Top 13 Boracay Inland Attractions & Activities aside from White Beach

Top 13 Boracay Inland Attractions & Activities aside from White Beach

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Puka Beach and woman in buggy

Boracay is a popular beach destination in the Visayas region off the northern coast of Panay island. It is known for its fine white sand, calm coastal waters, tropical beach lifestyle, and booming nightlife. But more than the water sports activities, there are other things to do in Boracay besides the famous White Beach, swimming, windsurfing, diving, or snorkeling.

There are many other inland attractions and fun outdoor activities that visitors should try, many of which are in tours bundled in Boracay packages.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of Boracay resorts and hotels, here are the top attractions to include in your itinerary: 


13. Side trip to Aklan Tourist Spots

Tourists join interactive exhibit at Motag Living Museum

Photo by Motag Living Museum

Aside from Boracay, Aklan province also has tourist attractions worth exploring. One of these is the Motag Living Museum, an interactive museum less than 5KM away from the Caticlan Airport. It features hands-on demonstrations of traditional farming and crafting techniques that harken back to the olden days. 

Another place worth visiting is the Malay Eco Park, a lush local park about 4km away from the Caticlan Jetty Port. It offers a scenic view overlooking Boracay island from a viewing deck on a 65 step staircase. Another fun attraction to visit in Aklan is the Nabas Wind Farm in Barangay Pawa, 25KM away from Boracay. It features 18 giant wind turbines towering over verdant mountain ranges, supplying renewable energy to the island, including Boracay. 



12. Indoor Shooting Range

Visitors who want to practice their aiming skills could try going to an indoor shooting range, one of the many activities in Boracay for tourists. The Jin Da Heng indoor shooting range is in Barangay Yapak, about 6KM away from the White Beach. It is accessible with a tricycle ride or a brisk walk, depending on where your location. 

It has modern equipment that includes rifles, pistols (automatic or semi-automatic), and revolvers. They also have various rounds (9mm, 5.56mm, or 0.22 cal) for target practice, with a trained safety officer to guide the session. They also teach proper techniques to improve the aim as guests empty a few clips at the shooting range.  

11. ATV and Buggy Ride

Woman driving buggy on a beach

Among the various land activities in Boracay, riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) is one of the best ways to explore inland attractions while having a thrilling ride. This type of vehicle allows guests to reach more areas and cover more ground faster. Another way to explore the island is with a buggy car ride, a more leisurely counterpart to the action-packed ATV. 

Before the ride, a guide will brief visitors about the safety features of the vehicle. Guests will do some practice driving around the activity area. After that, a guide will lead the way while guests drive on public roads, mindful of prescribed speeds and safety precautions for the duration of the trip. 



10. Yoga in Boracay

A class held by Yoga Boracay

Photo by Yoga Boracay

With its gorgeous scenery and natural beauty, Boracay is the perfect setting to dedicate time for yoga practice. There are many classes to take on the island. Whether it's a guided vinyasa class set against meditative background music or a traditional Ashtanga Mysore-style class with a dedicated teacher assisting your every move, Boracay has just the type of class available for your competence level. 

Many upscale Boracay resorts and hotels with fitness facilities typically offer regular yoga classes to the public. There is also a local community of yogis and yoginis who offer yoga sessions in a wellness hub at Various yoga styles are offered, ranging from Hatha to Vinyasa, Rocket to Meridien, among many others. 



9. Massage at Boracay Spas

Woman getting a massage in Boracay Shangri-La's CHI Spa

Photo by Shangri-La Resort Boracay

After spending the whole day island hopping or partying at the beach, a massage is in order. Having your treatment in a spotless spa under the hands of a trained specialist is the perfect antidote for a tired, stressed-out body.

Most upscale hotels with an in-house wellness spa offer treatments at a higher price range along with luxurious perks such as the beautifully scented herbal compress used at Discovery Shores’ Terra Wellness Spa.

Many stand-alone spas like Yasuragi Relaxation Spa in Surfside Resort (Station 3 of White Beach) offer excellent treatment all over the island, so visitors will never run out of options in Boracay. 



8. Boracay Biking Tour

Couple biking at sunset

Another great way to explore Boracay attractions and hidden attractions is by joining a bike tour. The easiest way to go about it is by joining the Department of Tourism certified bike tour that includes bike rental and a tour guide for a small fee. 

The Easy Ride takes about two hours to accomplish and is suitable for beginners or casual bike riders. The ride begins in Bulabog Beach then proceeds toward the main road before a quick break at Willy’s Rock on Station 1. It then continues to D’Mall, Ati Village, mangroves area, and ends in Kingfisher Farm.

The 3-hour Hard Ride also starts in Bulabog but proceeds toward Boracay Newcoast’s Keyhole rock formation. This challenging tour explores remote areas such as Ilig-Iligan Beach, Puka Beach, and Mount Luho, before circling back to Bulabog Beach.

7. Boracay Zipline

Tourists try the zipline in Fairways and Bluewater Boracay

Photo by Fairways and Bluewater Boracay

Get a bird’s eye view of Boracay island with a thrilling zipline ride that starts at its highest point in Mount Luho. This 70-meter declining cable descends from end to end while you are fastened to a safety harness facing downwards, Superman-style.

Armed with a helmet and strapped securely from above, you’ll be zipping downward while hovering about 100 meters above sea level. Riding the zipline is akin to flying across the sky like a bird while taking in the gorgeous landscape. It offers a unique vantage point of Boracay tourist spots and an unobstructed view of the golf course, lush greenery, coastal areas, and nearby resorts.



6. Boracay Keyhole 

Keyhole Rock Formation

Photo by Belmont Hotel Boracay

The Boracay Keyhole is a rock formation found at the southern end of Boracay Newcoast, in the northeastern area on Barangay Yapak. This natural attraction is at the edge of a mountain that narrows down toward the sea. Some angles make it look like a dragon is taking a sip of water from the ocean, while other sides show a hole boring through a large rock to form a keyhole-like opening.

Located beside a docking pier, Newcoast hotel guests get to see it regularly while riding on a boat to and from nearby tourist spots or jetty ports. First-time visitors should drop a coin near the rock formation and make a wish for good luck.



5. D’Mall Boracay

Beachside entrance of D'Mall

Photo by Department of Tourism

An open-air shopping center where upscale boutiques share retail space with local stalls, D’Mall Boracay sells almost everything you need and more. It began as a typical local market selling various knick-knacks and souvenir items and is now the place to go to for anything you need during your vacation.

There are artisanal handcrafts, grocery stores, delis selling European wine and cheese, and stalls selling everything from swimsuits to toothbrushes. There are also many Boracay restaurants serving dishes for all budget types. Those looking for delicious Italian fare with a view go to Aria Cucina, while health-conscious types go to Lemoni Cafe for a fresh smoothie in the morning.

4. Boracay Pub Crawl

Four cups of craft beer

Joining a pub crawl tour is one of the easiest ways to quickly get acquainted with Boracay’s booming nightlife, especially if you’re a first-time visitor or a tourist traveling alone. One night’s ticket typically covers a few drinks per stop along with entry to various parties and events happening throughout the beach. Others provide discounts from partner bars and restaurants participating in the tour.

There are many tour packages during special holidays like Halloween, New Year, or Labor Day celebrations. Besides visiting new places and drinking cocktails, it’s also a great way to meet other singletons and party-goers who could either be fun acquaintances or lifelong friends. Who knows, you might even meet your life partner at a Boracay pub crawl!

3. Boracay Food Trip

Grilled food in Boracay

Boracay offers a wide range of cuisine from different corners of the world. For authentic Filipino food and fresh seafood dishes, the best place to visit is D’Talipapa. It has a wet market selling various meats, fish, shrimps, crabs, and vegetables. After purchasing the freshest seafood, go to a nearby restaurant and have them cook for you on the spot. 

For visitors looking for authentic Italian dishes near the White Beach, Aria Cucina serves some of the best pizzas and gelato. Non-meat eaters will enjoy Nonie's on Station X, which serves delicious vegetarian meals using locally sourced ingredients. Cool off from the tropical heat with a mango shake from the iconic Jonah’s Fruit Shake. To sample these delectable dishes and more, join DOT’s Boracay Food Crawl to know where to eat in Boracay

2. Mt. Luho Trek

View of Boracay Island from Mt. Luho

One of the best places to go in Boracay is at the Mt. Luho viewing deck, the highest peak on the island. It offers a spectacular panoramic view of the whole island. From there, its unique shape stands out against the blue ocean surrounding it. The summit is 100 meters above sea level, and to reach it, visitors have two options.

The first is to walk up a staircase and a series of bridges, and the second is by riding a bike to reach the summit. This popular natural attraction offers expansive ocean views and a unique vantage point to see various tourist spots around the island.  

1. Puka Beach

Aerial view of Puka Beach

Puka Beach is on the island’s northernmost tip and is separated from the more visited areas of Boracay by a lush forested mountain in Barangay Yapak. It has a white sand beach filled with bits of shells and rocks scattered throughout its 800-meter long expanse, with some of the cleanest waters around. It is one of the best Boracay attractions to visit for those looking for a break from the booming party scene at White Beach. 

There are a few local restaurants that sell freshly cooked seafood and some wooden huts for rent. Other than that, it retains its laid-back, serene, provincial atmosphere. Going to Puka Beach is easy and straightforward: ride a tricycle to the beach, or ride a boat on an island-hopping tour that will dock on its shores. 

We also recommend visiting other Boracay beaches such as Diniwid Beach,  Ilig-Iligan Beach, Tambisaan Beach, and Balinghai Beach. 


Explore Boracay's Top Inland and Outdoor Attractions

Waves lapping Puka Beach

No Boracay trip is complete without at least one water-based activity or a tour of the White Beach. However, there are numerous inland attractions to discover as well. For example, food lovers will relish exploring Boracay restaurants because it is the perfect introduction to the sheer variety of cuisines available in Boracay. An ATV ride in Boracay or a bike tour is an alternative way to discover its unique terrain. Boracay tours may include laid-back activities such as a massage or a yoga class with a trained expert. 

Whether it's a thrilling adventure or a relaxing time, visitors are bound to find the ideal type of activities in Boracay. Plan your trip to this paradise with our Boracay travel guide and book Boracay tour packages for a hassle-free vacation. 

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