5 Days in the Philippines Tour Packages

5 Days in the Philippines Tour Packages

Relax for 5 days in the best destinations in the Philippines with these hassle-free packages! Visit Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, Siargao, Palawan and more with these 5-day itinerary tour packages.
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5 Days in the Philippines Tour Packages

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Kristine Kayla Mharis Alfante

Kristine Kayla Mharis Alfante

17/10/2023, 04:19
Review of 5D4N Paradise Garden Resort Boracay Package with Island Hopping Tour & Daily Breakfast

My husband and I don't travel much and are not familiar with the Travel 101, so we're really grateful for finding Guide to the Philippines. Everything was arranged for us and all we did was just show up. Our flight got rebooked by the airline and informed them immediately and they adjusted our pick up time. I did not expect that it was just us 2 getting picked up that time, I even thought we have to wait for the other guests before they'd go to save time and effort, but no. We got assisted in all the rides we have to go on, and we really appreciate the kindness. Thank you Southwest Tours. Our hotel was also really good. The breakfast buffet that was part of our package, we really enjoyed the food. The staff were also very polite. They made our room every day so every time we go back from the day's activity, we can just focus on resting. Sadly we weren't able to enjoy their pools, but it was a really cool place. Thank you Paradise Garden. Our island hopping activity partnered with Boracay Adventures Travel and Tours was really fun too. Our guide was really funny and cheeky. It made the entire tour even more enjoyable and comfortable even if we were with strangers. Thank you so much. The mistake I did was not adding activities in our package for our day 3 and 4 ahead. Although originally, we decided to just roam the island on our own that's why we didn't book any for those days, but since we got persuaded by the offers around (and obviously it was more expensive than how it should've been), we got to spend more. So a tip, think carefully if you really don't have to or have to add activities in your package because offers around the island are usually double or triple the original price lol. But all in all, we had a really great time. My husband and I have always been team bahay ever since we were young so travelling was always a burden for us, but with this, everything was handled for us. All we did was just have fun and enjoy the stay. Thank you so much Guide to the Philippines and to all your partners. Til our next Philippines adventure!

Frequently asked questions

What is included in a Philippine 5-day itinerary tour package?

5-day tours in the Philippines typically include accommodation, transportation between places to visit in the Philippines, Philippine guided tours, activities, meals, and sometimes airport transfers from airports in the Philippines. Specific inclusions can vary, so it's important to review the package details of your 5-day itinerary in the Philippines.

Which destinations are usually covered in an 5-day Philippines tour?

You have several exciting travel options for 5 days in the Philippines. If you’re interested in traveling from Cebu to Boracay, there are Cebu to Boracay itinerary options and Cebu to Boracay packages designed to make your trip convenient and enjoyable. Similarly, if you want to visit both Cebu and Siargao, you can easily follow a Cebu Siargao itinerary and check out Siargao to Cebu travel packages.

If you're keen on exploring Cebu and Bohol, there are various Cebu Bohol itinerary choices and Cebu Bohol tour packages available. If you're thinking about a trip from Bohol to Dumaguete, you can also try a well-planned Bohol to Dumaguete itinerary.

If you're also drawn to the natural wonders of El Nido in Palawan, you can book Cebu to El Nido Philippines tour packages. If the northern region is calling you, you can book North Luzon tour packages that highlight the area's attractions. A good combination of destinations in one itinerary is the Cebu to Baguio itinerary.

If you want to combine Boracay with Palawan, you'll find several Boracay to Palawan Philippines tour packages available, such as the Boracay to El Nido Philippines tour packages. Palawan itself offers unique attractions, with various Palawan itinerary options like the El Nido Coron itinerary. You can also explore options like El Nido to Coron tours or Puerto Princesa to El Nido tour packages.

For those looking to explore further, try Bacolod Iloilo Guimaras itinerary tours. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can check out other Philippine itineraries that are mostly featured in Luzon tour packages, Visayas tour packages, and Mindanao tour packages.

What types of activities are included in these tours of the Philippines?

Top activities include island hopping in the Philippines, snorkeling and diving at some of the best beaches in the Philippines and best islands in the Philippines, cultural and historical trips, visits to local markets, staycation at some of the luxurious resorts in the Philippines, and opportunities to try traditional Filipino cuisine.

How do I choose the right Philippine holiday package for me?

Think about what you like and how much you want to spend. Some 5-day packages emphasize adventure, while others prioritize relaxation. For example, you’re planning to try solo travel in the Philippines. Look at reviews, go through the itineraries, and ensure that the package suits your travel preferences.

Aside from a Philippine 5-day tour package, there are other Philippine itinerary tours to choose from. You can choose to book a 1 week Philippines itinerary tour package, an 8-day Philippines itinerary tour package, a 10-day Philippines itinerary tour package, or a 2 weeks Philippines itinerary tour package.

Are flights included in the package?

Flights to the Philippines are often included in most Philippine tour packages. Make sure to check with your chosen travel agency, such as Guide to the Philippines, about detailed package inclusions.

Can I customize the itinerary based on my preferences?

Certain tour providers such as Guide to the Philippines offer some level of customization, allowing you to add extra days or activities for an additional fee. It's advisable to inquire about customization possibilities prior to making a reservation.

When is the best time to visit the Philippines?

The period from November to April marks the dry season, which is widely regarded as the best time to visit. During this time, the weather is more predictable, making it perfect for beach activities and outdoor adventures.

How should I prepare for the trip?

Before your trip to the Philippines, make sure you have essential travel documents like your passport and any necessary visas, along with a copy of your itinerary. Pack suitable clothing, including swimwear and comfortable shoes, suitable for the tropical weather. For further details, refer to our guide on Philippines travel requirements.

What is the approximate cost of an 5-day Philippines tour package?

The approximate cost of a 5-day Philippines tour package can start at $150 and go up to $2000 or more, depending on what's included and the level of luxury. It’s highly recommended to check various packages from travel agencies like Guide to the Philippines.