Virtual Classes and Tours

Virtual Classes and Tours

Explore the top destinations in the Philippines with these virtual tours and learn about Philippine languages, history, culture, cuisine and more when you join online or virtual classes.
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Virtual Classes and Tours

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Frequently asked questions

What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a first-person view simulation of a real-life location that is made using 360-degree videos and images of the said destination. To make the experience more immersive, virtual tours also use sound effects and narration to accompany what the viewers will see. Through stitching these multimedia assets together, the viewer can move around the simulation at their leisure.

What destinations can I explore through virtual tours?

Through our 360-degree virtual tours, you can easily go on Philippine guided tours to the best places to visit in the Philippines from the comfort of your home. Among the places you can visit are Batanes, Bicol, Ilocos, Manila, Palawan, and Pampanga, which are all home to popular tourist spots in Luzon. You can also explore the Cordilleras, one of the best geographical features in the Philippines.

Outside of Luzon, you can stroll through top Visayas tourist spots like Bohol, Cebu, and Iloilo. As for Mindanao, you can go on a virtual trip through Bukidnon, Davao, and Siargao to see popular Mindanao tourist spots such as the Magpupungko Rock Pools.

How long do your virtual tours and online classes last?

Our shortest virtual tours and online class packages go on for four days. Meanwhile, our longest packages span eight days.

What is included in virtual tours and online classes?

Our virtual tours and online classes packages are inclusive of lessons on the Philippine language, Philippine culture, and cuisine of your chosen destination. On the last day, you typically go on a virtual guided tour of the destination's best tourist spots.

What can I expect from a virtual tour and online class?

When booking a virtual tour, you can expect to learn about different cultural practices in the Philippines, such as festivals in the Philippines, the Philippine food culture, and how to speak Filipino or other dialects at a basic level. For packages that focus on destinations, you will also get to visit popular tourist spots there. Some of the most popular virtual tours are the online Cebu City tour, where you get to see top Cebu tourist spots; the Bohol tour; the Boracay tour, that takes you to tourist spots in Boracay; and the Manila day tour.

Meanwhile, the online classes focus on different Filipino customs and traditions. The classes are held in online virtual classrooms with a dedicated instructor to guide you through the four- or eight-day course. Some classes focus on learning basic Filipino words through basic Filipino lessons, the Ilocano language, and the Cebuano language. The Tagalog lessons for foreigners are a great way to prepare yourself for a holiday in the Philippines so you can better converse with the locals. On the other hand, there are also classes that center on social beliefs and customs in the Philippines, popular online art galleries in the Philippines, and how to cook delicious Filipino dishes.

What are the benefits of a virtual tour and online class?

By booking a virtual online class and tour, you can get a feel of the place before your actual trip. Depending on which location you choose to tour, you can also ask your guide for help on how to put together your itinerary. For example, the virtual tour of Palawan can help you better map out your El Nido itinerary and Coron itinerary before your actual vacation. Meanwhile, our virtual tours in Visayas are perfect ways to find activities and tourist spots to include in your Boracay itinerary, Cebu itinerary, and more.

Along with these online lessons, you can also prepare for your trip by reading our Manila travel guide to discover things to do in Manila, beaches near Manila, and what Philippine travel requirements you might need to show upon landing in Philippine airports. Outside of virtual classes, our destination guides can help you decide what accommodation is best for you as there are several 5-star hotels in the Philippines and beach resorts in the Philippines.
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