Boracay on a Budget: 3 Days for Only PHP4000 at the Philippines’ Best Beach Destination

Boracay on a Budget: 3 Days for Only PHP4000 at the Philippines’ Best Beach Destination

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Boracay on a budgetBoracay, being known as one of the top beach destinations in the Philippines, has always been at the top of my travel bucket list and I knew I had to experience its beauty firsthand, as someone who loves the beach. 

Although there were many tourists when we visited Boracay, I found myself enchanted by its unique charm. There's something magical about Boracay that keeps drawing me back: the fun water sports, the bustling nightlife, or simply the powdery white sand touching my feet. I recall the sun kissing my skin as I lounged on the white beach of Boracay and the mesmerizing sound of its gentle waves. 

While Boracay boasts some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the Philippines, I was surprised to discover that budget-friendly accommodations were also available, particularly in Station 3, offering comfort and convenience. During my recent trip to Boracay with my family, we opted to stay for three days at a cozy hotel in Station 3. 

Photo in Puka Beach BoracayMy family and I were about to go on a do-it-yourself or DIY Boracay trip, but the schedule was pretty hectic, and we thought it would be a little expensive. Whenever I go on a trip, I'll always go for DIY travel booking. But, this time, we decided to book a travel package. I tried to look for packages that would fit my budget, and I found a great deal on a 3-day Boracay budget package at Guide to the Philippines.

I must admit, I didn't spend too much time booking this package. It's an all-in-one package with accommodations, breakfasts, and airport transfers.

In this article, I'll share our experience with this budget-friendly Boracay travel package that we booked, the convenience it provided, and how it enhanced our Boracay getaway.

Boracay Budget Package: Hotel, Airport Transfers and Daily Breakfast

Boracay beachWhile looking for a travel package online, I stumbled upon a great travel deal: a 3-Day Boracay package from Guide to the Philippines, priced at just around PHP4,000  per head (around $73 USD) for our group of four. They have numerous options for Boracay packages available on their website, but we booked this particular package because it's affordable and has comprehensive inclusions. 

Comfortable accommodation at Erus Suites Hotel

Erus Suites Hotel in BoracayPhoto from 3-Day Boracay package at Erus Hotel

Our package included a stay in one of the best Boracay station 3 hotels, Erus Suites Hotel. We stayed in a comfortable standard room with an air conditioning system and a television. Erus Suites Hotel also has a swimming pool. After lounging on Boracay beach, we had a quick dip in the pool for a change of scenery. 

Standard Room in Eras Suites Hotel in BoracayPhoto from 3-Day Boracay package at Erus Hotel

We booked an add-on island hopping tour to the island's renowned attractions, like Puka Beach, Tambisaan Beach, and Crocodile Island. You can avail an island-hopping tour as an add-on if you want to visit these Boracay tourist spots

I discovered that the Guide to the Philippines website offered a wide range of Boracay hotels, ensuring that travelers like us could find the perfect balance between comfort and cost. There are also hotels in Boracay with family rooms, which are perfect if you're also traveling with your family or kids. You can also check their Boracay budget-friendly hotels and resorts if you're looking for accommodations that won't break the bank.

Hassle-free airport transfers to and from the airport and hotel

Airport in Boracay

The Boracay airport transfers were seamlessly arranged as part of the package we booked at Guide to the Philippines. I could say that this is the one thing I loved about the package since I know it's quite a hassle to travel from and to the airport going to your accommodation, especially with the luggage and bags you carry. Plus, I want to avoid famous travel scams in the Philippines, where most transportation charge passengers higher fares.

The convenience really saved us the hassle of navigating through the unfamiliar transportation options upon arrival. That's why, from the very moment we stepped foot in Caticlan, I already felt the peace of mind and the hassle-free vacation coming.

Complimentary daily breakfast included in the package

Another important part of the Boracay travel package is the inclusion of daily breakfast. I expected that dining out in Boracay could be a little pricey, especially for budget-conscious travelers like me. As it is known for its stunning beaches and vibrant Boracay nightlife, many tourists would also flock to go to some restaurants, bars, and clubs, which usually have higher prices.

That's why I loved that the package I booked included daily breakfast at the hotel. One of the Boracay travel tips that I can share is to find a hotel that already includes daily breakfast in the package so that you will save some money for other things like Boracay activities.

Boracay Island in the Philippines

While our package covered accommodations, airport transfers, and daily breakfast, we opted to book our Boracay flights separately. If you want an all-in-one travel package that includes Boracay flights and hotel packages, you can find it on the website where I booked mine. Guide to the Philippines offers a flight page where travelers can find the cheapest flights to Boracay, ensuring a seamless booking experience from start to finish. 

Things to Do in Boracay on a Budget

White Beach in Boracay IslandAs we stepped foot on the vibrant island of Boracay, we were really excited about the adventures that were awaiting us. The budget-friendly package didn't include activities, so we just booked Boracay activities separately. Guide to the Philippines came to the rescue once again, offering a wide array of options on their Boracay tours page. 

We thought of visiting nearby attractions and enjoying some fun activities in Boracay so we could make the most of our time on the island aside from the famous White Beach. The activities we booked fit our Boracay budget, so we gave it a go! Among the activities we indulged in were the Boracay island hopping tour, sunset paraw sailing, and a day pass to Crimson Resort.

Boracay Island Hopping Tour

Puka Beach in BoracaySince we arrived early, we thought of exploring Boracay's wonders to maximize our day. One of the highlights of our trip was the Boracay island-hopping tour that already included boat transfers, entrance fees to each island, the use of a snorkeling mask and a mermaid tail, a kawa hot bath, and a complimentary lunch. I must say, it's worth it! It's not pricey, and we get to enjoy all these in one island-hopping tour. 

From the white beach, we boarded a boat to Boracay's popular tourist spots, such as beaches and islands. We went to the famous Puka Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, featuring white sand with naturally crushed puka shells. We just had a quick dip in the waters and headed to the next attraction. Another beach we visited was Tambisaan Beach, where we had our complimentary lunch, and then we headed to Crocodile Island, where we swam and snorkel. 

Puka Beach BoracayMy favorite part was that we had the chance to experience a Boracay kawa bath. It's definitely relaxing and refreshing. Guide to the Philippines really amazed me with this tour we booked, and they also have other Boracay island-hopping tours that you can choose from depending on your preferred activities and attractions.

Boracay Sunset Paraw Sailing

Boracay Paraw SailingBefore I visited Boracay, I found videos and posts saying how they love the golden hour in Boracay, so I thought, why not enjoy it in the best way we can? I was determined to witness it firsthand, so I booked a Boracay sunset paraw sailing for a different experience of watching the sun dip on the horizon. 

Before the sunsets, we made our way to the designated meeting point for our paraw sailing adventure. We boarded a traditional sailboat, and it set us out to sea. I saw how the color transitions of the colorful boats and the blue sky turned golden in just minutes. The boat sailed gently and stopped in a good spot where we had the best view of the Boracay sunset. I can still recall how the wind blows my hair and the warm glow of the sunset painting the sky. It was truly an enchanting and memorable experience.

Crimson Resort Day Pass

Crimson Resort in BoracayPhoto from Crimson Boracay day pass

For a day of ultimate relaxation, we indulged in a Crimson Boracay day pass. Crimson Resort is one of the popular beachfront resorts in Boracay, and it is located at Station Zero. I was glad that we found a day pass to visit the resort and experience a luxurious retreat. On our second day in Boracay, we thought of spending our day in one of the luxurious resorts on the island. 

Our Crimson Resort day pass includes access to the resort's pristine pools, exclusive amenities, and white-sand beach. What's more, the package we booked through Guide to the Philippines includes dining credits, so we enjoyed a meal inside the resort.


Crimson Boracay day pass dining creditsWe arrived at the resort around 10:30 AM, so we had more time to enjoy the amenities and facilities of Crimson Resort. The day pass' availability is from 10 AM to 6 PM. When we arrived at the resort, we went straight to the beachfront, took photos, and lounged on one of their sunbeds.

We also enjoyed a refreshing dip at one of their pools. With our dining credits, we enjoyed some snacks at Azure Beach Club, and they have a 2-hour free-flowing beverage, which is also included in the day pass package we booked.

Crystal kayak in BoracayAside from the activities we booked through Guide to the Philippines, other things to do in Boracay that you can enjoy are helmet diving, jet-skiing, banana boat ride, and snorkeling package. There's also the trendy crystal kayak in Boracay that you can enjoy for photo opportunities. 

Beyond expectations: Hassle-free Boracay budget trip

Boracay travelI never imagined finding a package so perfectly tailored for me and my family's travel needs. As someone who is used to planning DIY travels, I could say that booking this Boracay vacation package is the best decision I've made when it comes to traveling. No hassle, only convenience! Everything was settled; we had our accommodations that provided comfort during our 2-night stay, the airport transfers that provided a hassle-free and seamless journey, and the daily breakfast that filled our tummies without breaking the bank. It was all worth it. 

It's a good thing I found a website with Boracay tours and packages to book stress-free. From island hopping to sunset sailing, our Boracay adventure was filled with unforgettable moments that will stay with us forever.

Thanks to Guide to the Philippines, we were able to curate the perfect itinerary to make the most of our time in this tropical paradise. For our next travels, I now know where to book the best Philippine vacation packages and guided tours.

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