Best Places to Watch the Boracay Sunset & Sunrise

Best Places to Watch the Boracay Sunset & Sunrise

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Paraws sailing during sunset in BoracayBoracay has been named one of the best islands in the world throughout the years thanks to its pristine white sand beach and clear waters. As one of the best places to visit in the Philippines, this beautiful island offers various experiences for all kinds of travelers. 

The best place to start your Boracay getaway is on its famed White Beach, which is split into three stations or areas. Station 1 is best known for the famous rock formation called Willy's Rock and some of the top luxury resorts in the Philippines. Meanwhile, Station 2 features more mid-range Boracay hotels and popular shopping centers like D'Mall and D'Talipapa. Lastly, Station 3 is better known for having a more quiet atmosphere and being home to more cheap hotels in Boracay

Aerial view of White Beach, BoracayPast Station 1, is a more secluded area of White Beach called Station 0. Here, you can find more exclusive beach resorts in Boracay like Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay. Along with the island's world-famous white sand, another main draw of this tropical paradise are the breathtaking sunset and sunrise views you can find here.

While White Beach is an ideal spot to watch the horizon turn vibrant shades of orange and yellow, there are several other places and activities on the island that can guarantee you a scenic view of the sunset in Boracay. 

In this article, we've put together some of the best spots to enjoy the stunning Boracay sunset and sunrise that you should include in your Boracay itinerary:

Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Boracay

Willy's Rock in White Beach during sunsetWhen it comes to chasing sunsets, it's best to head west as this is the direction where the sun generally sets every day. This phenomenon makes spots like White Beach, Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Manoc-Manoc Beach prime places for sunset watching as they all hug the western coast of the island. Along with appreciating the view from the powdery shores, riding a paraw, party boat, and helicopter allow you to see the sunset cast the island in a vibrant orange tone. 

White Beach 

Tourists on White Beach watching the sunsetKnown as one of the best beaches in the Philippines, White Beach is easily one of the top spots to enjoy the Boracay sunset. This 4km stretch of powdery white sand offers a panoramic view of the horizon as the sun begins to dip and cast a warm orange glow across the sky. To enjoy the beautiful Boracay sunset view throughout your vacation, it's recommended to book a stay in one of the top beachfront resorts in White Beach such as Coast Boracay, Crimson Resort & Spa, and Hennan Crystal Sands Resort.

Aside from marveling at the sunset from your resort, you can also head out and grab a seat at some of the top Boracay restaurants located along White Beach like the BarLo Resto Lounge or even try working on the beach.

Paraw Sailing

Paraws sailing during sunset in BoracayWhen it comes to sunset sailing in Boracay, paraw sailing has become a quintessential Boracay experience over the years as you can cruise on the crystal waters while taking in the majestic view. A paraw is a local outrigger boat with two sails that has been used as the traditional way of traveling Boracay's coast and the nearby islets. Nowadays, it is a popular tourist activity where you can sit on the nets that cover the outriggers. 

Feel free to lie down as well while the designated boatman expertly steers the boat across the sea's surface As you gently sail along the water, you can watch the sky turn beautiful shades of orange and pink as the sun slowly sets behind the horizon. 

Puka Beach

Puka BeachPuka Beach is another popular Boracay tourist spot that is often included in Boracay island hopping packages. This stretch of sand gets its name from the small fragments of puka shells that are naturally mixed into the beach's sand. Despite having a slightly more coarse shoreline than White Beach, this spot makes up for it with its more laid-back atmosphere as there are fewer commercial establishments here. 

When you're chasing sunsets, it's best to bring your own mat or beach towel so you can relax on the beach while you watch the sky gradually transform into breathtaking shades of orange, pink, or red. You can also buy local drinks like buko (young coconut) juice from nearby stalls to keep you refreshed while lounging on the sand. 

Boracay Party Boat

Party boat in BoracayPhoto by Southwest Travel and Tours

If you're traveling in a big group, booking a Boracay Party Boat together is a perfect experience to try especially right before the sun sets. These boats typically have a second floor where you can get an unobstructed view of the horizon.

Some also have inflatable slides attached to the second floor so you can easily head into the waters for a refreshing swim as well. Most party boats can fit up to 20 people so you can easily enjoy a Boracay sunset cruise with your friends and family. 

Boracay Sunset Cruise with Snorkeling Gear, Kayak, Paddle Board & Mermaid Tail


There are also usually other amenities available on board a party boat like water guns and paddle boards that you can use when out at sea. Depending on the tour operator, several party boats also offer unlimited drinks when you book the boat for a private tour. 

Boracay Helicopter Ride

Helicopter for Boracay Island toursPhoto by Southwest Travel and Tours

For those looking for a new way to enjoy sunset time in Boracay, going on a Boracay helicopter ride should definitely be on your Boracay itinerary. Before taking off, you can even snap a few photos outside and inside the helicopter as keepsakes of this unique experience. When you're all set to go, your pilot will start taking off to show you the beauty of Boracay from a bird's eye view. 

Going for a Boracay helicopter ride just before sunset also allows you to see the sun cast warm shades of orange over White Beach and the palm trees that line the famed shore. During a Boracay helicopter ride, you can also get a glimpse of other nearby attractions on the island during golden hour like Puka Beach, Diniwid Beach, and Bulabog Beach as you soar through the clear skies. 

Diniwid Beach

Sunset at Diniwid BeachDiniwid Beach is a lesser-known stretch of sand that sits north of the famed White Beach. While the latter offers a lively atmosphere perfect for crowds, Diniwid Beach has an overall serene ambiance that highlights the natural surroundings. It is also among the best places to watch the sunset in Boracay as it is farther from the usual crowds that flock to White Beach. 

Along with its panoramic views of the sea and the horizon, there are beautiful villas that sit atop the seaside cliffs surrounding the beach which make the area resemble the iconic coasts of Portofino in Italy. 

You can also find several Boracay beachfront resorts here if you prefer a more quiet stay away from the big groups that White Beach attracts. For a more convenient trip to this beach, you can book Boracay tour packages that include Boracay island-hopping tours to Diniwid Beach and more. 

Manoc-Manoc Beach

Manoc-Manoc beach at sunsetManoc-Manoc Beach is found at the southwestern tip of Boracay and is often an overlooked spot that boasts a scenic view of the sunset. As an off-the-beaten-path attraction, Manoc-Manoc Beach is better known among locals especially since it is often used as a supply-boat station. However, its white-sand shore still offers a relaxing hideaway for many of Boracay's residents. 

Aside from taking a dip in the blue-green waters and watching the sky gradually change to hues of orange, you can also try other popular activities on this Boracay sunset beach like kiteboarding and windsurfing. 

Best Places to Watch the Sunrise in Boracay

Palm trees lining White Beach, BoracayOn the other hand, those looking for the picture-perfect spot to watch the sunrise over Boracay can find it atop Mt. Luho, the tallest peak on the island, or on the east-facing Bulabog Beach. Travelers staying on the western side of the island can also head to Balinghai Beach to see the sun and the surrounding rock formations cast beautiful shadows over the sea as the sun peeks through the horizon. 

Mt. Luho

View of Boracay Island from Mt. LuhoTowering at around 370 feet above sea level on the east side of Boracay, Mt. Luho is the highest peak on the island. From the viewing deck at the top, you can get a panoramic view of the entire island, which makes it one of the best places to watch the Boracay sunrise. As the sun slowly makes its way up, you'll get to see it bathe the entire island in a warm orange glow, just before most people start their days. 

While climbing or trekking up the mountain is one of the best things to do in Boracay, there are also tricycles that you can ride to get close to the peak. From the tricycles’ drop-off point, you'll have to go climb a flight of stairs to the top.

Balinghai Beach

Love-themed boat in Balinghai BeachNestled among limestone cliffs on the northwestern shore of Boracay, Balinghai Beach offers a secluded hideaway far from the big crowds that often visit the island. The beach is also owned and managed by the Balinghai Resort, so you will have to pay an entrance fee to reach this secluded spot.

Along with the scenic view of the surrounding limestone cliffs and rock formations, this Boracay sunrise spot also features cottages that you can rest in as you watch the sun begin to peek. 

Feel free to sit back and take in the view as the sun's first light hitting the rock formations cast shadows that only add to the scenery's beauty. You can also order a cup of coffee or some breakfast at the resort's restaurant after watching the sunrise in Boracay.

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach at duskBetter known as a spot for Boracay water sports packages like parasailing and windsurfing, this beach on the eastern coast of Boracay also offers breathtaking views of the sunrise. When the sun begins to rise, you can watch the first rays reflect on the open sea, making for a picture-perfect moment in the morning whenever the weather is clear. 

If you consider yourself a morning person, consider accommodations in Bulabog Beach when deciding on where to stay in Boracay so you can enjoy the sunrise every day of your tropical getaway. It also sits around 2 KM from White Beach, so you can easily visit popular spots along Stations 1 to 3 but also allows you to escape from the crowds as you prepare to call it a day. 

Don’t miss the stunning Boracay sunset and sunrise views during your vacation

TopBanner_Sunset along White Beach, BoracayExperience the natural beauty of one of the best islands in the world by adding any of these sunrise and sunset spots to your Boracay getaway. Whether you’re traveling on your own or in a group, these are all ideal places and activities in Boracay for families and solo travelers alike. 

For those visiting with their romantic partner, you can enjoy a scenic dinner at sundown and more through vacation packages for couples as well. Aside from chasing sunsets and sunrises, you can book Boracay activities like Boracay island-hopping and Boracay parasailing through a Philippine travel agency like Guide to the Philippines to make your vacation even more memorable.

Opting for an online trip booking also allows you to choose the Philippine tour packages that best suit you and your travel buddies’ idea of a dream Boracay vacation. 

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