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February in the Philippines Travel Guide: What to Do, Weather, Best Places to Visit, & Celebrations

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Hot air balloon in PIHABF and Hiker in Mt PulagThe Philippines is a country that may be visited year-round, but since it is a tropical destination boasting stunning islands and picturesque beaches, the best time to visit the country is during the dry season. February in the Philippines falls under this period, and it is one of the best months to enjoy a vacation as the weather is dry but cool. You can’t entirely rule out the chance of rain, but it won’t be as high compared to the wet season. 

If you’re looking for the best places to visit in the Philippines in February, you will be spoiled for choice. The beaches and islands of Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, and Siargao are perfect for those looking for a tropical getaway, while those who want to go on a hike can visit North Luzon and trek up its peaks. 

Foodies can sample the local treats in Binondo and Baguio, while those who want to see some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the country can head to Batanes and Mount Mayon. If you’re looking for a unique experience, you can also head to Tarlac and take part in the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Because of the cool but dry weather, February is considered part of the peak season of travel in the Philippines. Because of this, you can expect flights to the Philippines to be more expensive compared to the lean season. Hotel bookings in the Philippines may also be more pricey in February, especially if you’re booking close to your travel dates.

If you are planning a holiday in the Philippines in February, this article can serve as a guide to ensure that your trip is as enjoyable and as hassle-free as possible.

Philippines Weather in February 

Nacpan BeachFebruary falls under the dry season in the Philippines, which usually starts in December and ends in May. It is also the last month of the cool dry season, as the hot dry season starts in March. This means you can still enjoy relatively cool weather with a small chance of rain. It’s rare for a tropical cyclone to enter the Philippines in February, and if one does, it is likely the only tropical cyclone for the entire month. 

Is February rainy season in the Philippines?

No. During the month of February, the entire country averages 22 days without or very little rainfall. While it may still rain this month, the showers are likely to be shorter and lighter compared to those during the wet and rainy season in the Philippines.

Philippines Temperature in February

Because of the unique Philippine geography, the temperature in the Philippines can greatly vary depending on what region of the country you are in. If you spend your days in the National Capital Region or Metro Manila, you can expect a low of 18.2°C (64.76°F) and a high of 35.2°C (95.36°F).

For the rest of Luzon, temperatures can dip to a low of 9.4°C (48.92°F) and reach a high of 36.6°C (97.8°F). In the Visayas, you can expect a temperature range of 18.7°C (65.66°F) to 35.8°C (96.44°F), while in Mindanao, the temperature can range from 12.5°C (54.5°F) to 37.5°C (99.5°F).

Note that these are predicted temperature extremes, and the actual temperature is more likely to fall somewhere in between. 

What to Wear when Visiting the Philippines in February? 

White sand shore on Palaui IslandFebruary is usually one of the coolest months in the Philippines, but because the country lies near the equator, temperatures will likely stay above 20°C (68°F), and the most you would need is a light jacket for the cooler temperatures in the early morning and at night. 

It can still get warm, especially at noon and early afternoon, so it’s best to also bring light clothing. If you are planning outdoor activities, make sure to pack appropriate clothing, like swimwear for trips to islands and beaches and hiking shoes for mountain climbing.

Where to Go in the Philippines and Best Activities in February 

If you are looking for what to do in the Philippines in February, you will have plenty of options depending on your travel preferences. You can join events and Philippine festivals in Luzon or head to the Visayas and Mindanao, and visit some of the best beach destinations in the Philippines.

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Binondo

Chinatown in BinondoWhile the Philippines celebrates the New Year on January 1 along with most of the world, thanks to its Filipino-Chinese community, it also celebrates Chinese New Year (also called the Lunar New Year), and one of the things to do in the Philippines in February is to experience these celebrations is in Binondo. This district in Manila is the oldest Chinatown in the world.

The exact date of the start of the Lunar New Year varies every year, but it usually falls on the first third of February. (Note that in some years, it might fall in late January.) No matter the date of the Chinese New Year, you can expect days-long celebrations in Binondo. During these celebrations, you can expect fireworks, parades, dragon dances, and lots of food, including tikoy, a Chinese sweet rice cake traditionally served on the Lunar New Year.

Join in on the festivities by wearing red and participating in Binondo tours, where you can sample tikoy and other Filipino-Chinese delicacies.

Join the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio

Panagbenga Festival BaguioPhoto by Department of Tourism

The Panagbenga Festival is an annual flower festival celebrated in Baguio City for the whole month of February. The term “Panagbenga” is a local term that means “season of blooming.” Apart from the colorful blooms, the festival also celebrates the rich history and culture of the city and the rest of the Cordilleras. It’s also a good chance to experience the extra cool Baguio weather in February.

Baguio hosts several events related to the festival the whole of February, including fairs, markets, exhibits, and even landscaping competitions, but the two events that participants look forward to the most are the grand street dance parade and the grand floral float parade, which are usually both scheduled on the same weekend toward the end of the month. Expect the city to be packed by then, but it’s the best time to experience the Panagbenga Festival, especially if you only have one weekend to visit.

If you want a seamless experience, you can book Baguio tour packages and Baguio tours. You may also book Baguio transfers if you will be coming from Loakan Airport.

Watch the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Tarlac

PIHABF Hot air balloonThe Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is an annual event by and for hot air balloons and aircraft enthusiasts. The only airshow in the Philippines happens in one weekend in February. As its name suggests, the festival showcases hot air balloons from all over the world, as well as helicopters, paragliders, kites, drones, and other aircraft. 

While it has been held in Pampanga in the past, in 2024, it will be happening in New Clark City in Tarlac. This is a highly anticipated event, so it is recommended that you book Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta tickets and packages in advance. 

Explore the natural beauty of Batanes

Nakabuang Arch BatanesBatanes is one of the top tourist spots in Luzon, but because it is the northernmost province in the Philippines, it is located along the typhoon belt in the Pacific. This means that the best time to visit it is during the dry season, when the weather in Batanes ensures that there are fewer flight cancellations compared to the wet season.

Visiting the province in February also allows you to experience the cool Batanes winds while exploring its unspoiled beauty. Because it is separated from the Luzon mainland, Batanes is more laid-back and less busy compared to other local destinations.

The main island in Batanes is Batan, where you can visit tourist spots the Basco Lighthouse, the Valugan Boulder Beach, Vayang Rolling Hills, Honesty Coffee Shop, and what is known as the most photographed spot in the province, Rakuh a Payaman, also known as Marlboro Country.

If you have more time, you can also visit other islands like Sabtang and Itbayat. Since Itbayat is relatively far from Batan and Sabtang, it is recommended to book Batanes tours for a hassle-free experience. You can also book Batanes tour packages for a seamless trip.

Go hiking at the top Philippine mountains

Mt Pulag hikerHiking in the Philippines is best done during the cool dry months so you can trek in dry land without the scorching heat. Those looking for hiking tours near Manila are in luck, as there are several peaks in North Luzon worth visiting.

Mount Pulag in Benguet may be the third-highest mountain in the Philippines, but it has several trails, including the Ambangeg Trail, which beginners can complete. Another hike that has options for both beginners and advanced hikers is Mount Pinatubo, which has trails that begin in either Pampanga or Tarlac. First-timers are advised to book Mount Pinatubo tours to ensure a safe experience.

Relax at Boracay’s white sand beaches

Waves lapping Puka BeachBoracay is always a go-to Philippine destination year-round, as it is one of the top Visayas tourist spots, but if you want good weather during your visit, February is a great time to go. You will experience cold nights, but the Boracay weather in February during the late morning to early afternoon will usually be warm. 

Make the most of your visit by booking Boracay tour packages so you can enjoy the island’s attractions, including the always-popular White Beach. You can also explore other attractions off the mainland by joining Philippine island-hopping tours, where you can visit sites like Crocodile Island, Crystal Cove, and Magic Island. There are also other Boracay tours and activities you can try, like helmet diving and paraw sailing.

Go island-hopping in Palawan

Shimizu IslandAnother destination where you can enjoy island-hopping in February is Palawan. The province is known for some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, which can be best explored via Palawan island-hopping tours. The most popular of these tours are usually in El Nido, but you can also experience them in Coron and San Vicente. The dry but cool weather in February also makes it a good time to explore other Palawan tourist spots.

While you are in the province, you can also explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site Puerto Princesa Underground River when you visit Puerto Princesa.

Explore Bohol’s diving spots

Balicasag IslandBohol is famous for its gorgeous beaches, stunning islands, and the iconic Chocolate Hills, but it is also home to a rich underwater world, making it a great spot for scuba diving in the Philippines. If you only have time to visit one dive spot in Bohol, make it Balicasag Island

There are several dive sites near Balicasag Island, including the Balicasag Marine Sanctuary, Black Forest, Turtle Point, Cathedral Wall, Diver’s Haven, and Royal Garden. Diving in these sites will give you the chance to see thriving marine life, which includes turtles, jacks, barracudas, puffers, nudibranchs, and a variety of corals. 

If you are not an experienced diver, you may book Bohol diving courses, which will teach you the basics of diving. The island is also one of the best snorkeling spots in the Philippines, and you will still see the underwater wonders surrounding Balisacag even if you don’t go too deep.

Bohol’s weather in February, which is dry but cool, also makes it an ideal time to go on Bohol countryside tours. For a hassle-free trip, you can book Bohol tour packages, many of which already include visits to these destinations.

Escape to the laid-back island of Siargao

Aerial view of Magpupungko Rock PoolsSiargao may be best known for surfing, but you don’t need to ride the waves to enjoy the island. One of the most popular tourist spots in Mindanao is surfing destination Cloud 9, but there are other tourist attractions you can visit, like the Magpupungko Rock Pools and Maasin River. You can also hop on a boat and go island-hopping to reach Guyam, Daku, and Naked Islands or join  Siargao tours to Sugba Lagoon or nearby Sohoton Cove. This is a great time to explore these Siargao tourist spots, as the weather in February is usually dry but not too warm.

If you still want to try catching big waves in the Surfing Capital of the Philippines in February, you may still do so, but the waves may not be as large compared to surf season. But if you want to just learn surfing in the Philippines, this is actually the perfect time, as the waves will be safe for beginners.

Whenever you decide to visit the island, you should consider booking Siargao tour packages so you can have a stress-free vacation.

Ride a 4x4 at the lava trails of Mt. Mayon in Bicol

Backpacker by Mayon VolcanoMayon Volcano is considered one of the most (if not the most) beautiful volcanoes in the Philippines, thanks to its perfect cone shape. This stunning natural attraction in Bicol may be seen via a number of Mayon Volcano tours, but adventure seekers who are looking for something unique may want to try riding a 4x4 ATV through the volcano’s lava trails. 

You will have several routes to choose from, including those that will take you through small hills and lava rocks and even one that will bring you just 6 kilometers away from the crater. Some of these trails will also pass by other tourist attractions like the Cagsawa Ruins. You can read more about the trails in our Mayon Volcano ATV guide

February Celebrations and Events in the Philippines 

February celebrations in the Philippines include the Chinese or Lunar New Year, the Panagbenga Festival in Baguio, and the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Tarlac.  

While it is not officially part of Philippine holidays, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in the country, so expect more people to be out and about on February 14 and the days leading up to it. 

Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Tarlac

Philippine International Hot air balloon festival at nightDubbed “A weekend of everything that flies,” the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in New Clark City in Tarlac features not only hot air balloons but drones, helicopters, kites, and other aircraft, which participants can appreciate via several airshows. Guests of the festival can also take to the air themselves when they go on a hot air balloon ride or try skydiving and paragliding. 

Panagbenga Festival in Baguio

Panagbenga FestivalPhoto by Department of Tourism

This flower festival in Baguio is one of the most famous festivals in the Philippines because of the spectacular street dance parade and the colorful floats featured in the grand floral parade. Apart from these popular events, the month-long festival also features exhibits, fairs, and contests that showcase the history and traditions of Baguio and the Cordillera region.

Chinese New Year

Chinese new yearChinese New Year usually falls in early February, and Filipinos celebrate the occasion by wearing red, enjoying fireworks shows, and eating tikoy, a Chinese rice cake traditionally served during the Lunar New Year.

Tips when Traveling to the Philippines in February

Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, CebuFor a hassle-free trip, take note of these tips when traveling to the Philippines in February:

Crowds in February

February is considered part of the peak season of travel, but it won’t be as crowded compared to March and April. However, take note that Filipinos celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day in a big way, so expect more people in tourist destinations on these dates and the dates leading up to them. Take note that crowds will likely be bigger if these holidays fall on a Friday or on a weekend. 

If you are heading to Baguio for the Panagbenga Festival, expect more people than usual since it is one of the most anticipated February festivals in the Philippines, drawing a lot of crowds from Metro Manila and other nearby areas.

Driving in the Philippines in February

Highway in the PhilippinesTraffic in the Philippines in February can range from light to heavy, with rush hour in big cities like Metro Manila experiencing the heaviest congestion. However, expect traffic to become heavier during the days leading to February events in the Philippines, such as Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. 

Some locals will be celebrating by traveling, and the congestion can affect not just cities but also popular tourist destinations. To avoid any hassle and stress, it is better to book a Philippine car rental during your visit. If it’s your first time to do so, you may read our guide to car rental in the Philippines.

Recommended Philippines travel itineraries in February

Sumaguing Cave in SagadaFebruary is a good time to explore the Philippines, and to maximize your trip, it is recommended that you visit several destinations across the archipelago. For hassle-free travel, you may book packages that already come with accommodations, transportation, and tours. The best Philippines itinerary travel packages will depend on your travel preferences.

If you want to immerse yourself in the heritage and culture of North Luzon, this 2-week adventure and culture tour package is perfect, as it will take you to Vigan, Laoag, Sagada, Banaue, and Baguio, exploring several cultural and natural attractions along the way.  

Another 14-day itinerary you can try is this 2-week El Nido to Coron, Cebu, Siquijor, and Boracay island-hopping tour package. Booking this package will allow you to see some of the best islands and beaches in the Philippines, as well as the lagoons of El Nido, the lakes of Coron, and the whale sharks in Cebu. With plenty of time to explore, you can do a lot when you book 2-week tours in the Philippines.

Aerial shot of Malcapuya IslandThose with a week to explore can try a 7-day Palawan and Mount Pinatubo tour package, which will bring you to some of the most stunning natural attractions in Luzon, like the Puerto Princesa Underground River and Mount Pinatubo. You can also head to the Visayas to try the 1-week Bohol to Cebu and Dumaguete tour package, which will allow you to visit the Chocolate Hills and Loboc River, as well as some of the top attractions in Cebu and Dumaguete. There are also plenty of other 1-week tours in the Philippines that you can check out.

If you only have a few days to spare, you can try a 5-day Puerto Princesa to El Nido island-hopping tour package, which will give you the chance to explore the islands in Honda Bay, as well as the lagoons and beaches of El Nido.

Enjoy a tropical getaway in the Philippines in February

Guyam Island SiargaoWhatever your preferred travel itinerary is, visiting the Philippines in February is a great idea, so you can enjoy dry weather without the scorching summer heat. To maximize your vacation, you can book Philippine holiday packages to your desired destinations. If you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s retreat, you should also consider booking Philippine honeymoon packages that are specially designed for couples.

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