Yacht and Boat Tours

Yacht and Boat Tours

Sit back and relax when you add these yacht and boat tours in your Philippines itinerary. See the famous sunset of Boracay on a yacht, feast on a sumptuous Filipino lunch while cruising along Loboc River in Bohol, or watch fireflies at night in Ihawig River in Puerto Princesa.

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Yacht and Boat Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best boat tours in the Philippines?

Some of the best boat tours in the Philippines operate within El Nido, Boracay, and other major islands and beaches. You can even rent a speedboat if you’re with a big group!

For Coron tours, a Coron tour package often highlights island hopping in Coron as the main excursion in the itinerary. In fact, most Coron, Palawan island hopping tours already include boat transfer in the package deal. On the other hand, an El Nido tour package won’t be complete without an El Nido island hopping tour, or an El Nido private island hopping tour for more exclusivity.

For Cebu tours, a Cebu tour package includes a Cebu island hopping tour like a Moalboal island-hopping tour with boat transfers. For island hopping in Siargao, most Siargao island hopping tour packages include a tri-island hopping on Naked Island, Daku Island, and Guyam Island

For Boracay tours, most Boracay tour packages, specifically a Boracay island hopping package, already include boat transfers. For Bohol tour packages, Bohol island hopping tours like the Bohol Balicasag Island tour or the Loboc River Cruise, also include boat transfers. 

For Pangasinan tours, an island tour in destinations like Hundred Islands Pangasinan already includes boat transfers. It’s the same for Zambales tours, a Zambales island hopping tour package includes boat transfers. You can also check Iloilo island hopping tours and Quezon island hopping tours.

Who will enjoy a yacht and boat tour?

Everyone! It’s up to you if you want to join a shared tour or get a private boat or yacht when booking Philippine tour packages.

How long does a yacht tour or boat tour last?

It usually depends on the tour operator and your group’s chosen boat or yacht  tour. Some last for half a day. The time is often indicated when booking on a travel booking website like Guide to the Philippines. Regardless of the time, the local boatmen will make sure you’ll get the full experience.

What will you see during the yacht or boat tour?

Most itineraries for yacht and boat tours in a legitimate Philippines travel agency like Guide to the Philippines promise a panoramic view of the different islands and beaches in the Philippines. You might even get the chance to see a stunning sunset view as you set sail through the islands. This is perfect for those looking for all-inclusive Philippines vacation packages or vacation packages for couples, aside from staying at 5-star hotels in the Philippines.

What should we wear during the boat or yacht trip?

Wear light and comfortable clothes and swimming attire if you want to plunge into the waters from the boat or yacht. Make sure to bring a light jacket with you if you’re taking the boat tour at night as it might get colder.