Luzon Tour Packages

Luzon Tour Packages

Explore the vibrant streets of Manila, the pristine beaches of Palawan, and the stunning highlands of North Luzon's Baguio, Sagada, and Kalinga with these Luzon tour packages.
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Luzon Tour Packages

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Frequently asked questions

What is Luzon?

Luzon is the largest and most populous island in the Philippines. It is known for its diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich cultural heritage.

What are Luzon Tour Packages?

Luzon Tour Packages are pre-arranged Philippine travel itineraries that include hotel bookings, transportation such as airport transfers, and activities for exploring the various Philippine tourist spots on Luzon Island. Philippine guided tours and sometimes meals are also included.

What destinations are typically included in Luzon Tour Packages?

Popular destinations often included in a Luzon itinerary are Manila, Baguio and Banaue (often included in a North Luzon itinerary), Batangas, Palawan, Ilocos (such as Laoag and Vigan), and more. The specific Luzon tourist spots may vary depending on the package.

What are some of the best Luzon Tour Packages to book?

Aside from Manila tour packages, you can explore the best of Luzon with North Luzon tour packages, featuring tours like the Banaue-Sagada tour package.

For those seeking tropical paradise, Palawan packages, including Puerto Princesa to El Nido tour packages, are the best choices. Aside from debating whether you prefer Coron or El Nido and whether it’s better to follow the usual Coron-El Nido itinerary or Coron-El Nido-Puerto Princesa itinerary, you can combine these islands with Visayas tourist spots, such as Cebu on a Cebu to El Nido Philippines tour package, or combine it with Boracay on a Palawan to Boracay Philippines tour package, like the Boracay to El Nido Philippines tour package.

If you’re planning to go out of Luzon, you can go to Visayas and book Cebu-Bohol tour packages or Cebu to Boracay packages. For those looking to explore Mindanao's hidden gems, don't miss out on Siargao to Cebu travel packages. Make sure to book through reputable travel agencies like Guide to the Philippines.

What types of Luzon Tour Packages are available?

Luzon Tour Packages can vary in duration and theme. Some common types when it comes to a tour of Luzon include cultural tours and trying Filipino cuisine, adventure tours such as checking out diving spots in the Philippines and surfing in the Philippines, going on a Philippine island-hopping tour at some of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, visiting beautiful beaches in the Philippines and waterfalls in the Philippines, and more fun activities.

What is the duration of Luzon Tour Packages?

The duration of a Philippine holiday package in Luzon can vary widely, ranging from a few days to a couple of weeks. It depends on the package and your preferences.
For a more extended experience when you tour in Luzon, you can check out the best Philippines itineraries and stay for longer days, such as a 1-week Philippines itinerary, a 2-week Philippines itinerary, and a 3-week Philippines itinerary.

Consider booking Philippines itinerary tour packages, such as an 8-day Philippines itinerary tour package, a 10-day Philippines itinerary tour package, a 1-week Philippines itinerary tour package, a 2-week Philippines itinerary tour package, or, for a more complete experience, a 3-week Philippines itinerary tour package.

Are international travelers eligible for Luzon Tour Packages?

Yes, Luzon Tour Packages are available to both domestic and international travelers. However, requirements such as visas and travel restrictions may apply to international visitors.

Can I customize my Luzon Tour Package?

Many tour operators, such as Guide to the Philippines, offer customizable packages where you can add or remove specific activities, choose your accommodation level, and tailor the itinerary to your preferences.

How do I book a Luzon Tour Package?

You can book Luzon Tour Packages through travel agencies and online booking platforms such as Guide to the Philippines. It's recommended to compare options and read reviews before making a reservation.

When is the best time to visit Luzon?

The best time to visit Luzon depends on your preferences. Generally, the dry season from November to April is popular for outdoor activities, while the wet season from May to October is suitable for cooler temperatures and fewer crowds.

Are Luzon Tour Packages suitable for solo travelers, families, or groups?

Luzon Tour Packages are available for all types of travelers. You can find packages tailored to solo travelers, families, or larger groups. There are also Philippine honeymoon packages available in Luzon.

Is Luzon safe?

While Luzon is generally safe for travelers, it's essential to stay updated on travel advisories, follow local guidelines, and take precautions like securing your belongings and staying hydrated.

What is the cost of Luzon Tour Packages?

The cost of Luzon Tour Packages varies based on the package type, duration, accommodation level, and inclusions. Prices can range from budget-friendly to luxury options.
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