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Things to Do

Explore the vibrant islands of Boracay. What are the best beach destinations in Boracay aside from the White Beach? Which water and land activities do you need to try on the island? Where do you go
Travel to the islands of Palawan and find out why it's a top destination not just in the Philippines but the whole world. What are the top tourist attractions and things to do in Palawan from El Nid
Discover Manila's lovely and vibrant city. What are the best places to visit? What should you do to enrich your cultural knowledge? While in Manila, what local delicacy should you try? What are some
Discover the province of Cebu, the Gateway to a Thousand Journeys! What are some of the unique activities you can do here? Where are the prime tourist attractions? What food should you try? Make t
Explore one of the best island destinations in the world found in the Philippines' Palawan province — El Nido. Find out why it's continuously in the top favorites of travelers from different parts o
Visit Davao and be surprised by how much is in store for you. What are the top things to do in this beautiful province? How can you enrich your cultural experience? What food or drink should you try
Explore the various attractions in Bohol loved by locals and tourists alike. What are the top things to do and tourist spots to visit in this island province? What are other natural attractions asid
Explore the City of Smiles and find out why Bacolod City got this nickname. What's the best way to go to Bacolod? How do you go around and what tourist spots should you visit? Where is the best restau
Make the most out of your trip in Camiguin. Where are the best tourist spots in Camiguin island and what can you do there? What unique travel experiences does Camiguin have to offer? What cultural e
Discover the beauty of Dumaguete. Which Dumaguete tourist spots should you visit? What unique travel experiences shouldn’t you miss when in Dumaguete? If you’re planning a trip to Dumaguete, we’ve g
Make the most out of your trip to Makati City. What are the top things to do and attractions in Makati City? Which malls, parks, and museums in Makati City are worth going to? Where can you learn ab
Batanes may be the Philippines’ smallest and least populous province, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that there’s nothing to see in this picturesque destination. What are the best things to
Explore another bustling city in Metro Manila — Quezon City. What tourist spots and activities does Quezon City offer for travelers? Where should you go for the best food and restaurants in Quezon C
  Hop on a ferry and explore the beaches and other top tourist spots in Mindoro's Puerto Galera. What are the top attractions and tourist spots in Puerto Galera? What are the must-try activities he
Discover the historic past in Vigan. What are the must-visit tourist spots in Vigan aside from Calle Crisologo? What attractions and activities can you try out to immerse yourself in the rich histor
Discover the breathtaking beauty of the province of Banaue. What are the top things to do when in Banaue? Are there other natural attractions aside from Banaue Rice Terraces and Batad Rice Terraces th
Explore the pristine white sand beaches of Bantayan Island in Cebu! Find out which islands and beaches are must-visits when in this small island north of Cebu mainland. What historical and cultural
Explore Bataan, Philippines, a top heritage and ecotourism destination. What are the best Bataan tourist spots and how do you get there? What cultural and historical destinations should you add to y
Find out why Baguio is a must-visit destination for both local and international tourists. What type of activities can you enjoy here? What are the top tourist spots you shouldn't miss? Get ready to
Explore the many diving spots of Moalboal in Cebu. Find out where the best diving sites in Moalboal are. Where and when can you see the famous sardine run? What are the other activities to do, and l
Explore Pampanga on your next weekend getaway. What are the must-see destinations you should tick off on the Pampanga map? How and where do you enjoy the best of the local cuisine in Pampanga? Here’
Ride the waves of Siargao Island! What are the best surfing spots for beginners, intermediate, and advanced surfers? What other activities does the island offer aside from surfing? What are the best
Experience the best of what Cagayan de Oro, Philippines has to offer. What are the top Cagayan de Oro tourist spots that have the best adventure activities? What amazing local dishes should you try
Travel to Iloilo City and explore its many historical, cultural landmarks, and natural wonders. What are the top attractions that you should add in your Iloilo itinerary? Where can you eat the best
Travel to Ilocos Norte and explore Laoag City. What makes Laoag a unique travel destination? What are the must-see tourist spots in Laoag? What are the dishes and delicacies you should not miss out
Explore the exciting Mt. Mayon trails and other top tourist attractions in Albay’s Legazpi City! Find out what other tourist spots you should visit. What activities should you try to get an up-close
Travel to Malapascua Island in Cebu and discover why it’s a diver’s dream destination. What makes Malapascua Cebu so special? What are the best diving sites here to see the famous thresher sharks? W
Explore Puerto Princesa and its many natural wonders! What are the best things to do in Puerto Princesa? What are its must-see tourist spots aside from the underground river tour? Where are the best
Find out what makes Sagada, Mountain Province a must-visit destination in the Philippines. What are its must-see tourist spots aside from the hanging coffins that Sagada is famous for? What activiti
Travel to Virac, Catanduanes and find out it’s a must-add in your travel bucket list. What are the must-see Catanduanes tourist spots and activities that you should add to your itinerary? What are t
Discover for yourself why Tagaytay is a favorite weekend destination for local travelers. Where can you find the best bowl of warm bulalo soup amidst the cold Tagaytay weather?  What places and hote
Discover the islands, beaches, lagoons, and diving spots of Coron in Palawan. Find out what makes it a top destination aside from its famous neighbors, El Nido, and Puerto Princesa. Which island and
Looking for a tropical island destination that still has the comforts of the city? Head to Mactan Island in Cebu! What are the best tourist spots in Mactan? Where are the best beach resorts in Macta
Explore tourist attractions in Oslob, Cebu beyond the famous whale shark watching tours. Find out what other adventures are in store for you here. What activities can you do in the stunning Sumilon
Make the most out of your Zambales trip. What incredible travel experiences does Zambales have in store? What are the must-see Zambales tourist spots? What is the local food scene like in there? Wha
Discover Palawan beyond Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron and travel to San Vicente. What unique island paradise experiences can you do in San Vicente, Palawan? Apart from island hopping, what oth
The most-awaited time of the year, Christmas, is just right around the corner. Christmas in the Philippines starts as early as September, so you best bet all the decorations are up, and there are ga