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Information about Suba Malawig Eco-Tour

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Suba Malawig Eco Tour


The Suba Malawig eco tour is a community based program organized by the members of the barangay San Roque in Guimaras in partnership with the Provincial Government of Guimaras and the Municipal Government of Nueva Valencia. From the boatmen, tour guides, entertainers and performers, and home stays you can really feel that the barangay community is dedicated to the pursuit of maintaining the area by showcasing their innate hospitality through tourism, this can truly make you feel impressed with the community during eco tour.

Brgy. San Roque is in the southernmost tip of Guimaras. It’s about an hour of travel from the Jordan Pier via jeepneys plus the travel in small roads from the main highway. The tour usually starts and ends in creek, but it depends on the condition of the seas and the season. The area is usually where you’ll get a glimpse of the the mangrove forest. These mangroves are very important to seaside ecosystems, mainly as their source of food, but it also helps the residents of the island, by dampening the effects of sea surges. Along the way, the tour guides will navigate you through various islands and rock formations named after how the formations look like from certain angles.

But one of the major highlights of the eco tour is the unique way this place allows you to experience the seas. In what some might call it, a beach in the middle of the sea, for its unusual sand plateau that allows you to walk in the shallow waters and still see the white sand underneath your feet, it is an otherwise unique experience. The last destination is the long river or Suba Malawig, it is where you can get a close look at the expanse of mangroves that are not only interesting to look at, but also functions beneficially for the area, this tour is a great way to experience this area of Guimaras.