Best Philippines Itinerary Guide: 2 Weeks, 10 Days, 3 Weeks, 1 Month

Best Philippines Itinerary Guide: 2 Weeks, 10 Days, 3 Weeks, 1 Month

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El Nido and BoholAs an archipelago made up of thousands of islands, the Philippines is blessed with hundreds of pristine beaches that offer a relaxing escape to all kinds of travelers. Among the most notable places to visit here are the islands of Boracay, Palawan, Siargao, and Cebu, which are home to beautiful Philippine beaches and turquoise-colored lagoons.

The Philippines also consistently remains a top beach getaway spot and has bagged the title of the World's Leading Beach Destination and World's Leading Dive Destination during the 2022 World Travel Awards.

Apart from beautiful beaches, the Philippines’ vast outdoors boast picturesque mountains for hiking, majestic waterfalls, and lush forests. Travelers can also immerse in the country’s rich heritage and diverse culture by joining the local festivals, feasting on delicious Filipino food, and visiting historic cities, which differ from province to province. 

Puerto Princesa Underground RiverSince the Philippines is made up of thousands of islands, getting around the country is not always easy, especially for first-time visitors. To avoid getting lost during your trip, it's best to plan a multi-day Philippines itinerary in advance so you can figure out how to get to your destinations ahead of time. 

If you don’t have the time and patience to plan out a Philippine trip by yourself, you can also consider booking Philippines guided tours and multi-day tour packages to the Philippines that already include accommodations and transfers for a hassle-free experience. 

When is the Best Time to Travel to the Philippines?

Couple island hopping in El NidoWhen creating your Philippines itineraries, keep in mind that it's best to travel to the tropical country during its dry season, which usually starts in November and ends in May. If you prefer a cooler atmosphere, It's recommended to travel to the Philippines from November to February. Meanwhile, those traveling between March and May can expect hotter days and larger crowds as this is the Philippines' summer season. 

What are the top destinations in the Philippines?

Aerial view of White Beach, BoracaySince the Philippines is famous for its scenic beaches, it's only natural that its top destinations are those that boast powdery shores and crystal clear waters. The 5 best places to visit for first-time visitors in the Philippines are Boracay, Palawan, Cebu, Bohol, and Siargao. Boracay has gained global recognition for its world-renowned White Beach and lively nightlife.

As for Palawan, it's home to several beaches and lagoons nestled among scenic limestone cliffs that have consistently made it one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. On the other hand, Cebu is known for its majestic waterfalls and flourishing marine life, which have made it one of the best diving spots in the Philippines

Bohol, Cebu’s neighboring island province that you can visit with a Cebu to Bohol sea transfer, also has vibrant underwater ecosystems but is better known for its lush countryside, which features the iconic Chocolate Hills. Lastly, Siargao has made a name for itself as the surfing capital of the Philippines thanks to the near-constant waves that make for the perfect surfing conditions.

How to get around the Philippines?

Jeepney in the PhilippinesAs a country comprising over 7,000 islands, getting around the Philippines isn't always easy. This is especially true for travelers planning to visit different island destinations during their Philippine vacation, as you'll usually have to travel by air, sea, and land. 

For a stress-free trip, it's recommended to book all-inclusive itinerary tour packages that already cover your transportation. Most packages also come with transfers from several airports in the Philippines, so you can easily make your way to your accommodation upon landing. You can also opt for car rentals in the Philippines for a convenient way to explore on your own during your free days.

This article lists the best Philippines itinerary tour packages you can book to enjoy a memorable vacation in this tropical paradise, depending on how long you plan on staying. 

Best Philippines 2 Weeks Itinerary 

2-Week Bohol to Cebu to Boracay Visayas Philippines Itinerary Tour Package from ManilaFor those looking for a 2-week Philippines itinerary tour package, you can look into this 2-Week Bohol to Cebu to Boracay Visayas Philippines Itinerary Tour Package from Manila. This package includes roundtrip flights from Manila, accommodation, transfers, and 6 tours/activities. Throughout this 14-day itinerary in the Philippines, you'll visit three of the best destinations in the country. 

Your 2 weeks in the Philippines start with a flight from Manila to Bohol. In Bohol, you'll spend 5 days exploring its top attractions, such as the famous Chocolate Hills, Loboc River Cruise, and more. You'll also go on an island-hopping tour to Balicasag Island and Virgin Island with a chance of seeing dolphins!

Coral Garden, BoracayAfter enjoying the best Bohol tour packages itinerary, you'll ride a ferry to the neighboring province of Cebu. This sunny destination is known for its historical sites like Magellan's Shrine, Magellan's Cross, and the Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House. You'll also go on an island-hopping tour in Moalboal and a snorkeling tour around Pescador Island

Then, for the last leg of this Philippines 14-day itinerary, you'll catch a flight to Boracay Island. On this world-famous island, you'll go on an island-hopping tour of its best attractions, such as Puka Beach, Tambisaan Beach, and Crocodile Island. You'll also be treated to a sunset paraw sailing session as your last full day here ends. 

Along with this 2-week adventure across Bohol, Cebu, and Boracay, you can also check out our other 14-day itinerary Philippines tour packages. Some of the top packages include the 2-Week Stunning Beaches Coron, El Nido, Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines Itinerary Tour Package. This multi-day adventure will take you to the must-visit sites in any El Nido-Coron itinerary and Palawan itinerary, like Kayangan Lake, Hidden Beach, and the Puerto Princesa Underground River

Moalboal, CebuAnother top package is the 2-Week Cebu to Boracay Island Hopping & Adventure Philippines Itinerary Tour Package from Manila, which includes trips to Cebu's historic sights, waterfalls, and highlands as well as Boracay's White Beach and nearby islands. You can also consider the 2-Week North Luzon Highlands Adventure & Cultural Itinerary Philippines Tour Package from Manila. This North Luzon itinerary starts with a flight to the Ilocos region, followed by road trips through Sagada, Ifugao, and Baguio

Best Philippines 10 Days Itinerary 

10-Day Cebu to Boracay to El Nido Best Beaches in the Philippines Tour Itinerary Package from ManilaThis 10-day Philippines itinerary tour package will take you on an adventure across the captivating landscapes of Cebu, Boracay, and El Nido. This package already covers roundtrip flights from Manila, airport transfers, and accommodations in each destination for a seamless 10 days in the Philippines. 

Your getaway starts with a night in Manila before flying off to the vibrant city of Cebu. There, you'll enjoy an island-hopping tour that will take you to Hilutungan Island and Nalusuan Island. By Day 4 of your trip, you'll depart from Cebu and take another flight to the pristine beaches of Boracay Island. 

White Beach, BoracayDuring your time on this world-famous beach destination, you'll be treated to an island-hopping adventure to its best attractions like Puka Beach, Tambisaan Beach, and Crocodile Island. You will also have the option to book add-on activities like helmet diving, parasailing, and paraw sailing on Day 6. 

Following your time in Boracay, you'll fly to El Nido for the last leg of this itinerary. In this Palawan destination, you'll also go on an island-hopping tour to explore crowd favorites like the Secret Lagoon and Shimizu Island. 

Aside from this Cebu to Boracay to El Nido package, travelers planning a 10-day Philippine getaway can also choose from four other itinerary tours. Those keen on exploring lush countryside and laid-back beaches highlighted in a Cebu - Siargao itinerary can book this 10-Day Bohol to Cebu to Siargao Island Hopping Tour Itinerary Philippines Package from Manila. Meanwhile, travelers looking for Philippines honeymoon packages can opt for the 10-Day Boracay to El Nido Honeymoon Package at Luxury Hotels Philippines Itinerary from Manila.

El NidoThe 10-Day Cebu to Bacolod, Negros & Iloilo Islands & Heritage Itinerary Philippines Tour from Manila is also a great option for anyone curious about the vibrant history of the Visayas region. Lastly, the 10-Day Bohol to Cebu & Coron Islands & Whale Sharks Tour Philippines Itinerary Package from Manila will take you to destinations known for their flourishing wildlife on land and under the sea. 

Best Philippines 3 Weeks Itinerary

3-Week Epic Philippines Itinerary Tour to Palawan, Cebu, Bohol & North Luzon Package from ManilaIf you have 21 days to spend in the Philippines, you can explore the best beaches and landscapes across the country with ample free time in between. A perfect way to enjoy 3 weeks in the Philippines is through this 3-Week Epic Philippines Itinerary Tour to Palawan, Cebu, Bohol & North Luzon Package from Manila

During this multi-day tour package, you'll be immersed in the rich history and panoramic views of Laoag, Vigan, and Baguio in the North Luzon highlands. As you explore Laoag and Vigan in the Ilocos region, you'll visit historical sites like the Malacañang of the North and Calle Crisologo. Afterward, the tour will take you to Baguio, the Philippines' summer capital, known for Burnham Park and its different museums.

Best Philippines Itinerary Guide: 2 Weeks, 10 Days, 3 Weeks, 1 Month


Calle Crisologo, ViganThen, for the second leg of the trip, you'll fly to the Visayas region and sail to the pristine shores of Panglao Island in Bohol, Cebu City, Moalboal, Puerto Princesa, and El Nido. For the next few days, you'll visit top attractions highlighted in a Cebu to Bohol itinerary and Cebu-Bohol tour packages. First are the Loboc River and Chocolate Hills, followed by the iconic Moalboal Sardine Run. 

Then, you'll jet to Palawan for the Puerto Princesa-El Nido itinerary portion of the trip.You also won't have to worry about accommodations, flights, transfers, breakfast, and tours, as they are all included already. 

Best Philippines 1 Month Itinerary 

1-Month Philippine Itinerary Tour Package _ Bohol to Cebu, Palawan, Boracay, Siargao, Baguio, IlocosIf you want to visit every region in this tropical country in one go, then this Philippines 1 month itinerary is the perfect experience, as it's set to take you across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. This package also comes with accommodations, domestic flights, complimentary tours, and transfers so you can enjoy your adventure stress-free. This Philippines 30-day itinerary starts in the capital city of Manila. Then, you'll make your way through Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Baguio, Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Boracay, and Siargao. 

White Beach, Boracay (1)In Manila, you'll enjoy a complimentary tour of the capital's iconic spots, like Intramuros. The itinerary then takes you to the picturesque Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, offering a blend of historical and natural wonders. Next, you'll head to Baguio for a cultural city tour and a side trip to Sagada. Following your time in the Luzon highlands, you'll fly to Visayas and explore Bohol's famed Chocolate Hills and idyllic Panglao Island before taking a ferry to Cebu, where you'll immerse in its lively city and flourishing marine ecosystems. 

Couple at Cloud 9, SiargaoThen, you'll catch another flight to Palawan for a tour of the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a highlight of Puerto Princesa to El Nido tour packages. You will also go to El Nido the next day for an island-hopping escapade. After your time in Palawan, you'll travel to the world-famous Boracay Island for an island-hopping tour before ending your 1 month in the Philippines with a trip to Siargao, one of the best surfing spots in the Philippines

Best 8 Days in the Philippines Itinerary 

8-Day Sagada, Banaue, Baguio North Luzon Adventure Itinerary Philippines Tour Package from ManilaIf you want to see what else this Southeast Asian country has to offer besides its beautiful beaches, we recommend this Philippines 8-day itinerary that will take you across the best landscapes in the highlands of Northern Luzon. Along with covering your accommodations, it also comes with roundtrip transfers from Manila City and 3 complimentary tours. 

After getting picked up in Manila, you'll start your highlands adventure in Sagada, where you'll go spelunking in the Lumiang Burial Cave and Sumaguing Cave. You will then continue your trip in Banaue, a destination renowned for the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bangaan and Batad Rice Terraces. You'll also spend a day hiking through them to immerse in the culture and history of these natural wonders, making them one of the top reasons why you should visit the Philippines.

Ifugao native at the Banaue Rice TerracesFinally, the itinerary will take you to Baguio City, the Philippines' summer capital. Here, you can go on an optional tour of the city's top attractions, including Camp John Hay, Mines View Park, Wright Park, and the Botanical Garden, before wrapping up your 8 days in the Philippines.

  • Day 1: Arrival in Manila 

  • Day 2: Arrival in Sagada 

  • Day 3: Sagada Cave Connection

  • Day 4: Choose Your Tour

  • Day 5: Arrival in Banaue

  • Day 6: Hike to Bangaan and Batad Rice Terraces

  • Day 7: Arrival in Baguio 

  • Day 8: Checkout + Departure

Beyond this highland experience, you can also opt for other 8 days Philippines itinerary tour packages like this 8-day Baguio and Cebu sightseeing tour that will take you to top spots featured in a Cebu to Baguio itinerary. You can also go for the 8-day Cebu tour in Moalboal and Oslob, which combines the best parts of a North Cebu itinerary and a South Cebu itinerary.

Tourist on a  whale shark tourFor those craving a rejuvenating vacation, consider booking the 8-day Batangas and Boracay beach and wellness package. During this getaway, you'll spend the first part in the luxurious The Farm at San Benito, a top resort known for its wellness treatments. You'll then spend the rest of the trip enjoying the white sand beaches and crystal waters of Boracay Island. 

Best 1 Week in the Philippines Itinerary 

1-Week Siargao to Cebu & Boracay Best Islands Tour Itinerary Philippines Package from ManilaFor a short but sweet trip in the Philippines, consider booking 1 week Philippines itinerary tour packages. The best way to spend 7 days in the Philippines is undoubtedly by relaxing at the best beaches in the Philippines, which you can do with this best islands tour itinerary that will take you to Siargao, Cebu, and Boracay. Along with accommodations, this package is also inclusive of daily breakfast, roundtrip domestic flights, land transfers, and island-hopping tours at each destination.

Surfers in SiargaoYour 7-day itinerary in the Philippines starts in Manila, but you'll catch a flight to Siargao the next day. During your time in the surfing capital of the Philippines, you'll go on a complimentary island-hopping to Siargao's top islands: Guyam, Daku, and Naked Island. After your time here, you'll fly to Cebu for an outdoor adventure to Pescador Island and to witness the Moalboal Sardine Run in person.

You'll then take another flight to the world-renowned Boracay Island, where you can book add-on activities like parasailing, paraw sailing, and helmet diving to maximize your first day here. The following day, you'll go on an island-hopping and snorkeling adventure before flying back to Manila and concluding your 1 week in the Philippines.

If you're hoping for an adventure beyond the paradise-like beaches of the Philippines, you can pick between other packages like the Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin, and Bukidonon adventure that includes white water rafting, ATV rides, and snorkeling. If you want to indulge in the diverse wildlife of the Philippines, you can go on a 1-week tour in Dumaguete, Siquijor, and Cebu instead to go whale shark- and dolphin-watching. 

El NidoFor a perfect balance between thrilling outdoor experiences and scenic island-hopping tours, this 1-week itinerary to Cebu, Boracay, and El Nido is an ideal choice as it includes stops at must-visit sites in most Cebu to Boracay packages. You also have the option to book a 1-week island-hopping Philippines tour package to Manila, Boracay & El Nido.

Enjoy a hassle-free vacation with the best Philippine itinerary tour packages

TopBanner_Bantayan Island, CebuMake the most of your tropical getaway by looking for an itinerary in the Philippines that suits you and your interests. From luxury vacation packages to family tour packages, there are a wide range of options to choose from that include visits to the best islands in the Philippines. Along with putting together your dream itinerary for the Philippines, take the time to read through our Philippine travel guide as well to stay updated on all the Philippines travel requirements you might need for your vacation. 

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