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Marinduque Tours

Marinduque Tours

Explore the wonders of Marinduque with these tours. Discover beautiful caves, go island hopping, and dip in its hot springs. Join a cultural immersion, visit a wildlife sanctuary, and see the historical marker of the country up close. Make Marinduque your next travel destination.

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Marinduque Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What are the most popular tourist spots in Marinduque?

Marinduque is known for its islands, beaches, springs, and historical sites. It is where the geodetic center of the Philippines is located, which is called Luzon Datum. Visit other beautiful sites such as Tres Reyes Island, Maniwaya Island, Poctoy White Beach, Malbog Sulfur Spring, and many more.

When is the best time to visit Marinduque?

You can visit anytime. Take note that the climate all year round in Marinduque is generally hot. March-May is the warmest and peak season, which is perfect for indoor visits. October to June has good weather perfect for island or beach-hopping and other water activities.

How much time should I spend in Marinduque?

It is recommended to spend at least 2-3 days to enjoy the best of Marinduque, especially if you decide to do island or beach hopping, water activities, mixed with sightseeing and heritage visits.

Is it safe in Marinduque?

Marinduque is a safe city in the Philippines but as with any destination, be mindful of your belongings.

What languages do locals speak in Marinduque?

Tagalog is the most widely used language in Marinduque, though many locals can also speak and understand English, especially in urban centers where travelers usually stay.