Museum Tours

Museum Tours

Check out these museum tours and discover the events and influences that shaped the Philippines' contemporary culture. Perfect for families, these tours also lets you immerse in the local art scene and history or bring your kids to the latest educational installments.

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Museum Tours

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Frequently asked questions

Where are the best museum tours in the Philippines?

While there are plenty of museums to visit, the National Museum Complex in the heart of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is a good start. If you are in Boracay, there are tours that will take you to the Motag Living Museum in Aklan, about 30 minutes away from White Beach. There you will get to see and experience the culture, farming methods, and traditional crafts through demonstrations. Tam-Awan Village in Baguio also showcases the culture and arts of the Cordilleran people, some of which belong to indigenous tribes high up in the mountains barely touched by modernization.

Are phones and cameras allowed during the tour?

Yes, phones and cameras are allowed inside the museum but some exhibits and artworks are not allowed to be photographed. While artworks on display are remarkable, museum tours are best enjoyed with your naked eye and not behind the lens. However, some attractions like Lakbay Museo and Dessert Museum highly encourage their guests to take as much pictures as possible. The colorful interiors and vibrant designs make a perfect backdrop for portraits.

Are we allowed to touch artworks or artifacts inside the museum?

As a general rule, artwork or artifacts must not be touched unless the display instructs you to do so. Many of the museum displays feature historical pieces and are quite irreplaceable. Not touching them prevents accidental damage and ensures they do not come into contact with oil or dirt.

How long does a museum tour last?

The duration depends on the number of museums you will visit and the size of the museums. Some require more interactions than the others, like the living museums in Aklan and Benguet. Check the description of your chosen tour where you will see the exact duration of the trip.

Is there an age requirement for joining museum tours?

Different museums have different age restrictions. Check description of a tour to know the minimum age allowed in the museums you will visit.