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Basco Tours

Basco Tours

Learn about the capital of Batanes by visiting Basco. See the rolling hills, green pastures and enjoy the countryside during your trip to the Philippines.

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Basco Tours

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Frequently asked questions

Where is Basco located?

Basco is located in Batan Island and is the capital of Batanes. The town proper is 5.6 kilometers away from Basco Airport, about 16 minutes of travel time.

How do I get to Basco?

The airport of Batanes is in Basco, so if you’re flying to the province, there’s no need to ride a ferry or other modes of transportation.

What are the modes of transportation in Basco?

You can explore Basco by riding public transport such as tricycles and jeepneys. You can also rent a bike, car or van if you plan to visit most tourist spots in a day.

What are the best tourist spots in Basco?

How long does a tour in Basco last?

It depends on the tour package you availed of and the tourist spots you’ll be visiting.