Dinagat Islands Tours & Activities

Dinagat Islands Tours & Activities

Plan your trip to Dinagat Islands in Mindanao with these tours. Check out its white sand beaches, lagoons, and historical sites when you book Dinagat Islands tours.
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Frequently asked questions

Where are the Dinagat Islands located?

The Dinagat Islands are a group of islands located in the southern part of the Philippines, in the Caraga Region of Mindanao. They are situated in the Philippine Sea, to the east of the province of Surigao del Norte. Although it is an underrated Philippine destination, it is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines. It’s a must-visit destination aside from another famous Mindanao destination, Siargao.

What is the capital of Dinagat Islands?

The capital of Dinagat Islands is the municipality of San Jose. It is located on the eastern coast of Dinagat Island, which is the largest island in the group.

What are some popular tourist attractions in Dinagat Islands?

Some popular tourist attractions in Dinagat Islands that are considered top tourist spots in Mindanao include the white sand beaches and rock formations of Hinabyan Beach and Duyos Beach, the Pangabangan Tidal Pool or more known as the Blue Lagoon, and the historical landmarks and cultural sites on Dinagat Island, such as the San Jose Church and the Spanish-era lighthouse at Punta Villa. There are also several natural parks and reserves in the area, such as the Tubajon Aquamarine Park and the Lake Bababu Nature Park, one of the most beautiful lakes in the Philippines.

How do I get to Dinagat Islands?

The most common way to reach Dinagat Islands is by taking a Manila to Butuan flight. Once there, you can take a bus or van to the town of Surigao City. From there, you can take a ferry or pump boat to various destinations in Dinagat Islands, such as San Jose on Dinagat Island or Dapa on Siargao Island.

You can also book a Manila to Surigao flight and then ride a ferry boat going to San Jose. If you’re taking a flight to Siargao from Manila, you can go to Surigao Port after you land from the Philippine airport in Siargao, and ride a ferry boat to San Jose.

When is the best time to visit Dinagat Islands?

Dinagat Islands has a tropical climate with high humidity and rainfall throughout the year. The wet season typically lasts from June to November, so it’s best to plan your long weekends and book Philippine vacation packages during the dry season which runs from December to May.

What languages are spoken in Dinagat Islands?

The most commonly spoken language in Dinagat Islands is Cebuano, which is the native language of around 90% of the population. Other languages spoken in the region include Surigaonon, Tagalog, and English.

What are some local delicacies in Dinagat Islands?

Some popular Filipino food in Dinagat Islands include seafood dishes such as grilled squid and kinilaw (raw fish marinated in vinegar), as well as rice cakes and delicacies made from coconut, such as binagol and kalamay hati. The region is also known for its rich harvest of fruits such as lanzones, durian, and mangosteen.
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