Bohol Island Hopping Tours
Explore the beautiful Virgin Island of Panglao and the Balicasag Island on a Bohol Island Hopping Tour. Go snorkelling and dolphin watching as you cruise around this unique location in the Philippines.

Bohol Island Hopping Tours

Explore the beautiful Virgin Island of Panglao and the Balicasag Island on a Bohol Island Hopping Tour. Go snorkelling and dolphin watching as you cruise around this unique location in the Philippines.
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Pamilacan Island Tour in Bohol | With Balicasag & Virgin Island Side Trip

Explore the pristine islands off the coast of Bohol and discover the stunning sights and activities you can do on this island-hopping adventure. Get exclusive use of the tour boat to get to Pamalican Island, Balicasag Island, and Virgin Island. You will also enjoy a complimentary lunch by the shore. This is the perfect tour package for travelers who want to enjoy Bohol’s marine treasures. Your tour will start in the early morning. An air-conditioned van will pick you up from your accommodation in Tagbilaran City.  You will be driven to Baclayon where your guide and outrigger motorboat will be waiting for you. Hop onboard and listen closely as your guide briefs you on the day’s itinerary. You will also be provided with the snorkeling gear and life-jacket. Strap on your life jacket and savor the cruise. As you sail to Pamalican Island, keeps your eyes peeled for dolphins. You will be accompanied by a seasoned spotter who will be on the lookout for these majestic sea creatures. Enjoy the sight of dolphins jumping and swimming alongside your boat. The dolphins are regularly seen here, but you can also get a glimpse of whales throughout March, April, May, and June. Once you reach Pamilacan Island, you will be served with a delicious lunch. Eat up and prepare for a fun-filled day ahead. After lunch, you will proceed to the village for a quick tour. Once you’re done exploring the local community, jump into the crystal clear water of Pamilican Island. Go swimming, snorkeling, or sunbathe by the beach. Next up is Balicasag Island. Balicasag is a world-class diving site, so prepare to be blown away by the thriving marine life. Make the best out of this trip by snorkeling. Strap on your goggles, plunge in, swim with vibrant fishes, and marvel at the beautiful corals. If you’re lucky, you may even see a turtle.  Your tour ends with a side trip to Virgin Island. Virgin island is a gorgeous white sandbar surrounded by azure waters. Take this opportunity to lounge by the water and snap postcard-worthy photos. What a great way to cap off your island-hopping adventure.  Come along on this island hopping tour and see the beauty of Bohol’s seascape and underwater scenery. Check the availability by choosing a date.

10 hours
All year
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Bohol Full-Day Island-Hopping | With Lunch and Boat Transfers

Laze on the white sand shore of the stunning beaches of Bohol on this one-day island-hopping escapade. Taking you to see the dolphins and two of the popular islands in the area, this combination tour is perfect for those craving for some Vitamin Sea and some relaxation time away from the chaotic city life. You will be meeting your guide at the Alona Beachfront, where your motorized boat will be waiting for you. Once you are settled in, you will head directly to the dolphin watching site. Your boatman will also serve as your dolphin spotter as they will tell you which direction to look once you approach the area where these sea creatures frequently hang out. Watch them bob in and out of the turquoise waters and do some somersaults for your entertainment. Make sure to take plenty of photos and videos as souvenirs, as well.  Afterward, you will make your way to Balicasag Island. The island is relatively small and seems like nothing special on the surface but beneath its crystalline waters is a stunning underwater ecosystem teeming with marine life. Wear your snorkel and mask and jump into the waters to see colorful fish and all sorts of corals. If you are lucky, you might also have an encounter with the local sea turtles. Have a hearty lunch to refill your energy before visiting the next destination — Virgin Island. This beautiful island off the coast of Bohol has a white, powdery sandbar where you can go on a leisurely walk or laze on the shore for a tan. Feel free to swim in the surrounding azure waters, as well. There are also several local sellers in the area, offering fresh seafood and pearls. After the day’s activities, you will return to mainland Panglao and go back to your hotel. Go on a memorable island-hopping adventure during your trip to Bohol. Check availability by choosing a date.

8 hours
All year
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Frequently Asked Questions

About Bohol Island-Hopping Tours

Experience Bohol’s natural beauty by joining an island-hopping tour. Try different water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving! Have fun exploring the different islands with your friends and family on your trip to the Philippines.

1. How many islands are there in Bohol?

Bohol has 75 islands and islets, mostly clustered in the northeastern part of the province.

2. What are some of the well-known islands included in a Bohol island-hopping tour?

There are a lot of fascinating islands in Bohol namely Panglao Island, Virgin Island, Pamilacan Island, and the famous Balicasag Island which has six dive sites.

3. How many islands can I visit during a Bohol island-hopping tour?

A whole-day island hopping tour usually includes two to three islands where you’ll get to spend at least two hours in each island.

4. When is the best season to try this activity?

The best time is during the dry season from November to May. For more detailed information on climate and weather, you can read our Bohol travel guides for each Philippine destination.

5. What are some of the water activities I can do in a Bohol island-hopping tour?

Snorkeling and diving are two of the most popular water activities included in Bohol island-hopping tours. Bohol has plenty of diving sites, each has a different scenic underwater view to offer. You can also try fun water activities such as parasailing, fly fish, UFO, and banana boat ride.

6. Do I need to know how to swim?

No. You may use the life vest provided in the boat. Just stay with the group throughout the tour for your safety.

7. What should I bring during the tour?

Bring sunblock, shades, towels, change clothes, and secure these in a waterproof bag. You may also want to bring your swimming gear such as goggles and snorkel to best explore the sea.

8. Are there food and drinks included in the tour?

Most island-hopping tours in Bohol include food and drinks. You will get to try food specialties freshly-sourced from local farmers or fishermen.

9. How long does the tour last?

Island-hopping tours usually take eight to nine hours. It is best to allot a full day to engage in other activities such as snorkeling.

10. Will there be an island-hopping tour during rainy or bad weather?

Island-hopping tours are very dependent on the weather and water conditions. Please get in touch with the tour operator to get real-time updates.