Island Hopping Tours

Island Hopping Tours

You'll never run out of islands to discover in the Philippines. Discover over 7000 islands in the Philippines with these tours and find out why the country is a top island and beach destination not just in Asia but the whole world.
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Island Hopping Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is island-hopping?

Island-hopping is a popular activity in the Philippines, where travelers visit multiple Philippine islands and Philippine beaches in one day or over several days. It usually involves renting a boat or joining a tour that takes you to different destinations to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the islands.

Island-hopping is one of the best ways to experience the beauty of the Philippines. With over 7,000 islands to explore, finding the best onesie easy, with a range of island-hopping tours available on the market. Discover remote coves, beaches, and sandbars. Find the best spots to swim and snorkel in the clearest waters and with diverse marine life.

Where are the best island-hopping tours in the Philippines?

There are many island-hopping destinations in the country. In Palawan, you can try Puerto Princesa island-hopping, Coron island-hopping, and El Nido island-hopping.

There are also other popular destinations for island-hopping tours outside of Palawan. In the Visayas, you can try Boracay island-hopping, Bohol island-hopping, Mactan island-hopping, Moalboal island-hopping, and Islas de Gigantes island-hopping. In Mindanao, you can go island-hopping in Siargao.

How many islands are included in the tour?

The number of islands you can visit on an island-hopping tour in the Philippines depends on the location, duration, and type of tour. Some Philippine tours with island hopping activity may only visit two or three islands, while others may visit up to five or six. It's important to check the itinerary before booking to ensure that the tour covers the destinations you want to see. Take note that some islands are only accessible during the low tide or calm weather.

How long does the tour last?

Island-hopping tours usually run for 6 hours up to 16 hours. Allot a full day for your island-hopping tour to enjoy the best of the islands.

What should I bring on an island-hopping tour?

When you tour the Philippines and try an island hopping tour, It's recommended to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, swimwear, a towel, a change of clothes, water shoes or sandals, a waterproof camera or phone case, and some cash for snacks and drinks. Expect to get wet during the tour so keep your belongings safe inside a waterproof bag.

Are there food and drinks included in the tour?

Food and drinks are not always included in island-hopping tours in the Philippines, although some tours in Guide to the Philippines come with lunch, snacks, and refreshments. Otherwise, you may request these in advance for an additional fee. It's recommended to bring your own snacks and drinks or buy them from local vendors during the tour.

Can I join an island-hopping tour even if I don't know how to swim?

Yes! You’ll be briefed on the safety policies of the island-hopping activity. Life vests will be provided by your guide and must be worn during the tour.

Is it safe for kids to join an island-hopping tour?

Yes! Kids are welcome to join island-hopping tours. Take note that some tours are more child-friendly than others. For example, El Nido Tour D is best for families with kids because the stopovers are all beaches. When booking a tour, check the description where you can find the age restrictions.

Will there be tours during rainy or bad weather?

The cancellation of island-hopping tours depends on the discretion of the tour operator, the local government, and the coast guard. For everyone’s safety, island-hopping tours are usually canceled during bad weather.

When is the best month or season to go on an island-hopping tour?

The best season to go island-hopping is during the dry season, from the months of December to May. During this time, the weather is sunny and dry, and the sea is calmer and clearer, making it ideal for island-hopping. However, it's still important to check the weather conditions before booking a tour. For more detailed information on climate and weather, you can read travel guides on each Philippine destination.

Can I book an island-hopping tour on the same day?

It's possible to book an island-hopping tour on the same day, but it's not recommended, especially during peak season. It's best to book your tour in advance to ensure availability and avoid disappointment. Most tours in Guide to the Philippines require a minimum number of participants to operate a tour, so booking ahead can also help secure your spot.

Are island-hopping tours safe in the Philippines?

Island-hopping tours in the Philippines are generally safe, but it's important to choose a reputable travel agency like Guide to the Philippines and follow safety guidelines, such as wearing a life jacket and listening to the boat crew's instructions. It's also recommended to check the weather and sea conditions before booking a tour.

What are some tips for island-hopping tours in the Philippines?

Some tips for island-hopping tours in the Philippines include booking in advance, bringing enough cash, wearing comfortable clothing and footwear, respecting the environment and local culture, staying hydrated, and being mindful of your belongings.

Can I customize my island-hopping tour itinerary in the Philippines?

Yes, Guide to the Philippines offers customized island-hopping tours in the Philippines, where you can choose the islands and destinations you want to visit. However, this may come at an additional cost, and it's best to book in advance to allow time for planning and coordination.
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