Top 10 Tours & Activities in Boracay You Shouldn't Miss

Top 10 Tours & Activities in Boracay You Shouldn't Miss

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Kitesurfer in Boracay

Boracay is one of the Philippines’ most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its powdery white sand, pristine waters, fun nightlife, and endless Boracay tours that travelers can enjoy during their visit. The abundance of tours in Boracay can be overwhelming to first-time visitors, but this article will help narrow your list down by going into detail about each one so you can find what works best for you and make the most out of your trip.

The island of Boracay in the Philippines has been long hailed as the best in the entire world. With an expansive 4-kilometer White Beach lined with palm trees and kissed by turquoise waters, numerous beach pockets and neighboring islets, mountain view decks, and a wide array of accommodations and establishments, there is undoubtedly no shortage of things to see, do, and experience in Boracay Island.

Boracay is the prime and most popular tourist destination in the Philippines. It welcomes hundreds of thousands of local and international visitors each year because the options for panoramic views and fun activities are limitless. From beach bumming while watching the gorgeous sunset, exhilarating water sports, Boracay snorkeling, and exciting nightlife, to helicopter rides, underwater excursions, and private island-hopping in Boracay, your itinerary is definitely going to be jam-packed and full-on.



Boracay has also undergone a rehabilitation period to make way for environmental healing and infrastructure improvement, making the destination more than ready to fulfill vacationers’ bucket list.

Read on for a  list of the best Boracay tours and activities that you may be able to add to your Boracay tour package to make your tropical holiday a truly unforgettable one: 

10. Mt Luho Hiking Tour

Scenic view from Mt. Luho in Boracay

Ascend 370 ft. above sea level to Boracay’s highest peak, Mount Luho, and enjoy sweeping views of the entire island, including white sand beach pockets, dense forests, and the surrounding azure waters. It’s a short and safe climb to the summit, as the path and stairs are made of concrete with bamboo railings. 

Mt. Luho has three viewing decks, with the first one featuring a bamboo and wooden bridge called Stoy Mount Luho Viewpoint. The most popular is Mount Luho View Deck, where most visitors go and explore its three levels that include a heart-shaped diorama and a snack area. The third view deck is called Happy Planet and offers zipline activities to visitors.

To get here, head to Brgy. Bulabog by driving your own motorcycle or chartering a tricycle to take you to the entrance leading to the trail up. For a more convenient and comfortable access to Mt. Luho and other must-see spots in the island, join a Boracay Island sightseeing tour.



9. Mermaid Swimming

Several tourists taking a photo while wearing their mermaid costume in BoracayPhoto by the Department of Tourism - Philippines

Turn your mythical fantasy into a magical experience and be Princess Ariel for a day in Boracay! Mermaid swimming lessons are offered on the island by certified mermaid instructors under The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy, where you don colorful and sparkly mermaid tails and learn how to swim gracefully underwater.

The basic course for beginners includes lessons on breathing techniques and basic swimming strokes. If you wish to dive deeper into being a mermaid, more technical skills such as proper use of snorkeling gear, breath-holding techniques, mermaid tricks, and self-rescue instructions are taught in the next course level. Taking it further, the next course is already focused on being a mermaid performer, with lessons on freediving and even waterproof make-up application.

For visitors who may want to just experience looking like a mermaid, photo ops can also be availed. Get ready to pose like a sea princess in the white shores of Boracay!

8. Helicopter Ride Tour

Aerial view of Magic and Crocodile island during the helicopter ride tour

Take your Boracay Island adventure to a higher level — literally! Hop on a helicopter and ride in style when in Boracay so you can view the entire island from a different angle by booking a helicopter ride tour. 

This fun and exciting activity is definitely a breathtaking break from the water activities that visitors would normally enjoy at Boracay. The ride lasts from 10 to 30 minutes, where you will have a bird’s eye view of the island’s famous spots such as White Beach, Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Bulabog Beach, as well as neighboring islands like Magic Island, Crocodile Island, and even Romblon’s Carabao Island — from thousands of feet above. 

Safety is also a top priority of the tour, as it starts with a briefing with the pilot and guide on all of the rules, regulations, and process of the entire ride.



7. Sunset Yacht Cruise Tour

Watching the sunset while riding a yacht in Boracay

A trip to Boracay will not be complete without gazing in awe at the magnificent sunset show that happens right at White Beach. A spectacular display of colors, from violet hues to fiery reds, can be witnessed during sundown while you relax at any spot from the beach. But you can make this moment more special by taking a Sunset Yacht Cruise, which is best enjoyed with the company of your loved ones and friends.

Boracay Sunset Cruise with Snorkeling Gear, Kayak, Paddle Board & Mermaid Tail


Sip fine wine and enjoy sumptuous food while cruising along Boracay’s mirror-like waters and passing through scenic spots such as White Beach, Cagban Beach, and the exquisite Shangri-la Hotel area. Some tour operators may also take you to the waters that run along the beaches of Bulabog, Diniwid, and Ilig-Iligan.

With the gorgeous sunset as your backdrop and personalized service from the crew at the ready, this Boracay Sunset Yacht Cruise is definitely one of the most special ways to soak in the beauty of the island.

6. Cliff-diving at Ariel’s Point

A guy jumping from a cliff at Ariel's Point

Pure adventure awaits at Ariel’s Point, one of Boracay’s most sought-after destinations, especially for adrenaline junkies coming here for one thing: cliff jumping. Ariel’s Point is actually separated from the main Boracay Island and is accessible by an outrigger boat, with the trip taking about 45 minutes. 

Visitors will be greeted by scenic views of rock formations and surrounding blue waters once in Ariel’s Point. Those looking for action may go directly to one of its diving platforms, which are positioned at varying heights to accommodate every visitor’s level of courage. The highest platform is about 15 meters above the water, while the lower ones start from 3 meters, and go up to 5, 6, and 7 meters high. 

For those who do not wish to participate in the cliff jumping activity, there are huts for resting in the area, or they may opt to swim and snorkel around the cold sea waters.



5. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Tours

Two tourists snorkeling in the clear blue waters of Boracay

Boracay’s beaches are already a marvelous sight, but going underwater is a different yet equally breathtaking experience. The island’s abundant waters are home to teeming marine life, which is why snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most popular activities in every Boracay itinerary. 



Most island hopping tours will include a snorkeling activity in a chosen spot, but if you wish to see the best site for colorful marine life and several coral species, then Tambisaan Beach is the place to go to. 

Visitors wishing to dive a little deeper can definitely go for scuba diving. There are plenty of dive shops along White Beach offering as basic as Discover Scuba Diving lessons, down to Advanced Open Water Diver certification courses.

Whether you choose to snorkel from the water surface or go down below, get ready to be amazed by the rich underwater treasures of Boracay.



4. Boracay Pubcrawl Tour

A bartended fixing the drinks in a bar in BoracayPhoto by the Department of Tourism - Philippines

The nightlife in Boracay is among the best in Southeast Asia. The tiny island comes to life as the sun goes down, with local bars and beach clubs pumping up the volume and serving tipples. But there’s a much better way to enjoy Boracay’s party scene: joining the famous Boracay Pubcrawl tour! Imagine meeting strangers from around the world, doing fun games by the beach or inside clubs, and hopping from one bar to another — all in one night.

Led by Pubcrawl captains, this totally fun experience not only lets you in the best of Boracay’s pubs and clubs, but you’ll also gain travel buddies or lifelong friends. A one-time registration fee already includes a free souvenir shirt, welcome shots in every bar, and your own shot glass with lanyard. You won’t also need to worry about transportation and entrance fee to clubs, as these are also covered already.

3. Puka Beach Tour

Aerial view of the popular Puka Beach in Boracay

Renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and rustic vibe, Puka Beach is another Boracay gem that is well-loved by visitors. While the sand here is not as fine and white compared to that of White Beach, Puka Beach has become a must on many visitors’ Boracay itinerary, especially those wanting to escape the crowds at White Beach.

The beach is named after the puka shells that abound here in the past and is also the home to Boracay’s flying foxes, a kind of fruit bat that flies around the Puka area or rests on the forest by the cliff. Nature takes center stage here at Puka because there are no establishments or resorts in the entire stretch, only small stalls selling fresh coconuts and other refreshments.

Puka Beach is the northernmost tip of Boracay, reachable via a 20-minute tricycle ride or as part of day trips to Boracay Island.



2. White Beach Water Activities

Paraw sailing and paddleboarding in Boracay during sunset

Boracay’s main draw is definitely its sprawling 4-kilometer White Beach, famed around the world for its ultra-fine and powdery white sand, calm and shallow waters, and gorgeous horizon views. Facing the sea, to the right of White Beach is Station 1, dotted by top-rate and first-class resorts. At the center is Station 2, where most of the action happens as dining and drinking options and souvenir shops are concentrated here. To the left is Station 3, marked by a mix of native-style accommodations and budget-friendly to posh resorts. 

Aside from all the establishments lined up along White Beach that visitors can stay and enjoy, its waters cannot be missed. One can definitely just lounge on the beach and take a few dips, but we highly recommend experiencing at least one of its many fun water activities here.



Helmet Diving

Think of Boracay helmet diving as somewhere between snorkeling and scuba diving, and an equally fun and unique experience. Instead of floating on the water surface when snorkeling or reaching depths when diving, you will actually be walking on the ocean floor with a special helmet on your head so you can breathe underwater. In no time, you will be surrounded by schools of tropical fish and your guide will be taking pictures of you and your group. 

Safety instructions, including various underwater hand signals, are thoroughly explained by the instructor before you will be asked to climb down the speedboat’s ladder onto the sea. 

 Boracay Helmet Diving Aquanut Activity with Underwater Photos & Videos




A couple parasailing in Boracay

Not particularly for the faint-hearted, but parasailing is another exciting adventure that you might want to consider putting on your “what to do in Boracay” list. You will be strapped onto a colorful parachute and as the speedboat pulls away, you will be whisked up into the air — offering a glorious, bird’s eye view of the island and its surrounding waters. 

Go solo on a parasailing tour if you have the guts, but a tandem ride with a family member or friend can also be fun. If traveling with a partner, the whole experience up in the air is definitely romantic. 



Paraw Sailing

The paraw, a unique boat in the Visayas area used in paraw sailing in Boracay

There is nothing quite as iconic in Boracay as the paraw, local outrigger boats with two sails that used to be the old way of sailing across Boracay Island and going to neighboring islands. Over the recent years and until today, it is primarily used for a popular tourist activity which is Paraw Sailing. Hop on one of these boats and enjoy around 30 minutes of pure bliss under the sun, cruising along Boracay’s mirror-like waters. There’s nothing much to do while onboard, except to relax and chill out.

Going on a Paraw Sailing trip just right before sunset is highly recommended, as you will be in the middle of the sea as the sun goes down, making for a romantic, tranquil, and memorable experience altogether.

During special occasions and events in the island, the paraw’s sails are painted with colorful designs and local art — quite the view when watching them traverse the horizon. 

Banana Boat and Flying Fish Ride

Those looking to get wet and wild in Boracay will enjoy two popular water activities here. First is the banana boat ride, where 10-20 people ride on a giant, banana-shaped inflatable boat pulled by a speedboat. But it does not stop there, of course. The speedboat driver will do several surprising twists and turns, making you hold on to the boat tightly or get dropped off the water. The latter is fun, trust us!

If that is not enough to spike up your adrenaline, then try Flying Fish. Instead of sitting down on an inflatable boat, riders will only be holding on to an inflatable raft. And as the speedboat pulls away at high speed, the raft whisks into the air, so it’s a matter of strength whether you can hold on for dear life or get thrown to the sea.

Both activities are guaranteed safe, and all riders will be required to wear life vests.




A woman paddleboarding in the blue waters of Boracay

If your kind of water activity is one that is peaceful and tranquil, then rent a paddleboard and maneuver your way through the calm waters of White Beach. For beginners, there are guides available to help you out. But experienced ones can just rent the board and paddle on their own.

It’s a great way to soak up both the sun and the beauty of Boracay’s White Beach front — a guaranteed glorious view from the ocean. 



Speedboat Ride

Book a speedboat ride if you wish to experience a more exclusive and luxurious cruise along Boracay’s famed beaches and other tourist attractions, including White Beach and Cagban Beach. Depending on the weather conditions, more spots may be visited during the speedboat ride.

You may also choose the speedboat with a glass bottom so you’ll have a clear view of the abundant marine life underneath Boracay’s waters.


Jetski Ride

If you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping activity, add the jet ski ride Boracay activity to your itinerary! Depending on the activity you will book, this usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. 


Crystal Kayak

It's not a Boracay trip without the Instagrammable crystal kayak ride! Wear your best Boracay beach outfit and strike a pose as your boatman captures your photos with the stunning turquoise-colored water of Boracay as your backdrop. 

Boracay 30-minute Crystal Kayak Rental with Guide


1. Boracay Island Hopping Tour

Crystal Cove, one of the island hopping destinations in Boracay

A Boracay itinerary will not be complete without booking a Boracay Island Hopping tour that takes visitors to other beaches and spots that are as mesmerizing as the ones found on the main island. Most of these Boracay tours include 3-4 attractions on the itinerary.



Magic Island is a favorite stop for the thrill-seekers because it is known for the cliff-jumping activity that can be done here. There are five platforms of varying heights, starting at 3 meters. Then they go higher at 5, 7, 9, and 10 meters. Don’t miss out on jumping into the sea, it’s a worthwhile experience!

Rich marine life awaits visitors at Crocodile Island, one of Boracay’s most famous snorkeling and diving sites. The tours stop here so guests can jump off the boat and enjoy swimming around its abundant waters. Don’t worry, there are no crocodiles here — the name is just how the island is shaped, like a crocodile.

Another spot that is always on the Boracay island hopping tours is Crystal Cove Island, known for its limestone caves, small beach pockets, and unique crystal protrusions.

Experience the Best of Boracay with These Tours

A shot of the parasailing experience in Boracay

When visiting Boracay, you might worry about running out of time left in the island, but you don't need to worry about the number of amazing things and activities you can experience here. It’s no wonder why the island is so irresistible and visitors keep coming back, there’s always a surprising scenery or an activity that you probably haven't tried yet or simply want to do again. 

Whether you are a solo traveler, group of friends, or an entire family, Boracay will always have something for you to enjoy. So go ahead and start planning your Boracay itinerary, and make sure to include some of the top Boracay tours and activities featured here for an unforgettable trip in this slice of paradise!

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