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Fort Santiago Tours

Fort Santiago Tours

See the majestic and historic Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila when you join these tours. Learn about the stories housed in this fortress and the role it played in Philippine history.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Fort Santiago an important tourist spot in Manila?

During the tumultuous Spanish Era, this ancient fortress served as a Spanish military headquarters. It also stands as a tribute to the National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, who was jailed there and spent his final days until his death for stirring rebellion against the colonizers.

How do you get to Fort Santiago?

Fort Santiago is inside Intramuros. In order to get to Intramuros, you can ride an LRT, a jeepney, taxicab, or join a guided tour.

Is there an entrance fee in Fort Santiago?

There is an entrance fee to Fort Santiago. You can get in for free if you join a guided or private tour.

What are some of the best Fort Santiago tours in the Philippines?

Most Fort Santiago tours are combined with other Intramuros attractions such as San Agustin Church, Plaza de Roma, Puerta Real Gardens, and Rizal Park. You can also try riding an eco-friendly bamboo bike or a horse-drawn carriage while in the area.

What should I wear during a tour of Fort Santiago?

Wear light and comfortable clothes as it’s an outdoor attraction. Bring a cap or hat so you can protect yourself from the blazing heat of the sun, especially if you plan to visit in the afternoon.