by air, with direct Manila to Puerto Princesa flights available. Aside from booking flights, you can also travel by sea through ferry services from Manila and other nearby islands.

Upon arrival at the Puerto Princesa International Airport, you have several options for transfers to your hotel. Taxis, vans, and tricycles are available outside the airport terminal. It is recommended to arrange Puerto Princesa airport transfers in advance with your hotel or through reputable transportation services like Guide to the Philippines to ensure a smooth and convenient journey.

To get to Honda Bay, you can arrange transportation through local tour operators or hire a tricycle or van from the city center. You may also book a Honda Bay Palawan tour with transfers so you can explore other tourist attractions and travel hassle-free.

What is the Honda Bay island-hopping tour?

Honda Bay island-hopping is a popular tourist activity in Palawan, where visitors can explore several stunning islands and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa. The Honda Bay tour usually involves visiting multiple islands such as Pandan Island, Luli Island, Cowrie Island, Starfish Island, and Pambato Reef to engage in various water activities such as lounging at the beach, swimming, and snorkeling.

Are there tours available in Puerto Princesa?

Yes. Aside from Honda Bay tours, there are other Puerto Princesa tours you can enjoy. Some popular tours include the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour, and city tours that showcase the local attractions and culture. These tours, which are also part of Puerto Princesa tour packages, can be booked through various tour agencies like Guide to the Philippines.

What activities can I expect during a Honda Bay island-hopping tour?

During a Honda Bay island-hopping tour, you can enjoy activities such as swimming, snorkeling, beach volleyball, and exploring the islands' natural beauty. Snorkeling equipment is often provided for those who wish to explore the vibrant marine life underwater. Ask your tour operator ahead of time to learn about the equipment included in your tour.

How do I book a Honda Bay Island-Hopping tour?

You can book a Honda Bay tour in Palawan through local tour operators in Puerto Princesa or online through various travel websites like Guide to the Philippines. You can book a Honda Bay private tour if you want an exclusive island hopping or a more budget-friendly option like a shared tour, where you will go island hopping with other tourists. It's recommended to book in advance, especially during peak season, to secure your spot and avoid any disappointments.

How much is a Honda Bay tour?

Honda Bay island-hopping rates depend on the type of tour, itinerary, and add-on activities. Most Honda Bay tours already come with transfers, but you can customize your package with add-on meals, accommodations, activities like snorkeling, Palawan island hopping, or side trips to other Puerto Princesa tourist spots.

Is Honda Bay Island-Hopping recommended for solo travelers?

Yes, island-hopping in Honda Bay is a great activity for solo travel in the Philippines.. You can join a Honda Bay island-hopping shared tour for solo travelers or opt for a private tour if you prefer a more personalized experience.

How long is a Honda Bay tour?

The duration of the Honda Bay tour can vary depending on the package and the number of islands to visit. Usually, a full-day Puerto Princesa island-hopping tour lasts around 6-8 hours, starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon. This also depends on the Honda Bay itinerary of the tour which will usually take you to the three popular island hopping destinations: Cowrie Island, Luli Island, and Starfish Island, which can take around 7-8 hours.

What should I bring for the Honda Bay Island-Hopping tour?

It's recommended to bring travel essentials such as sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, a towel, a change of clothes, and a waterproof bag to protect your belongings. You may also want to bring your own water bottle and snacks, although some Puerto Princesa island-hopping tours provide these.

Are meals included in the tour package?

Most tour packages include a buffet lunch served on one of the islands, typically Cowrie Island. The lunch usually consists of grilled seafood, local delicacies, fresh fruits, and refreshments. However, it's always good to confirm meal inclusions with the tour operator beforehand. If meals are not included, you can always ask the tour operator for add-ons.
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