Top 15 Romblon Tourist Spots: Beaches, Islands & Hiking

Top 15 Romblon Tourist Spots: Beaches, Islands & Hiking

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Cresta de Gallo and Bonbon Beach

The province of Romblon comprises a group of islands located in the center of the Philippine archipelago in Luzon region, specifically to the south of Marinduque. It is also close to some of the best islands in the Philippines and Visayas tourist spots, such as Boracay Island.

Romblon is best known as the "Marble Capital of the Philippines" due to the abundance of marble found here, which has become one of the main sources of livelihood for the locals. Aside from the locals' high-quality marble sculptures, travelers to Romblon will also find stunning white sand beaches, historic sites, and a towering mountain in this underrated Philippine destination. Boasting an array of unspoiled natural beauty, Romblon is easily a perfect getaway destination for travelers planning an off-the-beaten-path vacation in the Philippines.


Hillside in Romblon

To help you get started on your trip to the peaceful province, we've rounded up the best Romblon tourist spots in this article. All of these attractions are located throughout the islands that make up the province, making it an ideal destination for island hopping in the Philippines. While the majority of them are situated in the three major islands of Tablas, Sibuyan, and Romblon, others are located in hidden pockets of the province.



How to Get to Romblon

Bang-og Island from Bonbon Beach

Romblon is 264KM away from the Philippine capital of Manila. The best way to get to Romblon province is to travel by air from Manila as you can fly directly to Tablas, one of the major islands. If you want to arrive in the province's capital that is also called Romblon, your best option is to ride a ferry instead from Batangas.

Before traveling, make sure to check the updated Philippines travel requirements and confirmation of your accommodation or online trip booking to ensure a smooth entry into the province. Some travel booking sites also offer Philippine tour packages to Romblon that are already inclusive of transportation. 

View from Bonbon Beach

By Air

Taking a flight from Manila to Romblon is the fastest way to get to the province as CebGo offers direct flights to Tablas Island. However, if you want to get to Romblon town, you will have to take a separate ferry from Tablas to Romblon Island. It is also best to check for flights weeks before you plan on traveling as the airline only flies to Tablas Airport three times a week. 

By Ferry

If you don't mind a longer travel time, you can also take a ferry to Romblon. From Manila, you will need to travel to Batangas Pier first. You can reach the pier by riding a bus from Buendia, Pasay, or Cubao terminals. From the pier, you can take various ferries, such as those operated by the Montenegro Shipping Lines, straight to Romblon town.

15. Lahung Rock Formation

Lahung Rock Formation

Photo by Reggae Vibes De Romblon

Located along the southwestern coast of Romblon Island is a beautiful stone arch carved by the sea currents and the winds that blow through this area. This arch is known as the Lahung Rock Formation and is one of the best spots on the island to watch the sunset. Standing close to this natural wonder is the 62-foot-tall Apunan Point Lighthouse that you can easily see from the rock formation's viewpoint.

When the sun starts to dip behind the horizon, it casts both the Lahung Rock Formation and the Apunan Point Lighthouse in a warm shade of orange, making for a picturesque moment. If you view the sun at a certain angle, you will be able to line the sun inside the arch, making for a beautiful photo. 

14. St. Joseph Cathedral 

St. Joseph Cathedral

Photo by @genebrian on Instagram

The St. Joseph Cathedral, which is locally known as the Romblon Cathedral, is a Baroque-style church that sits along Rizal Street in the provincial capital of the province. Portuguese Recollect members began construction of the cathedral in the 15th century. However, the church could not stand natural disasters and had to undergo reconstructions and repairs throughout the years.

The majority of the current structure that you will see today is made out of bricks made from corals, which were common for the architecture of Romblon at the time. The facade also features white finishes and three arches. Above the main arch is a small, carved-out area that holds a religious statue as if to greet parishioners who come to celebrate mass here.

As you step inside, you will also find that the interior is made mostly of coral bricks. Adorning the back of the cathedral's interior wall is a large altar made out of beautiful marble and other local materials that house a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 



13. Blue Hole 

Local swimming above the Blue Hole

Photo by San Agustin Romblon Tourism

Off the northeasternmost tip of Tablas Island is a vertical tunnel called the Blue Hole, one of the best places for diving in Romblon. Its entrance sits about 7 meters from the water's surface and is around 8 meters wide. From the surface, you can easily float above the hole and find yourself staring at a black tunnel that appears to have no end in sight. 

However, the best way to see the Blue Hole is by scuba diving, which is one of the must-try activities in the Philippines. If you are an experienced scuba diver, you can make arrangements with local diving centers and resorts to swim down into the Blue Hole.

The tunnel goes on for around 27 to 32 meters, so make sure to prepare accordingly. As you swim inside, you will come across multiple corals growing along the tunnel's walls and several species of fish. After reaching the end of the cave, you will exit onto a large opening that leads to the reef, where you can spot shrimps and lobsters on the seafloor.



12. Talipasak Beach

Another well-loved gem on Romblon Island is the Talipasak Beach on the eastern coast. This secluded beach is managed by the Talipasak Beach Resort, which is also known as the San Pedro Beach Resort. It offers a quieter escape for travelers who want to enjoy time by the sea undisturbed by large crowds, making it one of the best places in the Philippines for family vacations.

The sand here is soft to the touch and perfect for a barefoot stroll to help ease your mind. Coupled with the azure waters that lap the shore and the verdant greeneries that border the beach, this little hideaway is a perfect spot for some "me" time. After going for a swim, you can enjoy a cup of coffee at the beachside cafe that has set up wooden benches under the nearby trees. 



11. Busay Falls 

Busay Falls

Photo by San Agustin Romblon Tourism

Busay Falls is one of the top Tablas tourist spots that display the province's diverse outdoors. This cascade is situated in the town of Dubduban on the northeastern side of Tablas Island. Since it is situated among a thick group of trees, you will need to go on a short trek to reach this refreshing spot. Make sure to wear comfortable and non-slippery footwear as the trail to the falls is a mix of different-sized rocks and soil paths.

After making your way through the forest, you will finally see the multi-level cascade. While the waterfalls are not as wide as most major cascades in the country, they have become a favored spot for a refreshing dip amongst locals thanks to the cool waters that fall into natural basins. Wade into the natural pools for a relaxing swim and make your way to the cascades for a quick photo op as well.



10. Looc Bay Marine Sanctuary 

Travelers who enjoy snorkeling and getting to see schools of fish up close can find what they're looking for at the Looc Bay Marine Sanctuary. This conservation area is located off the coast of Looc town in the southwestern region of Tablas Island. It is also among the most frequented tourist attractions in Romblon and is a must-visit spot when going on a Tablas Island tour. The sanctuary sits on the edge of the Looc Reef, a 48-hectare marine reserve home to several fish species.

After boarding a boat from Looc town, travelers will step onto a large floating hut made of wood and bamboo. The hut features dedicated fish feeding areas from where you can safely toss food into the sea and later watch the fish eat. Aside from feeding them from the hut, you can change into swimming clothes and put on a life vest and snorkeling gear to hop into the water with them. Take a moment to peek under the surface to see the ecosystem of vibrant corals and colorful fish. 



9. Fort San Andres 

Fort San Andres

Photo by Romblon Provincial Tourism Office

Fort San Andres stands in the coastal Romblon town and overlooks the local port. Portuguese religious leaders started constructing the fortress on San Antonio HIll in the 15th century along with another stronghold called Fort Santiago atop Calvary Hill.

The two were known as the Twin Forts of Romblon and were also used to keep watch over important points of entry into the coastal town. However, Fort Santiago later fell to ruin as time passed. Similar to other historical spots in the Philippines that were built at the time, Fort San Andres was created using coral stones and bricks. 

Today, travelers can easily reach Fort San Andres by walking from the town's Freedom Park, about 270 miles away. Inside the fort's premises, you will also be able to climb atop its tower to get a panoramic view of Romblon's coast with the lush hillside in the back. As architectural landmarks in the Philippines and Romblon, the National Museum of the Philippines recognized Fort San Andres and the ruins of Fort Santiago as National Cultural Treasures.



8. Tiamban Beach 

Tiamban Beach

Photo by @apctravels on Instagram

Tiamban Beach is one of the notable Romblon beaches. It is situated on the northwestern part of Romblon Island and is about 5KM from the town proper. It boasts an idyllic atmosphere, powdery white sand, and clear waters that are ideal for a beach getaway. Feel free to bring some beach towels and some food with you for a scenic seaside picnic. Afterward, you can soak up some sun on the smooth sand or enjoy a stroll along the shore.

If you plan on staying the night, there are a handful of resorts in the area that you can choose from, with the most notable being the Tiamban Beach Resort. If you're in the mood to spend the night under the stars, you can also opt to rent a tent and camp on the beach so you can listen to the waves as you drift off to sleep. 

7. Cantingas River

Cantingas River

Photo by Isla Ng Sibuyan

Cutting through the southwestern region of Sibuyan Island is the Cantingas River, one of the cleanest inland rivers in the Philippines. The river is situated in the Cantingas River Resort, which also manages and maintains it, and is only about 4 KM away from the town of San Fernando.

One of the best things to do here is to take a dip in the clear running water as you take in the serene ambiance of the surroundings. Bordering the riverside are lively trees that help keep the air clean. Aside from the trees, you will also find a multi-level cement diving platform at one part of the river.

While the parts of the river close to the shore are shallow, the center descends into depths of at least 8 feet. This makes it a perfect spot for platform diving as you will not touch the riverbed no matter from which of the three heights you choose to jump from. Apart from being a popular spot for locals and travelers, the river also provides clean energy to the majority of the island through a nearby hydroelectric power plant along the river. 



6. Tinagong Dagat 

Tinagong Dagat, or "Hidden Sea" in English, is a saltwater lake situated in the northernmost tip of Tablas Island and is a top Calatrava, Romblon tourist spot. To get here, you will need to ride a pump boat from the Calatrava town's port. The lake is surrounded by limestone cliffs covered with thick foliage that makes it impossible to see from a boat, hence its name. After docking by the shore, a short walk will lead you straight to this beautiful lake that boasts clear blue water. 

Thanks to its remote location and the natural cover provided by the cliffs and trees, this lake has become an ideal spot to relax without having to worry about crowds. You can also dip your feet into the cool waters as you listen to the sound of the waves on the other side of the cliffs.

Thrill-seekers can also go cliff diving from designated areas of the limestone cliffs that surround the lake. While it seems that the lake is separated from the sea, it actually connects to the sea through an underwater tunnel which allows the saltwater to come into the lake. 



5. Cobrador Island 

Cobrador Island

Photo by @mac.centeno on Instagram

Cobrador Island sits to the north of Romblon Island. To get here, you will have to rent a pump boat from Romblon town's port or join an island hopping Romblon tour that includes stops at the nearby Alad and Logbon Islands. Cobrador Island's main draw is its white sand beach that is also locally known as Nogoso Beach.

As Cobrador is a remote island with only a small group of locals, this spotless stretch of sand goes on for miles and is free from any commercial establishments. Along with boasting a clean coast, the island also features pristine waters that are perfect for a refreshing swim under the sun.

If you brought snorkeling gear, feel free to dip under the surface to discover the fish swimming close to the beach. You can also lay down on the beach and enjoy the island's laidback atmosphere as you soak up some sun. If you plan on staying longer in this paradise-like place, there are several homestays in the area. 



4. Mount Guiting-Guiting 

Mt. Guiting-Guiting stands at around 2,058 meters above sea level in the heart of Sibuyan Island. Guiting-Guiting is the Romblomanon word for "jagged," which refers to the jagged peaks on the mountain. Due to its rocky terrain, it is classified by Filipino hikers as one of the toughest climbs in the country as the trail to the summit involves rock climbing with the use of ropes. It is also among the most notable tourist spots in Luzon for hikers.

On average, the hike to the peak will take about 4 days. However, hikers who take the time to conquer this mountain are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the nearby steep ridges and the vast forests covering Sibuyan Island.

Aside from being considered one of the best mountains to hike in the Philippines, Mt. Guiting-Guiting is also a crucial wildlife reserve and a significant area for Romblon tourism. It is home to about 54 endemic plants and a diverse group of animals, such as rare rodent and bat species.



3. Cresta de Gallo Island 

Aerial view of Cresta de Gallo Island

Off the southeastern coast of Sibuyan Island lies a pristine stretch of sand known as Cresta de Gallo Island. To set foot on this unspoiled white sand islet, you will have to take a boat from San Fernando town on Sibuyan Island. If you look out from any point on the island, you will only see the azure waters go on for miles.

Aside from a small forest on one end of the island and a patch of greenery on the other, the island is tranquil and free of any commercial stores. The most eye-catching feature of the island, however, is the spotless sandbar that rises in between the azure waters and connects both ends of the islands.

It is also considered one of the best sandbars in the Philippines thanks to its remote location that offers a relaxing escape from the usual Philippine tourist spots. If you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of the island for more than a day, you can set up camp at the local campgrounds, a welcome change from most beach resorts in the Philippines.



2. Carabao Island 

Carabao Island

Carabao Island sits to the south of Tablas Island and to the north of Boracay Island, one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. It boasts a handful of powdery beaches, caves, and cliffs that are ideal for cliff diving. Among the beautiful shores you'll find here are Lanas Beach and San Jose Beach, which boast white sand that rivals Boracay's own White Beach. Meanwhile, Cathedral Cave on the island's eastern coast stands out as the top spot for cliff diving here.



There are different diving boards placed on both sides of the cave, so you can choose which height you're more comfortable jumping off from. After plunging into the blue waters, you can also swim a bit further out to glance at the vibrant corals underneath the surface.

Boats docked on Carabao Island

If you head inland, you can visit the Tagaytay Viewpoint that gives a scenic view of the island and the horizon. From here, you will also get a view of Boracay Island and Tablas Island. Due to Carabao Island's proximity to Boracay, you can also book Carabao Island tours from Boracay.



1. Bonbon Beach 

Woman standing on Bonbon Beach

When thinking of where to go in Romblon, Bonbon Beach is our top must-visit attraction. It lies on the northwest tip of Romblon Island and is only about 4KM away from Romblon town. This idyllic beach paradise is among the best beaches in the Philippines and is best known for its long white sandbar that stretches up to 2 kilometers. 

Drone shot of Bonbon Beach's sandbar

During high tide, crystal clear water covers the sandbar. When the tide is low, you can walk across the sandbar to reach the nearby Bang-og Island that is covered in thick greenery and verdant trees. When visiting this stunning beach, feel free to slow down and simply take in the ambiance of the surroundings. At sunset, this beach is also among the most picturesque and romantic travel destinations on the island. 



Start Planning Your Trip to Romblon's Top Tourist Spots

Aerial view of Bonbon Island's sandbar

Beautiful beaches, rich historical sites, and towering mountains are just a few of the reasons why you should visit the Philippines, especially Romblon Island. Discover the many charms of the Marble Capital of the Philippines as you immerse in its understated beauty. Along with the abundance of natural tourist spots in the province, a visit here would not be complete without dropping by the Marble Shopping Center. 

Make the most of your time as you tour the Philippines and Romblon by including Philippines guided tours in your itinerary as well. Plan a hassle-free getaway to this tranquil province by booking any of our Romblon tour packages or vacation packages for couples that include stays at honeymoon resorts. On top of being a destination teeming with marine life and heritage, Romblon’s is only hours away from the Luzon and Visayas regions, which are both home to more top tourist spots in the Philippines



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