Bacolod Iloilo Guimaras Tour Packages Itinerary Philippines

Bacolod Iloilo Guimaras Tour Packages Itinerary Philippines

Explore three of the top Visayas destinations, Iloilo, Guimaras, and Bacolod, on one trip when you book these Philippines multi-day tour packages inclusive of flights, hotels, guided tours, and airport transfers. Go island hopping, taste delicious local cuisine, and visit heritage sites!
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Frequently asked questions

What are Iloilo, Guimaras, and Bacolod known for?

Iloilo is known for its rich cultural heritage, historic churches, Islas de Gigantes, and delicious food like La Paz Batchoy. Guimaras, on the other hand, is famous for its sweet mangoes and beautiful white sand beaches. Bacolod is recognized for its colorful MassKara Festival and mouthwatering local delicacies. These three Visayas tourist spots are often combined in one itinerary, which is the Bacolod-Iloilo-Guimaras itinerary.

What's included in a typical Iloilo-Guimaras-Bacolod tour package?

Philippine tour packages in these three Philippine tourist spots typically include airfare (such as flights to Iloilo), accommodation (such as Iloilo hotels and Bacolod hotels), transfers (such as Iloilo airport transfers and Bacolod airport shuttle service), guided Philippine tours to popular attractions (such as Iloilo church tours and Guimaras island hopping tours), and some meals. The specific inclusions can vary depending on the Visayas tour package.

How long should I plan for this trip?

A typical Philippine itinerary for this trip is around 5 to 7 days to fully explore these three destinations. For a more extended experience when you tour the Philippines, you can check out the best Philippines itinerary tour packages and book longer days, such as a 1-week Philippines itinerary tour package following a Philippine itinerary for 1 week, an 8-day Philippines itinerary tour package, a 10-day Philippines itinerary tour package, a 2-week Philippines itinerary tour package following a Philippine itinerary for 2 weeks, or a 3-week Philippine itinerary tour package following a Philippine itinerary for 3 weeks

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can add more destinations to your Bacolod Iloilo Guimaras trip and book packages featuring other beautiful islands in the Philippines, such as a Cebu to Boracay package or a Cebu to Bohol tour package.

What are the must-visit attractions in Iloilo, Guimaras, and Bacolod?

Popular Iloilo tourist spots include Miag-ao Church, Molo Church, Jaro Cathedral, Museo Iloilo, and the Iloilo River Esplanade, which are often part of Iloilo tours. An Islas de Gigantes day tour is also popular as it is one of the top spots for island hopping in the Philippines.

For Guimaras tourist spots, you can visit Trappist Monastery, Alubihod Beach, and Guisi Lighthouse. You can also take a mango farm tour, which is a main highlight of most Guimaras tours.

Lastly, Bacolod tourist spots that are often part of Bacolod tours include The Ruins, Negros Museum, Capitol Lagoon Park, and a chance to immerse in the MassKara Festival if your visit coincides with the event.

Is it easy to travel between these destinations?

Yes, it's relatively easy to travel between these underrated tourist spots in the Philippines. Ferries and boats are commonly used for island-hopping, and there are also land routes connecting these places.

When is the best time to visit these places?

The best time to visit and book a Guimaras Bacolod and Iloilo tour package is during the dry season, which typically falls between November and May. However, it's advisable to check the weather forecast before planning your trip.

Can I customize my tour package to include specific activities or attractions?

Many tour operators, such as Guide to the Philippines, offer customizable packages so you can include activities and attractions that interest you the most.

What should I pack for this trip?

Pack appropriate clothing for the weather, swimwear for beach outings, comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and any necessary travel documents.

Are there any local delicacies or souvenirs I should try or buy in these destinations?

Don't miss the chance to try mango-based delicacies in Guimaras and local Bacolod dishes like chicken inasal. You can also buy local handicrafts and souvenirs at each destination.
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