How Much is a Trip to the Philippines? Guide to Travel Budget and Cost

How Much is a Trip to the Philippines? Guide to Travel Budget and Cost

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The Philippines, located in Southeast Asia, is known for its beautiful beaches and islands, delicious Filipino cuisine, and vibrant festivals. In 2022, it won big at the World Travel Awards (WTA), being named Asia's leading beach and dive destination. A famous historical site in the Philippines called Intramuros was also named the leading tourist spot in Asia.

One of the other reasons why you should travel to the Philippines is the affordability. If it's your first time visiting the Philippines, deciding where to go and what activities to do really comes down to your Philippines travel budget.

Philippine Money

Philippine Currency Exchange Converter Calculator

In the Philippines, 1 USD is around 57 pesos. That's enough to enjoy a budget-friendly meal at a local eatery. Read our guide on how to exchange money in the Philippines and use this tool to quickly convert your money into Philippine pesos. Just type in the amount and pick your currency:


Most visitors choose the Philippines as it's a country composed of thousands of islands that you can visit in just one trip. Some of its most famous island destinations include Boracay, Palawan, and Cebu. Whether you're planning your DIY trip or booking an all-inclusive Philippines vacation package, the cost of your Philippine trip will depend on your preferences. 

Drone shot of Nacpan Beach

If you want to explore multiple destinations, you'll need to take several Philippine flights and transfers. When it comes to where to stay, you've got options ranging from budget to luxury Philippine hotels. For Philippine guided tours and activities, you can choose between shared tours or private tours.

Is the Philippines cheap? Is the Philippines expensive? How much is a trip to the Philippines? We’ve got the answers in this guide so you can get an idea of the budget you need for your Philippine vacation.

How much are international flights to the Philippines? 

NAIA terminal 2

The cost of international flights to the Philippines can vary a lot depending on factors like when you book, which airline you choose, where you're departing from, and the travel period. Usually, a roundtrip flight to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, from major US cities can range from $600 to $1500 (around PHP34,500 to PHP86,300) or more, with prices higher during peak travel season like holidays or summer. 

If you want to know how much it costs to fly to the Philippines, it's a good idea to compare prices across different airlines and booking platforms to find the best deals for your specific travel dates and preferences. For the best airfare rates to the Philippines from international airports, check out our flights to the Philippines page.

How much are domestic flights in the Philippines? 

Flight to Manila

Domestic flight prices in the Philippines can change depending on the route, the airline, the time of booking, and the demand. Usually, one-way tickets can cost anywhere from $30 to over $150  (around PHP1,700 to PHP8,600).

 If you're flying between big cities like Manila, Cebu, or Davao, tickets are often cheaper because there are lots of flights in a day to and from various airports in the Philippines. But if you're heading to an underrated Philippine destination or flying during busy times, you might have to pay more. For the best airfare rates to anywhere in the Philippines, check out our flights to the Philippines page.

How much are hotels in the Philippines? 

Couple relaxing in a resort

Hotel prices in the Philippines differ based on location, the rating of the hotel (whether it's 3-star or 5-star), their amenities, and when you're planning to stay. Generally, you might spend anywhere from $20 to $200 (around PHP1,100 to PHP11,500) or even more per night for a hotel room.

If you're looking for a budget option, you can find budget hotels in the Philippines starting from about $20 to $50 (around PHP1,100 to PHP2,800) per night. These places usually offer basic amenities suitable for those on a tight budget. Basic accommodations like backpacker hostels are perfect for solo travel in the Philippines.

SPIN Designer HostelPhoto from SPIN Designer Hostel

For something a bit nicer, mid-range hotels and resorts usually cost between $50 to $150 (around PHP2,800 to PHP8,600) per night. They often have more amenities and more comfortable rooms and sometimes offer breakfast or access to extra facilities.

Hotel 101 bedroomPhoto from Hotel 101 Manila

If you're looking to splurge, luxury resorts in the Philippines can cost $150 (around PHP8,600) to $200 (around PHP11,500) per night or more. These places offer luxurious rooms, excellent service, and numerous perks like access to exclusive spas, pools, and fine-dining restaurants.

Aerial view of El Nido Resorts Pangulasian IslandPhoto by El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island

Remember, prices might be higher in touristy areas like Boracay, Palawan, or Cebu, some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, compared to less popular spots. On our Philippines hotel booking page, you can find accommodations that fit your budget.

How much are tours and activities in the Philippines? 

Traveler at Chocolate Hills Bohol

The cost of tours and activities in the Philippines can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of activity, duration, location, if it's shared or private, and the level of service provided. Here's a simple breakdown of typical price ranges for popular tours and activities included in most Philippine itineraries:

Island-Hopping Tours

Couple in Balabac, Palawan

Philippine island-hopping tours, particularly in top destinations for island-hopping in the Philippines like Palawan, Boracay, or Cebu, can cost anywhere from $20 to over $100 (around PHP1,100 to PHP5,700) per person. The price varies based on factors like whether it’s shared or private, how long the tour lasts, how many islands you will visit, and what's included, such as meals and gear rental.

Adventure Activities

Aerial shot of Kawasan Falls, Cebu

If you're an adventure-seeker, you have a plethora of Philippine adventure tours to choose from to get your adrenaline pumping. Philippine canyoneering tours are a hit in Cebu, especially to the famous Kawasan Falls tours. If you love the rush of zip-lining, Eden Nature Park in Davao or Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon offer thrilling experiences.

Philippine ATV rides are a favorite in Legazpi, where adventurers can explore the rugged terrain around Mount Mayon on a Mayon Volcano tour.  You can also enjoy an ATV ride around the Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Whitewater rafting activity in Cagayan de Oro

If whitewater river rafting is more your speed, conquer the rapids of the Cagayan River, a top Cagayan de Oro tourist spot. And for those who love exploring caves, Sumaguing Cave in Sagada and Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan promise unforgettable adventures. With such diverse choices, you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy. 

Prices vary from $20 to over $100 per person (around PHP1,100 to PHP5,700), depending on the activity and location.

City Tours

Facade of Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte

For Philippine city tours in big cities like Manila, Cebu, or Davao, half-day tours usually go for $20 to $50 (around PHP1,100 to PHP2,800) per person. But if you're up for full-day adventures or cultural tours in the Philippines, expect to pay $50 to $100 (around PHP2,800 to PHP5,700) or more. Most city tours let you visit Philippine museums and historical landmarks.

Trekking and Hiking

Hiking in Mt. Pulag

Philippine hiking tours to explore the best hiking spots in the Philippines such as Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. Apo come in various price ranges. Expect to pay anywhere from $20 to over $100 (around PHP1,100 to PHP5,700) per person. Prices vary based on factors like how challenging the trek is, how long it lasts, and whether guide services are included.

Snorkeling and Diving

Tourists scuba diving in the Philippines

Philippine snorkeling tours and Philippine scuba diving packages to discover the diverse marine life in the best diving spots in the Philippines usually cost between $30 and $150 (around PHP1,700 to PHP8,600) per person. Prices depend on where you plan to go, if gear rental is included, and whether you have a guide or instructor with you. Some of the top snorkeling and diving activities include Moalboal Sardine Run activity, Coron shipwreck diving activity, and whale shark tours in Donsol, Sorsogon.

How much are land and sea transportation in the Philippines? 

The cost of land and sea transportation in the Philippines can change depending on factors like mode of travel, distance, and location. Here are some general Philippines travel costs for common modes of Philippine transportation:


White taxi in the Philippines

Metered taxis are available in major cities and tourist destinations in the Philippines. Fares usually start at about $0.80 to $1.40 (PHP46 to PHP80) for the first few kilometers, with additional charges for distance traveled and waiting time. However, it's often better to book Philippines airport transfers in advance to avoid taxi scams and for a hassle-free experience, so you'll have a smoother trip from the airport to your destination.

Jeepneys and Tricycles

Jeepney in the Philippines

In the Philippines, locals often use jeepneys and tricycles to get around short distances in cities and towns. Depending on how far you go and local regulations, fares can be anywhere from $0.16 to $1 (around PHP9 to PHP57).


Interior of a bus in the Philippines

Buses are quite common for traveling between cities. The cost can vary depending on how far you're going and the level of comfort you want. Provincial buses' prices can range from roughly $1 to $10 (around PHP57 to PHP570) or even more, depending on the route and what extras are offered.

Ferries and Boats

Transasia Shipping Lines

Photo by Transasia Shipping Lines

To travel between various islands, ferries and sea transfers are needed. Ticket prices for ferry booking in the Philippines vary depending on factors like distance, service class (economy, tourist, business), and vessel type. Short ferry trips can cost anywhere from about $1 to $4 (around PHP57 to PHP 230), while longer interisland trips might range from $10 to $40 (around PHP570 to PHP2,300) or more. One of the most popular routes is the Cebu to Bohol ferry.


LRT-1 Photo by Light Rail Manila Corporation

In the Philippines, there are commuter trains available in Metro Manila and nearby areas, even though the railway network isn't as extensive as other transportation options. For these commuter trains, fares typically range from about $0.20 to $1 (around PHP12 to PHP57), depending on how far you're traveling.

Private Vehicles

Car rental in Philippines

If you want to check out some of the best places to visit in the Philippines, renting a car is a great choice. Rental costs vary based on the vehicle type, rental duration, and insurance, but they can start at approximately $26 to $60 (around PHP1,500 to PHP3,400) per day for a basic car rental in the Philippines. You can also rent a motorbike to reach more secluded spots. One of the most popular motorbike rentals is the Siargao motorcycle rental which costs approximately $8 (around PHP450).

How much is the average cost of a 1-week trip to the Philippines? 

Underground River Puerto Princesa

The cost of 1-week tours in the Philippines depends on many factors, such as how you prefer to travel, where you plan to stay, what activities you want to do, and your typical spending habits. 

For a more detailed guide on how much it costs to travel to the Philippines in a week, here's a rough breakdown of potential expenses for budget, mid-range, and luxury travelers:

1-Week Budget Travel Cost in the Philippines:

Backpacker in the Philippines

If you're considering a backpacking trip in the Philippines and don't mind staying in budget-friendly hotels, trying out cheap local food, commuting on your own, and joining Philippine shared tours, a 1-week travel package such as this 1-week Sagada Baguio and La Union backpacking tour package might be a great choice. Flights to the Philippines are not included in this offer. Here's a sample breakdown of a budget vacation in the Philippines:

  • Accommodations (budget guesthouses, hostels): $10 - $30 (around PHP570 to PHP 1,700) per night

  • Food (eating at local eateries, street food): $5 - $15 (around PHP280 to PHP860) per day

  • Transportation (commuting via jeepneys, buses, ferries): $5 - $15 (around PHP280 to PHP860) per day

  • Tours (free entrance or shared tours): $10 - $30 (around PHP570 to PHP1,700)  per day

  • Total: Around $250 - $750 (around PHP14,400 to PHP43,300) for one week per person

1-Week Mid-Range Travel Cost in the Philippines:

Mid-range traveler in the Philippines

If you're looking to stay in comfortable accommodations (typically  3-star hotels), dine at decent restaurants, use taxis and commercial flights for transportation, and enjoy guided tours with entrance fees included, this Philippine vacation cost breakdown is ideal, especially for those planning to visit family destinations in the Philippines. Flights to the Philippines are not included in this example:

  • Accommodations (mid-range hotels, guesthouses): $30 - $80 (around PHP1,700 to PHP4,600) per night

  • Food (restaurants): $15 - $30 (around PHP860 to PHP1,700) per day

  • Transportation (taxis, some flights, ferries): $20 - $50 (around PHP1,100 to PHP2,800) per day

  • Tours (guided tours, with entrance fees, some private): $30 - $100 (around PHP1,700 to PHP5,700) per day

  • Total: $800 - $1,400 (around PHP46,200 to PHP80,900) for one week per person

There are also mid-range 1-week packages with flights you can check out. Top examples include the 1-week Palawan tour package to Puerto Princesa, Port Barton and El Nido, and the 1-week sightseeing and island-hopping tour package to Puerto Princesa, Cebu and Boracay.

1-Week Luxury Travel Cost in the Philippines:

Luxury traveler in the Philippines

Suppose you're aiming for top-notch luxury, including 5-star hotels and resorts, upscale dining experiences, private transfers, direct flights, and exclusive guided tours. In that case, this option is perfect, especially for honeymooners or those looking to indulge during their vacation in the Philippines. Flights to the Philippines are not included in this breakdown:

  • Accommodations (luxury hotels and resorts): $100 - $300+ (around PHP5,700 to PHP17,300) per night

  • Food (upscale restaurants, fine dining): $50 - $100+ (around PHP2,800 to PHP5,700) per day

  • Transportation (private transfers and direct flights): $50 - $200+ (around PHP2,800 to PHP11,500) per day

  • Tours (private tours with special inclusions, spa treatments): $100 - $300+ (around PHP5,700 to PHP17,300) per day

  • Total: $1,500 - $5,000+ (around PHP86,700 to PHP289,100) for one week per person

There are also luxury 1-week packages with flights you can check out. Top examples include the 1-week luxury vacation package to Boracay from Manila with 5-star hotels and a yacht cruise tour and the 1-week Coron Palawan package at Club Paradise with airfare and adventure tours.

Find out how much a trip to the Philippines costs and plan your relaxing getaway

Puerto Galera

Planning a trip to the Philippines can be both exciting and affordable if done right. By considering the best time to visit the Philippines, opting for the cheapest month to fly to the Philippines, looking for budget-friendly places to stay, and more, you can save a significant amount of money. 

On the other hand, if you prefer mid-range or luxury travel, there are plenty of upscale accommodations and experiences available to enhance your trip to the Philippines.

Remember, Guide to the Philippines can customize your trip to fit your budget and preferences perfectly. So, whether you're a backpacker, mid-range, or luxury traveler who enjoys sightseeing or having fun at the best beaches in the Philippines, we have you covered. Start planning now for an amazing trip to this tropical paradise!

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