Tam-Awan Village Tours

Tam-Awan Village Tours

Learn about the culture and arts of the Cordillera region with tours to Tam-Awan Village. Get your portraits drawn by local artists or explore the traditional houses from North Luzon.
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Frequently asked questions

Where is Tam-Awan Village located?

Tam-Awan Village is located in Pinsao Proper, Baguio. It’s 5.6 kilometers from Session Road, about 18 minutes away.

What are the best Tam-Awan Village tours?

The best Tam-Awan Village tours are often combined with other tourist spots such as Easter Weaving Room, Woodcarver’s Village, Bencab Museum, Baguio Museum, Strawberry Farm, and many more.

Is there an entrance fee to Tam-Awan Village?

Yes, there’s an entrance fee to Tam-Awan Village but you can get in for free if you join a guided or private tour.

What are some of the activities you can do in Tam-Awan Village?

Some activities you can do during your immersion in the village is exploring the vicinity, get your portrait photos drawn by local artists, have a picnic, eat at their cafe, join art workshops, stay at their cottages, and many more.

Are there Tam-Awan Village tours during rainy or bad weather?

It depends on the storm signal and the discretion of the tour operator. Make sure to coordinate with your guide for more updates.

How long does the tour in Tam-Awan Village last?

It depends on the tour package you availed and if you’re combining your visit with other tourist spots. You can explore the village in 2 hours.

Can I eat or drink during the tour in Tam-Awan Village?

Yes, there’s an in-house restaurant and cafe also in the village.

What should I wear during the Tam-Awan village tour?

Wear light and comfortable clothes, especially during the dry season. If it’s rainy, make sure to bring an umbrella and wear non-slippery shoes.